Ok, just to give what a few of you wanted. After all that interfacing, Optimus and Elita get the surprise of their life. Also, Ironhide and Chromia kiss and make-up for a happy ending. Now, no more after this! Please! This is it. Fin! Over and done with!



Optimus lay sprawled out on his back completely relaxed, optics offline, his arms holding his precious Elita. His sparkmate lay lazily draped over his broad chest as equally relaxed. Her head nestled comfortably beneath his chin, her hand slowly caressing his bicep.

"Wow," she murmured softly.

A deep rumbling chuckle sounded from him.

"Wow about describes it," he smiled contently, his arms tightening around her.

"Yeah, I even thought heard explosions when I overloaded."

"Me too!"

Elita giggled snuggling against him. He sighed, taking her in. The way she felt in his arms, how soft her protoform skin felt against his hands as he caressed her. He loved her so much.

Unfortunately such an intimate moment had to eventually come to an end. Even Elita knew that. His optics came on line when he felt her lift her head up. Her beautiful blue orbs glowed affectionately at him.

"Love you," she whispered, kissing his chin.

"Love you too."

"I'll see if I can keep Prowl occupied in the Command Center for a while to give you time to work on that stack of reports."

"I'd rather have your company while I work on them," he smirked devilishly at her.

"You perv!" she exclaimed in mock shock, slapping his chest as she slowly got to her feet.

"Yeah, I'm a perv. I admit it. But I only perv around you."

"Get up off the floor, you fool."

Optimus glanced around then laughed. He had no idea they ended up on the floor. Then he looked up as Elita's battle armor slid into place.

"Hmm, I have a nice view from down here. Maybe I'll stay."

"Well, you're view is going to disappear any astrosecond now," she smiled down at him, hands on her hips.

"Bummer," he frowned, making her laugh.

"I'll see you later. I'll even help you with the reports after my shift is over."

He smiled wide.

"Don't get your hopes up! Now get up, soldier," she ordered then walked out the door.

With a long groan, Optimus finally got to his feet. Now that Elita went on duty there was no sense in him lying around doing nothing but daydreaming about his sparkmate. It was time to get his aft in gear and make a tour of the base before attacking the large stack of reports.

As soon as his battle armor was in place he marched out of his quarters. Optimus didn't have to make a trip around to the base to check on everyone. The base functioned like a well oiled machine. Everyone knew their duty and did it with pride, even the twins.

Optimus was just procrastinating again. He hated desk work. He'd do anything to put it off. He was a mech of action. A good day on the job for him was kicking Decepticon afts.

"What the frag?" he blurted out as he came to a stop.

There was a blast mark on the wall and floor. A big one like a grenade had exploded. It was rather fresh too. Maybe an hour old. He looked up and there was another one a few yards further down the hall.

"Prowl, this is Optimus. Why are there blast marks in the halls and why wasn't I immediately informed?"

"It was a domestic problem. I didn't see the need to inform you of it. But the situation has been resolved. Chromia is in the brig in cell block D until she calms down and Ironhide is in the Med Bay."

"Thanks Prowl. Prime out."

"What did he do now?" Optimus grumbled turning on his heel.

He headed straight to the Med Bay because Chromia was a femme and femmes don't talk to mechs about their problems. Although, Ironhide was a stubborn mech. Optimus might have better luck getting a rock to talk than Ironhide during times like these.


"Quit crying like a sparkling! I haven't even tried to pull the shrapnel out yet!"

Optimus walked in to see Ironhide laying face down on a med table. Ratchet had an all too familiar medical instrument he loved using to yank shrapnel out of armor. Upon further inspection Optimus saw a long single piece of metal sticking out of the left side of Ironhide's aft.

"What did you do now to piss Chromia off?" Optimus asked.

"It's none of your slaggin business," Ironhide growled.

"It is my business when your sparkmate starts throwing grenades at you! It is my business when someone else could have gotten hurt! And before I issue a reprimand for the both of you I need to know."

Ironhide glared at Optimus. Prime was used to this. It wasn't the first time he had to punish the trigger happy couple for getting too violent. He never worried about them getting too out of hand. Hide usually just ended up with a scorched aft for saying something stupid to Chromia. He never, ever harmed her in anyway physically but has had a few good name calling matches with her.


Ratchet had an evil grin on his faceplates as he held up the shrapnel he just extracted.

