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She was beautiful and fierce as a wild animal. He had never met anyone like her before. His entire life he'd been looking out for himself, but when he met her…when he'd trusted her, the urge to protect her had been foremost in his mind. Which was silly, really. She was the ninja, not him. Not since he'd run away a traitor.

He had been set to spend the rest of his life in their tiny village where fights broke out everyday- helping the boss in anyway he could. Then she'd shown up.

Shown up with a bouncing blond that was too crazy and daring for his own good and a sullen raven that watched the blonds every move, watched his back.

Now he had a choice. With the broken sword wrapped up in a bundle and Konoha a new village- he had a choice.

Return to the place he once knew or remain where he was, living a lie? He had tried – tried so hard to fall back into the lie after their departure, but images of sparkling green eyes and impossibly pink hair fought their way into his mind and simply refused to leave. It had gotten to the point where he had started looking for her everywhere he went.

A year had passed and then two, but she was still in his head, to the point where he wondered if he would ever be free.

He wondered if she ever thought about him, or if she was seeing someone, or if she was even still alive. The thought sent pain through him that was worse than any torture. Which made him wonder, was this perhaps love?

So there he was, in the woods with two possible futures ahead of him. Boss hadn't been surprised or angry when he had announced his plans, only sad but at the same time happy that he was doing something about it.

In his left hand he clutched the cloth bundle that held the broken sword and in his right, the sketch he had made of her when he had first realised that he could not get her out of his head.

Something shot through him when he spotted the pink hair at the front gates. Excitement, happiness, nervousness? Naruto had been the only one that knew he was coming and the blond had promised to get her to meet him at the gates without telling her why.

Nervously he stepped forwards, knowing she had detected his chakra when she turned to face him, confusion then recognition and something he could only hope was excitement lit up her face.

She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out as he stopped in front of her holding out the bundle and the sketch. This was where he said something witty and swept her off her feet, but his mind went blank at the blinding smile on her face and sparkling green eyes he had wanted to see for so long.

"Remember me?" He blushed at how awkward he sounded.

"Idate?" Haruno Sakura's smile grew; shifting the bundles he had given her to pull him into a tight hug. Whispered words puffed against his neck. "What are you doing here?" And Idate tightened his grip, because maybe, just maybe, she had felt the same way for the past two years.

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