ok, challenge for you! write a short story--as long or short as you
want--about what might happen on base if optimus got over energized. make sure
you include the scenario that made him want to start drinking high grade, and
who does he drink with, if anyone? XO

That was the challenge from Plenotic. I'm still waiting for opi to respond to my challenge. I may have to NOT post the particular chapter of my Kaceystar story if she doesn't respond to! Just kidding. I'll post it when it's ready. I just have hit squads on standby for her anyway.

Anyhow, this is my response to her challenge. Warning, she wanted dirty! So I gave her as dirty as I could come up with at the spur of the moment.


Optimus left the command center in the capable hands of his bonded sparkmate, Elita and the volunteers covering the stations. Everyone else was in the recreation room celebrating the day's victory over the Decepticons in raised glasses of high grade. He could already hear their revelry as he made his was to the office he and Elita shared.

Ironhide had asked him to join them, as he always did. As always in response, Optimus turned him down. He was the Autobot leader. He was responsible for their well being. He was their protector. And even though there was no rule against it, he never allowed himself to indulge in such festivities with his fellow Autobots.

It wasn't like he had never gotten totally inebriated from high grade before and didn't like it. In fact, he still remembered the very first time Ironhide introduced a very, very young mech who was simply called Optimus to high grade. Young indeed. Optimus was still technically a youngling at the time as he wasn't a fully mature mech yet. He couldn't remember much of what happened after he had his first few glasses, only that his processor ached the next day. But that didn't stop him from drinking high grade whenever Ironhide invited him. He just limited himself to one or two glasses so he wouldn't wake up the next morning with a hangover.

The day Optimus became Prime the drinking stopped. Every optic was on him day and night, judging him, waiting for him to slag up as the new leader. He couldn't afford to be foolish. He couldn't afford to let his guard down. He was an Autobot leader and had to present himself as such.

Still, a part of him wanted to relax for a few astroseconds and just be Optimus and not Optimus Prime with his fellow Autobots. He missed the revelry he had enjoyed as a young mech. Now, his only relaxation comes from being with his Elita. She is the only Autobot who sees Optimus as himself in the privacy of their living quarters.

Even though he was technically off duty and given the order to relax by his CMO, Ratchet, Optimus couldn't entirely relax. He was never off duty. But Prowl had been hounding him for weeks about unfinished reports and saw this as an opportunity to finally get them done. Normally, he'd procrastinate even more as he hated filling out the damn reports. Only Prowl was a stickler for rules and regulations and would never let the issue drop.

But as Optimus entered his office he let out a loud groan. The stack of reports had grown since yesterday. Or was it the day before? He's been so busy fighting Decepticons lately that he couldn't remember the last time he was in his office!

"Well, Ratchet did give me an order to relax," he suddenly smiled to himself. "I can't disobey his orders!"

That was true. While Optimus hardly ever reprimanded a fellow Autobot for disobeying him, not that he ever had to anyway, Ratchet on the other hand had the power to relieve one from duty and strap one's plated aft to an exam bed in the Med Bay if necessary. An experience Optimus never wanted to repeat again.

Only what was he to do?

Elita was busy working. She'd be the only one he'd want to relax with. Not that they'd be relaxing in their living quarters. Ever since she arrived on Earth a few months ago in response to his signal the two have been making up for the many long orns they had been apart from each other.

He could go for a drive. He loved driving in his vehicle form. The power of the engine as he roared down an open highway always relaxed him.

Optimus sighed.

No, he couldn't go for a drive. Prowl wouldn't let him go out alone anymore after he was ambushed two weeks ago. Optimus wasn't that hurt and had actually sent the three Decepticons squealing in pain as they retreated.

The sound from the recreation room was getting louder as it reverberated down the hallway. It was almost as if the noise was calling him.

"What the frag! One drink isn't going to hurt and I did earn it today after beating the slag out of Starscream."

With that in mind, Optimus marched to the recreation room. As he crossed the threshold, the room fell silent. Just about every mech and femme suddenly stood up and at attention.

"As you were, that's an order," he smiled at them. "My weapon's officer extended me an invitation and I'm simply here to collect."

They all cheered at him. Most already looked as if they had too much to drink already!

Ironhide shouted, standing up at his table. "Get Optimus a glass of the good stuff."

As Optimus made his way, he saw Bumblebee and Ratchet moving around the table and getting a chair for their commander.

"It's about time you relaxed for once you lugnut," Ratchet smiled at Optimus as they all sat down.

"Here," Ironhide smiled, carefully handing Optimus a glass filled to the rim of high grade.

"Thank you, Ironhide."

"This stuff will knock the bolts off your aft if you're not careful," he warned. "Bumblebee can only handle half a glass!"

"That's not true!" the young mech protested.

