A Fate Worse Than Death

(An Adam Monroe Fic)

A fate worse than death.

Adam Monroe finally fully understood that phrase.

A fate worse than death.

For the first few hundred years of his life, back when he was Richard Sanders or even the legendary Takezo Kensei, he had believed that death was the worst possible thing imaginable. Now, buried six feet under ground in this godforsaken coffin, he realized that he had been wrong.

He hadn't believed Hiro had it in him. Not weak, timid little Hiro Nakamura. He would never trap anyone in this hellhole, not even his sworn enemy.

But he had.

And now, Adam Monroe lay quietly underground, having given up hope of being rescued long ago. He would be here until the end of time, and longer. When the human race had become extinct, and wildlife took over the planet once more, he would still lay underground, alone and alive. He wondered, every day, if Hiro Nakamura truly realized what he had done. If he fully understood the concept of 'forever'. If he realized just how long eternity was. If he comprehended what he had put Adam Monroe through.

But he couldn't. Hiro Nakamura could never know what he had done, for Hiro Nakamura was not immortal. He would die eventually, fade away, and never know how it felt to live forever. Especially to live forever in a six-foot-long coffin. Nobody would ever know. Nobody but Adam Monroe.

It truly was a fate worse than death.