Well, all these chapter are going to be pretty short I think, because this is going to be one of those short fluffy stories everybody loves XD. So no flames about that, and please read!!!!

Marlene picked up the pile of letters off the floor smiling and humming to herself sweetly as she flicked through them all, before eventually stopping. Cloud had a letter?!

She looked up catching Tifa's eyes and then she looked back down at the letter, reading the fine embellished words. "What is it Marlene?" The young girl looked up at the bar maid and bit her lip, wanting to tear the letter apart to read who it was from.

"Cloud has a letter." She mumbled sweetly handing the letter to Tifa, who flipped it over also hoping to know who it was from.

She raised an eyebrow and took a few steps backwards. "Cloud, you've got a letter!" She snapped, knowing the blond was still sleeping upstairs. She dropped the letter down on the bar top and stared at it, hoping the young man would come down the stairs to open it. "Cloud?!" She repeated, this time getting a grunt of a reply.

Tifa stared at the clock watching the hands move, unable to wait anymore, she grabbed the letter in her hands and stormed up the stairs throwing the door open and glaring at the even more messy haired young man who lay sprawled in his bed, the sheets twisted round his body while his leg dangled out from underneath the mess. "Cloud..."

One mako eye opened and stared at her, before he groaned to himself and twisted back round hoping the woman would understand that he didn't want to be disturbed. "You have a letter." She frowned when she got another grunt of a reply and a wave of a hand. "Are you going to open it?"

She watched his mouth move and a sound come out, which sounded like 'later', but she may have been mistaken.

"Would you like me to open it?" She asked, rubbing the paper between her fingertips, biting her lip hoping the blond would allow her to.

"If I let you, will you leave me alone?" He said, his voice muffled from his head buried in a pillow.

"Yes, well if you want me to open it?" She smirked when she got another angry grunt in reply and tore the paper apart. She stared at the white piece of paper decorated in balloons and stars. "Mr Cloud Strife and Miss Tifa Lockheart, are invited to Yuffie Kisaragi's nineteenth birthday party!" Tifa smiled and looked at Cloud. "You've been invited to a birthday party Cloud!" She said slyly an eyebrow raised.

"Yes, I realised!" He snapped tossing the sheets off of him and storming out of bed. Tifa felt her knees go weak as she watched the barely clad Cloud Strife walk over towards her, before flashing her a confused look. He snatched the invitation out of her hands and she watched his beautiful mako eyes go back and forth. "Oh, shame, I'm working that day."

"No you aren't Cloud Strife; don't think you can get out of one of your friend's birthday parties!" She snapped, falling back into reality and snatching the paper out of his hands.

"But it'll be annoying, and there'll be stupid teenagers there and...Pass the parcel!" He cried looking at Tifa, making her smirk as he tried his best puppy dog look on his face.

"You never smile Cloud, don't think you can puppy dog your way out of this!" She smirked again and turned on her heel walking back down the bar. She smiled even more when she heard him following her down the stairs, his bare feet slapping against the wood.

"You don't expect me to go do you?!" He snapped sharply, jumping down the final two steps, ignoring the little girl who stared at the barely clad Cloud.

"Yuffie is your friend!" Sniped in Tifa, turning round and dropping the letter back down on the bar and her hands going to her hips. Cloud returned a kind of snort like noise the barmaid had never heard him produce before and stared at him. "Yuffie is your friend, Cloud!"

The blond looked at her, biting his lip and then scratched his head, he turned round seeing the little girl was still staring at him and he suddenly became aware of himself. "Right." He turned and disappeared back upstairs, making Tifa wonder if she had just had a breakthrough, which Cloud was actually going back to his normal self, slightly anyways.

She looked back down at the invitation and began thinking what Vincent could possibly be thinking if he too had received one of the Wutian teen's nineteenth birthday invites.

"Cloud?" Began Tifa looking up the stairs.

"What, Tifa..." He cried back, his voice sounding muffled again, a sign he'd dropped back into bed.

The bar maid ran up the stairs, leaving Marlene to finally read the letter herself. She pushed open the door again and the blond was wrapped up in his sheets as if he hadn't moved. She eyed him and crossed his room, frowning at the two motorbike wheels he'd decided to dump in here. "What are you doing?" He sighed.

She pulled open the wardrobe doors and examined the contents. "Please, don't go in there..." He mumbled, opening on mako eye and watching the brunette stare into the almost empty wardrobe.

"Is this it, is this all you have?" She snapped, staring at the old Soldier uniform, the clothes he usually wore, a pair of black ripped jeans she'd only ever seen him wear when he was either cleaning or fixing his bike and two plain black t-shirts. "You need more colour in here."

"No, I don't."

"Cloud, there is nothing in here that you can possibly wear to a birthday party!" She snapped turning to face him, while his head hung off the bed and stared at her blankly.

"Can't I just wear that?" He sighed pointing to the bundle of clothes which were the ripped jeans and plain black t-shirt.

"No you can't, I bet even Barret puts in an effort!"

"I bet Barret isn't even going..." Cloud turned in his bed.

"We're going to have to go out and buy you something, and I need a new dress anyways." Her final words made Cloud give off a loud groan of annoyance.

"But you take forever shopping..." He mumbled, wrapping the sheets round him more tightly as if trying to protect himself.

"Come on, get up." She snapped, grabbing the pair of jeans and black shirt and throwing it at him.

"It's my day off..." He sighed, shrugging the clothes off of his bed. Tifa stared at him, thankful she wasn't his mother when he was in his teens, wondering how the blond actually got out of bed at all. "And now I've got to shopping..."

"Well, the quicker you get up, the quicker we can get it done." She watched the blond sit up straight and stare at her, at first she thought she had made another breakthrough with him and he was actually going to listen, then realised as she watched his mako eyes stare at the floor that he was actually deep in thought.

"Why don't you, go out and buy me something?" He said a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

"No, I'm not, now get up Cloud!" She snapped staring at him. "Or am I going to have to drag you out?" She added an eyebrow raised.

"Please Tifa, don't even try to patronise me, because you're useless at it."