"Really, that last time you drank a full glass you crashed in the hallway," Ratchet snorted. "Took me an hour to get the dent out of your front fender."

"How come I didn't hear of that?" Optimus asked as he took a long drink.

"Prowl only tells you what you need to know," Ironhide answered.

"Of course, if you'd take the time to read the reports yourself…"

"Frag that!" Optimus snorted, interrupting Ratchet. "I don't need to know everything you mechs are up to. I don't want to know for my sanity's sake!"

"Wise choice my friend," Ratchet smiled.

"To friends," Optimus saluted, raising his glass up to them. They repeated him and raised their glasses together. He took another long drink, enjoying the flavor immensely. "Primus, it's been too long since I did this."

"You want another one?" Ironhide asked, smirking at Optimus.

"Sure, why not."

When Ironhide returned they started reminiscing about some of the battles they all shared together, about how many times they had to save Optimus' plated aft or how many times they were grateful he saved theirs.

It was about the fifth glass of high grade for Optimus when Ironhide started telling Bumblebee stories about Optimus as a youngling. At that point, Optimus didn't care. He was feeling great, even a little rambunctious, and laughed just as hard as the others. He was such a little terror as a youngling. Even more so than Bumblebee ever was!

Optimus came back with some embarrassing stories about Ironhide, catching him in some uncompromising positions with his bonded sparkmate, Chromia, in the most unusual places.

"You some kind of pervert who gets off watching us interface?" Ironhide asked.

"No, the two of you make so much noise my only concern was for the sanity of others!" Optimus laughed. "I didn't want an innocent processor being corrupted by what they might accidentally witness!"

"Oh, and like you and Elita are so quiet!" he countered, laughing heartily. "You two are louder and go longer!"

"What can I say, I love my femme," Optimus smirked proudly.

Ironhide playfully shoved Optimus off the chair.

"I'm gonna get you 'hide!" Optimus sneered, using the nickname he used to call his friend when he was a youngling. "I'm not a young mech anymore and I've grown since the last time you did that to me!"

"If I recall, that was the last time you had too much high grade! I was simply putting your cocky aft in its place!" Ironhide laughed then downed the rest of his glass.

Optimus tackled him to the floor.

"What's wrong, 'hide? Stuck?" Optimus snickered, keeping Ironhide pinned to the floor.

"I'll put you in your place, like I did the last time!"

Ironhide used a strong arm and flung Optimus off. Only Optimus sprang up onto his feet with speed and agility.

"Face it, I'm still much younger than you," he smirked arrogantly as Ironhide climbed to his feet.

"I need another drink first before I turn your aft inside out!"

"Here, take mine!" Ratchet exclaimed holding up a full glass for Ironhide. "Teach the youngling a lesson like you did before."

"You can take him, Optimus!" Sunstreaker shouted as he and the others started forming a circle to watch the fight.

"Here, Sir!" Sideswipe said, holding out his glass for Optimus to take.

Optimus gulped it down in one shot. He tossed the glass behind him, not caring where it landed. He was feeling even more energized than before now.

"Come on 'hide! Come and get me…if you can!" Optimus dared, literally bouncing in place.

"You are still a cocky pit-spawn, will you ever learn?" Ironhide asked then charged at Optimus.

With a quick twist of his hips, Optimus easily maneuvered out of the way. He managed to stick his foot out and tip Ironhide at the same time too, laughing as the mech crashed to the floor.

"Get the old fragger off the floor!" he ordered.

Ironhide was hefted up by half a dozen mechs. The mech was pissed now! Optimus could see his faceplates were a dark red. But he didn't wait for Ironhide to make a move. In a flash, Optimus bolted forward and tackled Ironhide, breaking a table in the process.

The cheers from the others only fed Optimus' energy as he wrestled with Ironhide on the floor. For every move the older mech tried to gain the advantage, Optimus easily countered with his own. As they tumbled and rolled around the room, it didn't matter who was on top, Optimus always seemed to have the advantage. He even laughed when Ironhide punched him hard in the face.

Optimus was about to deliver a blow of his own when a blaster sounded. The entire room fell silent.

"What in the pit is going on in here?" a familiar femme's voice shouted from behind the crowd. "What will Optimus Prime think when he reads my report about a brawl in the recreation room?"

The crowd parted and Elita emerged.

Needless to say, Optimus could see that she was mortified to find him pinning Ironhide down with a knee to his chest and a fist raised to strike. Her face went from shock to anger in less than an astrosecond when her optics locked on his. One astrosecond later, she turned on her heel and stormed out of the recreation room.

Elita was fraggin pissed of at Optimus and he knew it. But Primus, she was so beautiful even when she was angry. The energon roared through his systems and his spark pulsed rapidly with mad desire for her. He just had to have her!