"YOU FRAGGER!" Ironhide roared.

"Thanks for the distraction Optimus. I wasn't sure if I could put up with his insufferable whining today," Ratchet retorted, dropping the medical instrument and shrapnel on a tray. "And if you want my opinion, he deserved every bit of what Chromia did to him."

Optimus sighed rubbing his forehead. He had a wonderful morning until now. He didn't need this slag. If Ironhide wanted to be a stubborn slag then so be it.

"Ratchet, as soon as you've patched up his injuries, have Prowl escort him to the brig in Cell Block A," Optimus ordered.

He may not be able to get Ironhide to talk but he could prevent him from seeing his sparkmate for a short while.

"Of course, Optimus. I should have him patched up within the hour."

Now that Optimus was in a not so pleasant mood, he headed to his office to work on those fraggin reports for Prowl. Hopefully when Elita visits him his good mood will return.


"Chromia, did you have to use the shrapnel grenades? Someone other than Ironhide could have gotten hurt," Elita said with earnest to her best friend.

"I know, Elita," she sighed, sitting on the bed with her head bowed down. "I'm sorry. He can just make me so mad at times."

Elita sighed, moving closer to the cell.

"What were you two arguing about?" she asked softly.

"We weren't really arguing. I caught him and the twins eavesdropping and making bets on how many times you and Optimus were going to overload! Then I brought up the sparkling issue. That's when I…overreacted."

"Whoa, go back…they were making bets?" Elita asked, her energon temperature was beginning to rise. "Those fraggers! Our rooms are supposed to be a place of privacy!"

Elita quickly composed herself. She'll deal with the twins later. Right now her friend was a bit depressed.

"You really want a sparkling, don't you?"

"Yes," Chromia replied. "I had been thinking about how to approach him. The way I brought it up today was not like I had imagined. I could have done it better. But…it just kind of came out before I could stop myself."

"I take it his reaction wasn't good."

Chromia looked up, tears in her optics.

"I didn't give him enough time to answer before I started shooting at him," she replied sadly. "I know he's a bit slow at times. And I did spring it on him unexpectedly."

"I'll talk with Optimus about getting you out of here so you can set things right with Ironhide," Elita said, turning to go.

"No, please. I deserve being in here this time. Just make sure Optimus doesn't lock Ironhide up for this. For once he wasn't at fault."

"Very well," she smiled kindly. "After I have a talk with Sunny and Sides, I'll talk to Optimus."

"Thank you my friend."

"It's nothing."

"You know," Chromia smirked. "It started because Hide and I were making a bet about what kind of sparkling you and Optimus were going to end up with."

Elita laughed nervously. Her, a mother! She didn't have time to be a mother when she had to help Optimus with a war.

"Optimus and I both agreed to wait until after the war was over before having a sparkling. I'm content with that. Besides, I'm not ready to be a mother just yet."

"Coward," Chromia teased.

"How can I be a mother if I'm going to be an aunt?" Elita fired back making Chromia laugh.

"Ok, you win. That's why you're the femme commander."

"I'll see you later my friend," she smiled.

From there, Elita set out to find Sunny and Sides. She was going to let them have it. They're pranks were one thing. But eavesdropping and making crude bets while she and Optimus were interfacing was uncalled for. As luck would have it, she didn't have to search long for them.

"There you both are," she snarled walking up behind them and grabbing each one by an audio receptor. "I'm going to teach you both a lesson about eavesdropping and betting!"

Sunny and Sides literally trembled in her grasp. Then suddenly Elita's legs buckled and her power levels dropped drastically. She was vaguely aware of Sunny and Sides catching her before she hit the floor. Then there was only darkness.

When Elita's optics came online the twins were gone, she was in the Med Bay, and Ratchet had the biggest grin on his faceplates she had ever seen.

"She's awake!"

"I can see that, Ironhide!" Ratchet growled. "Now lay back down before you ruin my welding job on your aft." To Elita he leaned closer and smiled. "How are you feeling?"

"A bit drained," she answered honestly. She had no idea why that was and it actually frightened her a little. "What happened?"

"Run a diagnostic of your systems and you'll see," he smiled warmly at her.

Elita was totally confused. But she did as instructed. The diagnostic told her that there was a power transfer from all her systems simultaneously. Further analysis informed her that the energy was transferred to her…

"Oh," she gasped, covering her mouth with a hand in disbelief.

