As the both of them read on, they found out more about this ghost than anything else. On the other hand, as they continued to search the circular room they were finding less and less. They thought that maybe the musical notes could hold something, but nothing was found there either. During the next couple of days, Jodi and Brian drove out to Rouen to see if they could find anything else either in the forest or in that 'unholy' vacant lot. Still found nothing.

On the early morning of March 1st, they were stumped. "What else is there to see besides the things we've got now?" Brian asked, looking at the items they collected spread out on Jodi's bed. Jodi shook her head, "Like you keep saying, there has to be a clue right underneath our noses. But where is the question." Brian picked up his copy of the book then put it down angrily. "We have gone over where we've both stopped at and looked over the evidence, and STILL nothing!!"

Jodi's head went up, "What about Rahaja? He might have something. After all he is linked to Nadir relation wise." Brian shrugged, "It is worth a try. Hopefully he will be there tonight." Jodi put the evidence off to the side. "He will be, he has been doing this ever since day 1." When they arrived at the opera house, Rahaja was there right on schedule. They waited for him in the shadows, going up to him quickly.

"Rahaja," he turned around, "Oh, do you want to report me now?" Jodi shook her head, "Absolutely not. You are a human being and can do this if you wish." Brian took out the binder and showed him the musical notes, "Do you know anything about this?" Rahaja shook his head, "Just a bunch of musical notes. Nothing special." He then took out the rubbings of the coffin and showed it to him. "What about these?" Rahaja shook his head, "Again, musical notes. Why do you ask?"

"We found these in certain items like a binder, a box and the coffin in the room." Rahaja's eyes widened as if in complete shock. At last he grabbed the rubbings and tore them to shreds angrily, grabbing Brian's shirt. "Never go into affairs that are not yours to begin with!!" he hissed. With that he sent Brian banging his head on the hard wall behind him, and ran off. Jodi went over to Brian, "Are you alright?" she pulled him to his feet feeling his neck.

"Just a bruise, that's all." He rubbed his neck a bit looked at the entrance to the opera. "He definitely knows something he doesn't want to tell us." Jodi sighed, "Then there is no other way but to go to him ourselves." Brian went over to the visitor registry, looking down at the names. "Rahaja Khan is a definite frequent visitor with those flowers." Jodi looked down at the list of names, "Let us have Dagnter tell us about him." "And give our small investigation away?" he asked harshly. "Not if I ask him and tell him he is a friend of ours and we wish to see him."

Brian and Jodi went up to Dagnter's office, the door already open. Dagnter looked up from his papers and smiled, "Well, what an unexpected surprise. What can I do for you Ms. Whittaker?" "We have a friend we desperately want to see but we have no way to getting to him. Maybe you could tell us where he might be." "Alright," he answered, "What is this 'friend's' name?" "Rahaja Khan" Dagnter froze for a moment then resumed. "Yes, I know him. I believe he is a patron to the opera." He went over to the file cabinets, taking out a file folder.

Jodi and Brian went immediately down to find an address and instead found 'confidential' on the line. "Confidential? Why is that?" Brian asked Dagnter. He looked down at the file and sighed. "I am not sure why. These are the only records I have of him on file. Cannot help you anymore." Jodi looked down at a seal on the bottom and then knew exactly why. "Thank you M. Dagnter." She handed the folder back to him.

Once they were out of the room, Jodi pulled Brian to the side. "There is no way we will get to speak to Rahaja at his current residence." "Why? Surely we can find more records." "Maybe but that still won't help us. On the bottom of the papers was the government's seal. He is under government protection." "But why? He is not a staff member of the government." Brian said confused. "We cannot get to him outside this opera. We shall have to wait till tomorrow to see him."

But once they turned on the television the next morning, Jodi saw someone on there being taken away by police. "The grand heist in Paris is over. The man believed to rob 20 people in the Paris area and even the famous Opera Garnier, was captured today by Chief Bognarc. This man seen here." The photo showed Rahaja, "Is in custody and has a bond of 500,000 francs." Jodi rushed out of the room to where Brian and Bret were to look at the evidence closer. "Rahaja has been arrested!" "What?!" Brian stood up abruptively. "In custody for suspected of being the one who has been doing these heists round Paris, including the one at the opera house."

Brian had his head in his hands, aggravated. "There is nothing else we can do then. He was the supposedly to crack this musical note business and ends up in a jailhouse!" Jodi still thought there was hope, "We can still get to him, and ask him…" Brian gripped her shoulders, "Enough! There is nothing left to do but let this be one thing he takes to the grave. That ghost too." Jodi's shoulder slouched and sighed. "You're right. We can tell Dagnter that we can get the next ticket to New York. I'm sure Mr. Curry has called me back to the Times anyway." She went back to her room and laid up against the pillows.

She picked up the book again and began to read. It would be a lot different going back to her regular job; getting up before dawn and becoming the caffeineacholic that she always was since she became the best journalist for them. Maybe this time she would get some descent sleep. At least she would have a descent enough story to make up for the one she literally failed upon. Hopefully the story itself will bring a fortune back home.