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Kanda 'che'd, being rather annoyed with the situation right now. The three exorcists were now on the train returning towards the Black Order headquarters, and as of right now, Kanda had absolutely no idea where the other two are.

Not to mention Kanda had just been sitting next to the window when he noticed the slight reflection in it. The snow white hair and red scarred face that stared back at him simply reminded him of the mishap that had occurred earlier.

Kanda instantly moved as far away from the window as possible. The reflection of the Moyashi was really pissing him off right now.

'Damn Moyashi' thought Kanda 'Bad enough that he's cursed, but now he's cursing everyone around him as well. I'm going to make him pay for this'

And as if on cue, the two said missing exorcists reentered the train compartment.

"We're back!" exclaimed Lavi "Did you miss us Yuu-chan?"

"Don't fucking call me that" snapped Kanda "And where the hell were you two?"

"Just getting some food for us" said Allen from behind a large load of miscellaneous foods that he was holding in his arms.

"Che. Whatever" said Kanda as he turned away, but instantly did a double take when he noticed something different about Lavi's hair. Well, his hair to be more exact.

"What….the fuck….is that?"

"Eh?" asked Lavi, not understanding what the newly white haired boy was saying. "Are you talking about the…oh! The pigtails! I totally forgot about it! Do you like it?" asked Lavi, a crazed and excited grin on his face.

Kanda by now was shaking in silent fury.

"You better fucking take that off right this fucking minute!" screamed Kanda. "Or I'm going to completely mutilate that body of yours!"

"Eh? This is your body! You can't do that!"

Kanda instantly reached over to grab mugen, which had been resting on the seat, and pointed it towards Allen.

"Not my body. Your body" sneered Kanda "And I would be more than happy to do this since I get to hurt both of you"

Seeing the look in Kanda's eyes, Lavi and Allen both knew that Kanda was completely serious and that he would be more than happy to keep to his words.

"Okay! Okay!" cried Lavi as he began pulling at the pigtails "I'll take them out! Just don't ruin that wonderfully sexy body of mine!"

Kanda growled at him under his breath but otherwise did nothing.

Once Lavi had finally taken the pigtails out, Kanda slid mugen back into its sheath, and placed it back to its original spot.

And at that very moment, Kanda's stomach let out a long low growl.

Kanda looked down and blinked at his stomach, not sure as if he actually heard that. Yes this was the Moyashi's body, and this was probably normal for the small white haired boy, but it still seemed strange to him.

Lavi cocked his head to the side as he stared at Kanda.

"I think you're hungery"

"No shit!" snapped Kanda as he reached over and grabbed a bread roll from Allen's arm. He chewed it and swallowed it in record time, before grabbing another.

Allen laughed at Kanda as he continued to eat.

"Looks like you got my hunger as well as my looks" as Allen before he laughed again.

"Shud da hell up!" mumbled Kanda around a particularly large mouth full of food.

Allen simply grinned at him before starting to eat as well.

It wasn't long before Allen was lying on the floor, clutching his stomach and moaning in pain.

"I should have guessed that you might over eat" commented Lavi who was taking his time to eat an apple. Allen groaned before replying.

"I…I forgot that this is your stomach….I didn't know it was so small…."

"Hey, my stomach is not small!" defended Lavi, although Kanda had to wonder why it was so important to defend something as stupid as this. Who cares how big your appetite is?

"It's just that yours is ginormously big" mumbled Lavi.

Kanda chucked an orange at his, I mean, Lavi's head.

"Like we give a shit about how much you eat or don't eat"

Lavi stuck his bottom lip out in a pout, but seeing as how he looked like Kanda right now, it was too much for Allen who began laughing hysterically, only to begin groaning in pain and clutching at his stomach again.

"You shut the hell up, Moyashi" snapped Kanda as he chucked another fruit, this time hitting Allen.

"Hey, why am I still called Moyashi?!" shouted Allen "I'm taller than you now, and I'm not the one with white hair. You are!"

"Che. Doesn't matter what you look like, you'll always be a moyashi"

"Why you…" mumbled Allen as he attempted to get up from the floor only to fall down again from another pain in his stomach.

"Oh….Lavi…I hate your stomach…." groaned Allen.

"It loves you too, Moyashi-chan" replied Lavi, a smirk on his face.

"My…name is….Allen….."

"Oh that's nice to know" said Lavi who was trying his best not to laugh at the other boy who at the moment had his face planted into the floor of the train compartment.

"If you two idiots are done, I would like to get off the train now" said Kanda.

It looked like he had already finished the rather large pile of food that Allen and Lavi had bought, along with the miscellaneous fruits that the now white haired boy had chucked at his companions.

"The train had stopped several minutes ago, but I guess you two are too stupid to realize that" grumbled Kanda, a frown on his childish looking fifteen year old face.

"Ay ay, captain!" said Lavi as he gave a small salute to Kanda "We'll get our stuff and leave immediately!"

"You too, Moyashi" snapped Kanda, already losing his patience with the two.

"C….coming…" said Allen before groaning again.

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