Deadly Sins

Yukari takes great pride in the fact that she can speak English fluently, while Minamo is "just a stupid P.E. teacher". Throughout school and college she would laugh at Minamo's constant studying for upcoming exams while lazing around making fun of the fact that she didn't need to study to pass.

Yukari can be an envious person. Upon finding that Minamo has saved up her money to treat herself to an expensive coffee mug or imported pillow, Yukari isn't the kind of person who will be happy for her, instead choosing to throw insults and then show up at her house for months afterwards for no purpose other than to make use of some luxury item that she wants – just because Minamo has it.

Being on the receiving end of Yukari's wrath isn't a pleasant experience. Minamo knows this from years of first-hand abuse for things ranging from her class buying her a birthday gift when Yukari's didn't to pointing out a few (of the thousands) of the faults in the English teacher's driving.

To call Yukari slothful would be putting it mildly. There have been many occasions over the years when Minamo has come over to her friend's apartment to call for Yukari only to find her asleep at three in the afternoon – and once awake, Minamo knows, motivating her to do anything related to work is harder than making Tomo sit still.

Yukari loves her money. Minamo has no idea what she spends it on, but her unwillingness to buy anything and have Minamo pay instead sometimes makes her think that there's a secret vault somewhere in her apartment filled with the money she's too greedy to part with.

It amazes Minamo how Yukari can be a gluttonous as she is and not be hazardously overweight. Beef, crab, Korean barbeque… in a single evening, Yukari can eat her own weight in food and drink so much alcohol that Minamo has to carry her home and kneel on the tiled bathroom floor with her as she throws up everything Minamo just paid for.

But when Yukari unexpectedly jumps her – in her apartment, at the back of a dark movie theatre, in an empty classroom – her kisses fierce and demanding and lustful; pinning her to a wall or bed or any other surface available and Minamo is loving every second of it… she wonders briefly if there are special circles of hell for people like them… and when she finds herself lying with a woman as with a man, Minamo is surprised at how little she cares.

I was thinking about this and noticed that Yukari exhibits (and occasionally personifies) six of the deadly sins… so I felt it was my duty to slip that last one in at the end.
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