"Congratulations," Ratchet grinned quietly so Ironhide wouldn't hear.

"Primus, Elita!" Optimus exclaimed, running into the Med bay and rushing to her side. "I just found out you were brought here. What happened?"

"She passed out from a systems wide power drain," Ratchet answered honestly

"Is it my fault?" Optimus asked worriedly.

"Why would you ask that?" Ratchet questioned.

"Because…well, Elita and I had a few rather…intense interface sessions last night and again this morning."

"I'll say this, you were a major contributor to Elita's current condition," he smirked, winking at Elita.

"Really? You mean?" she asked still in disbelief.

"Without a doubt," Ratchet replied.

"I'm so sorry, my love," Optimus sighed, hanging his head. Guilt filled his optics. "I didn't mean to tire you out so much that you'd passed out."

"Please, stop beating yourself up," she smiled, holding his hand in both of hers. "Something truly wonderful happened, Optimus. I'm with spark…you're going to be a father!"

"A…sparkling?" he choked out.

She nodded excitedly to him, tears in her optics. While the news was rather unexpected it was totally amazing! She sparked! She and Optimus are going to have a sparkling.

"Wow, you and I…mother…father! Primus," Optimus whispered, his optics locked affectionately on hers, her end of their spark bond filled with so much of his love for her.

"Two actually," Ratchet interjected.

Elita's mouth dropped open. Two! Her hand shook as she laid it flat on her abdomen. Her vision blurred as she stared at her stomach armor.

"Twin mechs according to my sensor readings," Ratchet added.

"Twin…mechs," she whispered, her gaze changing from her stomach to her sparkmate.

Optimus' optics were as wide as they could go. Optic covers blinked rapidly as if to processes this new and sudden news. His expression didn't look so good to Elita, almost like he was about to purge his waste tanks. He even looked a bit…unsteady on his feet. In fact, his towering frame swayed slightly from one side to the other. His trembling hand came up and rubbed his forehead. His optics lost their focus of her.

"Optimus?" she called softly, as she sat up slowly.

Quite abruptly his optics rolled towards the back of his head and blinked out. His massive frame fell over backwards, crashing on to the floor. Elita even felt the med bed shake from the impact.

Ironhide's deep rumbling laughter filled the room instantly. Elita didn't hesitate to shoot a glare at Ratchet who was on the verge of roaring laughter as well. No one has the right to laugh at her sparkmate like that! No one but her and she didn't think this was funny.

"Ironhide, that's enough. Get over here and help me get he lugnut on the med bay next to Elita," Ratchet ordered.

"Is he ok?" she asked, wiping away her tears.

"He just…passed out. He'll be fine. You just rest there. I'll have him back on his feet in a few minutes," Ratchet said reassuringly.

"Frag! His aft is heavy!" Ironhide grunted as he and Ratchet tried to lift up their commander. "Are you sure we can't just leave him on the floor until he wakes up."

"The father of my sparklings is not going to lie on the floor!" Elita snapped at him then suddenly felt light headed.

Their concerned voices suddenly seemed so far away. Elita lay back down and curled up on her side, her arms wrapped protectively around her mid section. The reality of the moment hitting her fully as a torrent of emotions bombarded her, overwhelming her.

Joy. Fear. Wonder. Uncertainty. Pride.

She giggled and wept at the same time. It was all she could think to do while reaching through her bond to Optimus anxiously waiting for him to reach back. She watched as the two mechs managed to get Optimus in a semi sitting position on the bed beside her. His thick form leaned heavily against Ironhide while Ratchet gently smacked Optimus' faceplates.

"Come on lugnut, snap out of it!" Ratchet shouted.

His love spread through her just before his optics flickered to life brightly. A dopey grin shined on his face when he looked at her.

'Love you,' he told her over their bond.

'Love you more,' she said back to him.


Once the lugnut was on his feet and at his femme's side, Ratchet pulled Ironhide away to give the overjoyed couple some privacy. Optimus and Elita weren't speaking to each other out loud. Being bonded, Ironhide recognized when they're talking to each other through their spark bond.

He didn't need to hear what they were saying. He could see how happy they were as the held each other close. Gentle kisses intermingled with tears of joy. Seeing their love and affection for each other made him think of Chromia, his love, his reason for living.