Optimus was the last mech she'd ever think would be fighting in the recreation room! But rather than make a scene and deciding it was for the best for everyone, she left. Besides, Elita would let him have it later in their quarters. And she'd probably have to wait for him to sober up too!


Or maybe she won't have to wait. Instead of stopping, she kept going. Still, if they were going to argue best to do it behind closed doors. The office they shared wasn't far away.

"Elita wait!"

She heard him running as she entered the office. She turned to face him with every intention of lecturing him. Only she didn't get the chance. His lips were on hers so fast she didn't even have time to be surprised. She could taste the high grade strongly as he forced his tongue into her mouth.

When Elita tried to pull away, his strong hands reached around and pulled her close to him, holding her tight. One hand slid down and grabbed her aft, squeezing it roughly. When she tried to pull her face from his he only gave chase keeping his lips firmly attached to hers.

Optimus' intentions were quite clear as she felt the furious pulsing of his spark within her own and from the fact that she was pressed tightly against his chest. Her own spark was starting to respond, wanting to feel as her bonded mate's spark felt, wanting to lose itself in the pleasure that awaited it. It was with an iron will that she forced herself to resist.

She was still angry at him and tried to push away from him with her hands against his chest. Optimus held her tightly with the one hand still on her aft. With his other hand, he grabbed one of hers and pressed her hand firmly against the surprisingly and extremely hot panel that protected his interface appliance. Elita suddenly found her mouth was free from his when he dropped his forehead on her shoulder and moaned loudly.

She thought Optimus was going to overload on the spot as his body trembled against hers.

"Elita, my love, I'm sorry," he whispered, starting to kiss the one spot on her neck below her audio receptor that could make her go weak in the knees. "We were just playing around."

Primus, he was a good kisser and knew exactly how to get her own femme urges to respond to those lips of his. Her spark's pulse was slowly starting to increase as he lips traveled around her neck to just below her other audio receptor. He released his hold of her hand and felt his strong hands aggressively caressing her back up and down, cupping her aft every so often.

Elita grinned wickedly feeling the hot panel retracting from her hand. Normally, she was the one rushing things and Optimus would be driving her crazy as he dragged out the pleasures he fed to her body. Not that she complained about him pleasuring her. Just sometimes she wanted him badly and he never rushed.

Oh, how the tables were turned now! His entire body convulsed as she teased his interface appliance with light delicate finger tips.

"Elita..." he started then groaned into her audio receptor when she gently wrapped her hand around his appliance. "Primus, I feel like I'm going to explode if I don't stick my interface appliance inside you this instant!"

"High grade make my Optimus horny?" she asked, teasing him, fondling him, loving every moment of having him at her mercy.

"Yes!" he gasped, his chest heaving beneath her hands as she caressed it.

"Good," she smirked, moving down.

Her hands massaged his strong thighs, feeling them trembling. Oh, he had it bad! Just how bad she wondered, gliding her tongue over his appliance.

Apparently, he was extremely desperate!

Reports that were stacked high on Optimus' desk were sent flying off with one sweep of his arm. In one fluid movement Elita was lifted and her legs place around his hips. His lips hungrily fed upon hers as he moved their bodies onto his desk.

Her spark was in sync with his now, furiously pulsing deep within its chamber. His heat moving between her legs was so enticing her own interface panel nearly retracted to allow him access to her port. Still, she forced it to not give in to his lustful desires despite the fact that she shared them.

The pit spawn knew Elita well however! She felt Optimus' hand reach between them caressing the one spot on her panel just near her port, the one he knew that would get her to open up for him. Her body arched against his crying out his name in rapture as his nimble fingers mercilessly teased her.

Frag the waiting!

Optimus growled into her audio receptor as if demanding she comply with him. Elita allowed her panel to retract.

"Oh…Optimus!" she gasped, arching her body against him when his finger slid into her port.

She felt him grinning during a kiss. Obviously the beast was happy he was about to have his satisfaction with her!

"You're so beautiful, Elita," he murmured between his kisses.

"Shut the frag up and stick your appliance in my port before I explode!" she demanded, forcefully thrusting her hips against his.

He countered with his own powerful thrust. Then another and another, until finally Elita felt his heat of his interface appliance slide skillfully into her port. Overload was instantaneous for both of them as their bodies trembled with pleasure in each other's arms. She managed a smile upon hearing her sparkmate crying out in satisfaction.

Primus, she loved him so much!

When at long last her optics came back online she stared affectionately at Optimus' face as he smiled down at her.

"You should be horny more often, I like it," she told him.

"I kind of liked it too!" he laughed softly.

Elita sighed in mild disappointment when he withdrew his interface appliance from her port. Then she laughed hysterically when he fell off the desk after rolling off of her. She moved to see if Optimus was ok. His lips met hers as she leaned over.

