He slammed the door behind him, flicking the lock shut as if he had just been sent to his room by his parents. He turned and looked in the mirror feeling his anger boiling up inside of him, he stormed across the room pulling his shirt off and throwing it on the floor.

Cloud grabbed his normal clothes and quickly got dressed again. He looked back into the mirror feeling himself, he sighed and stared at the door, his fingers twitched trying to suppress the urge to walk out on Yuffie's party, he took a few steps forward and then turned sliding down it and then dragging his knees close to his chest.

His ears pricked up at the sound of someone's footsteps that suddenly stopped. He waited to hear the woman's voice, almost praying he could hear it. "Cloud, you don't need to open the door, but I'm sorry, if you weren't ready, if you don't even love me I'll accept that, but I do, I love you Cloud."

His mako eyes stared straight in front of him. She loved him, after everything he has done, she loved him. He heard her sigh and he slowly stood up he licked his lips and opened the door.

Tifa watched the door creak open and the blond stared at her, he was dressed in his normal clothes and Tifa smiled at him, she'd decided there she preferred him dressed like that, in his blue zipped up shirt and black pants and the long piece of black cloth at his side that Marlene had told him was a skirt. She laughed and looked down at the floor. "What's funny?" She looked up at him and wiped a tear out of her eye.

"Remember when Marlene told you, you were wearing half a skirt?" She laughed, Cloud looked down at his legs allowing a smile to tug at his lips, and he looked back at the barmaid whose smile had disappeared.

"If you're not ready Cloud, to accept what I've said and you want to be alone, go. I should have known I can't stop you." She whispered looking down at the floor, digging the dirt from under her nails nervously.

"I don't want to go anywhere, I thought, I was kidding myself." He finally said, rubbing the back of his neck also avoiding Tifa's eyes.

"And here I was thinking the same thing." She smiled. "Do you, you know, love me?" Cloud's mako eyes fixed on hers and the two shared a silent moment. He reached out before and brought her close, their lips touching.

Tifa pushed him inside, still not taking her lips from his; she slammed the door shut behind them and turned her attention back on the blond. She reached behind him and felt the various straps across his back for his many swords, she tugged at the belt and it fell of his back.

She smiled while still in his kiss not sure if he had noticed yet. She grabbed the zip on his shirt and quickly pulled it down. She jumped when she felt the warm touch of his fingers on her back finding the zipper for her own dress, he quickly moved it down and Tifa couldn't help but laugh.

"What's so funny now?" He asked, pulling back from their kiss. The brunette stared up at him.

"Who would have thought it?"

Tifa blinked quickly when the sunlight hit her eyes, she yawned herself awake and stared at the ceiling. This wasn't her room. She looked to her right and at the messy hair of the blond young man.

She suppressed a laugh, not wanting to wake him. He looked so innocent while he slept his lips slightly apart and his blond spikes covering his face. Maybe he did actually take more care in his appearance than she thought, if he did indeed wake up every day like this.

He groaned in his sleep and turned onto his back an arm shoved under the pillow. She wanted his mako eyes to open up and see her sleeping besides him, but at the same time she wanted him to stay like this, totally unaware of everything around him.

She turned on her side brushing her dark hair out of her eyes and she stared at him brushing his one long spike out of his face.

Tifa looked round for a clock wondering what time it was, she couldn't allow everyone to see her and Cloud walking out the same room. She lifted the bed sheet up checking whether she had gotten dressed again, she smirked seeing Cloud had obviously gotten up again to pull on his pair of black boxer shorts. Where as she, didn't bother.

She tugged at the sheet pulling it off of him listening him groan loudly and then toss in his sleep.

Tifa slid off the bed the sheet carefully wrapped round her; she looked over her shoulder and at him. She stared at the perfect long scar down his side and another in his chest that had never properly healed since he was sixteen, since he had held true to his promise with her.

She walked silently round the room and stared at her abandoned dress. She slid it on while she still had the sheet wrapped round her. "Going already?" Tifa turned and look at the blond who was sitting up, the sun shining on his head making his hair almost look like gold.

"You don't want Barret, Cid and every one to see us walk out of the room together do you?" She said, zipping her dress up again.

"Does it matter?" He said his voice monotonous. She looked at his amazing glowing mako eyes and she dropped her hands onto her hips.

"I'll don't think I'll ever understand you Cloud." She watched him step out of bed walking slowly towards her. He brushed her hair out of her face and a soft smile graced his face.

"You don't need too." He kissed her softly on her lips and she felt her cheeks turn red.

"No seriously Cloud, I have to go, my clothes are in my room anyway."

He nodded once and crossed his room picking his clothes up as he did. "I have to go."

"Why?" She snapped suddenly watching him pull his blue shirt over his shoulders.

"Some of us have to work." Tifa sighed in disbelief.

"Does what happened last night mean nothing to you?!" She shouted knowing Barret was next door, but finding it hard to care.

Cloud stared at her, zipping his shirt up. "Who said I'm not going to be home when you get home?"

Tifa stared at him smiling and sighing at the same time. "Like I said, I don't think I'll ever understand you."

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