"Primus, I need Wheeljack in here," Ratchet muttered interrupting Ironhide's thoughts.

"For what?"

"I need help building the protoforms. One I could handle. But two! There isn't much time. Those little sparks will be ready very soon to come out of Elita's reproduction chamber and their bodies need to be ready."

Ironhide glanced over to see Optimus kissing Elita lovingly on the lips. Hide knew what he had to do to make things right with his femme.

"How much warning would you need to build a sparkling's protoform?" Ironhide seriously asked.

"Exactly what did you and Chromia fight about?" Ratchet asked narrowing his optics at his oldest and closest friend.

"None of your fraggin business," he grumbled then turned sad. "But I love her. I would do anything for her happiness."

"Including a sparkling?"

Ironhide nodded.

"It won't take much. We can easily build three at once."

"Thank you, my friend."

"It's nothing. Now get out of here so I can work."

Before leaving, Ironhide walked over to Optimus and Elita. The two where rattling off names for their little unborn mechs. In all the time Ironhide's known Optimus, from youngling to now, he's never seen a bigger smile on the mech's face.

"Isn't it wonderful?!" Optimus beamed, his wide chest puffed out proudly. "I'm going to be a father!"

"Yes it is, Optimus. Congratulations to the both of you. I can't think of a couple more deserving of this…I mean these gifts."

"You and Chromia will be there, when they come online?" Elita asked.

"Of course," he smiled. "If you will do the same for us…when the time is right."

"You know you can count on us, Ironhide," Optimus said, pulling Ironhide into an embrace. "You've been there for me so many times. It will be a proud day for me when you and Chromia have a sparkling. I'll get to be an uncle!"

Ironhide laughed, shaking his head at the overjoyed lugnut.

"I'd better get back to my duties. When will you make an announcement to the base?"

"Tomorrow," Optimus answered, pressing his forehead against Elita's. "We want to enjoy this between ourselves for as long as possible."

"But you can tell Chromia!" Elita added.

"I can't wait. She's going to be ecstatic."

Sensing they were back in their own world again, Ironhide quietly moved away then left the Med Bay. Since he was never a mech to procrastinate, he head straight for the prison cells.

There he found his lovely Chromia sitting with her knees drawn up. Slow tears trickled from dimmed optics down her faceplates. It was not sadness in her face but guilt. Even though she did not voice it, he could sense how terrible she felt for her outburst earlier today.

Of course, Ironhide couldn't allow this to continue. The override code was entered. The cell was opened. And he moved in to sit beside her on the cell's bed. He filled her will all the love within him through their bond as his hand tenderly wiped away her tears.

"Is having a sparkling that important to you, my love?" he asked softly.

"No, but having your sparkling is," she replied, keeping her optics cast down. "I love you Ironhide. But you can be such a slaghead at times. I didn't know how to ask you."

"Fair enough. I can be a bit thick plated in the head. However, you have never doubted my love for you. You know I would give you anything in the universe to make you happy. All you need do is ask me."

Ironhide gently lifted her chin, turning her face towards him.

"And if having our sparkling will bring you happiness then it is my duty as your bonded to give it to you."

Her optics brightened.

"But we'd better get sparking. Elita and Optimus are expecting little mech twins."

"What? You're joking!"

"Nope, no joke. Elita's pregnant. Over zealous fraggers couldn't keep their hands off each other and looked what happened."

"You would know," she snorted. "You heard quite a bit o…"

Ironhide had enough of talking and silenced her with a long, deep, sparking jolting, interface revving kiss. For him passion never had a designated time or place. As long as his beloved Chromia was with him, his passion was free to ignite at any moment.

As she pulled him down with her, he smiled within. Her passion was always as eager as his and didn't take much to set it aflame. Already he could feel the pull of her spark. Calling. Begging. Wanting. Needing to be enveloped by her mate's warm and loving spark.

"Do we want a mech or femme?" he murmured.

His lips traveled slowly to her chin and down her exposed neck. His right hand affectionately slid over her breast armor, knowing fingers probed between the slits gently caressing the underlying protoform.

"Can you handle a daughter?" she asked then gasped arching her chest against him when his fingers touched a sweet spot beneath her armor.

"The question should be, can you handle another mech who'll probably be just like me," he smiled.