"I love you so much," he whispered, as he stood up. "Retract your battle armor for me please."

"You're not done yet?"

"No," he smiled devilishly as his own battle armor started to retract.

Optimus' optics still glowed with hot passion as he stared down her. Elita couldn't help but smile at him. She did prefer to interface with her mech in their protoform as it was more sensual. Not that what they just did wasn't pleasurable! Primus, she was still shaking from it. But sometimes the armor was in the way of certain sensitive areas her mouth loved to explore.

"Is it my turn now?" she asked expectantly.

"Not yet," he answered, positioning himself above her.

His kisses were hot and demanding. Only she didn't feel his desperation this time. His lust was satiated and replace with the simple heated passion he had for her. The passionate Optimus was whom she loved the most during such intimate moments. Although, she had to admit, she like the lustful Optimus and hoped to see him again one day. But always after the hot passion would came the patient, loving, affectionate Optimus who drove her mad with desire for him. He would take her to the brink of overload mutliple times before finally satisfying her.

Regardless, of which Optimus was in her arms, she loved them all for they were all one mech. They were all her mech. The one she bonded with. The one who's spark belongs only to hers and hers to his. The only mech in the universe who could make her feel as if she were the only thing that mattered to him when they were alone together.

Elita revealed her spark to him, her optics begging for him to bond with her. Normally, it was always Optimus who initiated the request to spark bond. He smiled allowing the thin chest plate to retract and reveal his spark to hers.

"I love you, my beautiful Elita," he whispered, gently caressing her face, his optics staring at her lovingly.

"I love you too, my handsome mech," she breathed, leaning closer to him as he held her on his lap.


Ironhide waited a long while before leaving the recreation room. He was going to go apologize to Elita for Optimus since he was responsible for getting the lugnut energized on high grade. He was actually grateful Optimus didn't drink the stuff that often as Ironhide didn't know how many rounds he could handle with the young mech.

Still, it was nice to see Optimus relax and have fun for once since becoming Prime. Ironhide knew the mech took his role as Autobot leader seriously. That didn't stop him from asking Optimus to join him for high grade drinks after a battle. It didn't hurt Ironhide's feelings when he was turned down each time. He did it more so that Optimus would never feel like he was being left out. And he did it in the hopes that one day, like today Optimus would take him up on the offer.

Now, Ironhide was regretting it. He didn't mean to get Optimus in trouble with Elita. Every mech in that room knew she was slaggin pissed off at Optimus.

Ironhide suddenly came to a stop.

Or maybe she wasn't so pissed off with Optimus after all!

There was no doubting that cry of passion from Elita or the deep bellow from Optimus. The past few months the two of them have really been making up for lost time. Ironhide had to chase away curious young mechs with over active audio receptors from the couple's door a few times.

"Primus, are they in the hallway?" he asked as the couple sounded extremely loud.

He moved slowly around the corner to see.

"What the…Sunny…Sides! Get away from there!" he hissed quietly as the twins were standing there, mouths open, optics wide.

The door was wide open to the office whether it was that way to begin with or the twins fault Ironhide didn't know. He couldn't help but peak in to see that Optimus and Elita were…heavily engaged as they were bonding. It was a lovely moment as there wasn't a couple more in love with each other than Optimus and Elita. But a moment they should have to themselves.

"Go now," he whispered as he closed the door and locked it then followed the twins down the hallway to make sure they didn't come back.

"Wow!" Sides finally gasped.

"It's the most intimate moment between sparkmates when bonding and the best word you can come up with is wow?" Ironhide questioned.

"No, he's saying wow to the size of Optimus' interface appliance. The rumors didn't do it justice! Fragger's huge!" Sunny gasped.

Ironhide shook his head. Great! More rumors to boost Optimus' ego. Just what Ironhide needs!

"And he's insatiable! Where does he get all that energy do that with Elita after fighting Decepticons all the time?" Sides asked.

"Just how long were you both watching?" Ironhide asked out of curiosity.

"Well…from the beginning, we followed Optimus to see how big a fight he and Elita were going to get in," Sunny answered. "He fragged Elita 5 times before they started their bonding thing!"

"Well, he fragged her twice then made love to her three times," Sides corrected.

"You two perverts!" Ironhide yelled, kicking Sunny's plated aft.

"They left the door wide open!" Sides exclaimed jumping away from Ironhide's foot.

"Oh come on, Ironhide! It's not like we have haven't seen you and Chromia either!" Sunny smirked then took off running.

"YOU FRAGGIN PIT SPAWNS!" he screamed, chasing after them. "I'LL RIP YOUR AFTS INSIDE OUT FOR THAT!"