His optic covers closed feeling her hands delicately glide up and over his thick shoulders. Strong yet dainty fingers played over his biceps and then traced over the edges of his chest armor. He shuddered, feeling the heat of her interface system press hard against him.

"It won't matter to me, I'll love our sparkling regardless…as I love you," she breathed into his audio receptor.

The sound of her lovely voice sent a warm pleasant tingle down his spine. His chest plates began opening as his interface panel retracted. Bonding wasn't necessary for creating a sparkling. With the reproduction programs activated the necessary spark energy transfer from his systems to hers would occur through their interfaces. However, it was most pleasurable to bond while interfacing.

"Wait, don't open your chest plates yet," he mumbled during their kisses.

"Ok," she rasped, daring to reach into his massive chest cavity and caressed his pulsing spark.

A deep low growl rumbled through him. His arms trembled, holding his weight off her as the wave of pleasure coursed through him. Primus, that felt good. His femme always had a way with her fingers. They fit perfectly between his armor, always found the sweet spot below his left ear, and always knew how to touch his spark in a way that could make him implode with satisfaction.

But it was time to pleasure her now. Her knees had already lifted up, hugging his hips. He didn't need to be told her port was open and waiting anxiously for him. Like on many occasions, Ironhide gracefully slid his interface appliance slowly into her port, ensure the maximum amount of pleasure for his femme.

And he didn't disappoint her.

Chromia's hand fell from his spark, her hips angled giving him better access, and her mouth opened wide as she moaned his name loudly. Gentle, tender lips pressed affectionately against her slender neck, making her mewl weakly. Her arms wrapped around, pulling him close.

He could feel by how she caressed his back, grabbed his aft and thrust her hips hard against his that she was anxious. He could feel the desperation within her spark through their bond for now he shared it now too.

Only Ironhide refused to rush things, plunging slowly, methodically, deeply. No he was not going to rush. This was a special joining with his femme. At least he hoped it would be special. The whole sparking thing was a mystery to him. He only knew the basics - ready reproduction programs, take careful aim, and shoot hoping you hit your target.

"Hide…" Chromia pleaded, her faceplates grimacing as if she were in pain.

"Ok, Mia," he gasped, knowing what she wanted.

The sound of her transformation systems activated and her chest armor started separating, sliding, moving aside to reveal the most beautiful object in the universe as far as Ironhide was concerned. The spark of his sparkmate was always a captivating sight. One he never got tired of seeing every time it was exposed to his own waiting spark.

"I love you," he whispered, moving within her fast now, feeling his overload was coming any moment.

"I love you too," she kissed, her own thrusts matched his perfectly, always in tune with her sparkmate, always knowing what he needed and when he needed it.

At the right moment, Chromia pulled him as close as she possibly could. The friction between their interfaces was quickly reaching their pinnacle as their sparks began to merge. The sudden pleasurable jolt the coursed through their systems from the spark merge perfectly coincided with their overload. Ironhide's form convulsed, wrapped more around his femme and hers his as their bonding totally consumed their senses, making them totally oblivious to all that was around them.

And even though Chromia didn't feel it and wouldn't know the results of their joining for several hours, the spark energy discharge from Ironhide's interface deep within Chromia's own port was straight and true. Upon overload, her own programs sent a similar discharge from her spark into her reproduction chamber. There the two energies joined in a brilliant flash of light and the beginnings of a new life…a little femme's life came to be.

"Wow," Chromia whispered, her and Hides chest plates now closed.

"Yeah, wow," he smiled, snuggling against his femmes form, relishing in the pleasant after effects of their coupling.

A sound caught Ironhide's attention and he lifted his head to see where it came from. He spotted the two shadows outside the door.

"I hope you two fraggers took notes!" he yelled, then settled back down on the recharge bed with his love.

"Aft!" Sunny shouted at his brother. "I told you to be quiet!"

"My leg had a kink! I couldn't stay squatting for that long!" Sides whined.

Their voices faded as they walked away.

"You need to teach them a lesson, Hide. We can't have them eavesdropping on anyone who wants to be intimate. Elita wasn't happy about finding out."

"I'll get Prowl on it. He's out to get those two anyway. I'm going to be too busy being a daddy."

"So…" she started, her finger trailing along the edges of his chest armor. "Do you think we should…you know…just to make sure we're successful?"

"Anything for you," he smiled, kissing her deeply.