Title: Mixed Messages

Author: doctors gal1792

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Summary: Harlean Grace Noel Carpenter is the 19 year old niece of one Captain Smith. She and her Uncle are very close and the girl as always wished to go on a voyage with the Captain.

Now her chance has come, her parents inform her that she may go onto the RMS Titanic with her maid Holly and Uncle Edward. But then something happens, she meets one Harold S. Bride and the two develop a fast friendship. But then the inevitable happens, the ship hits the iceberg. Will they be saved from the icy black water?


Chapter 1

"Oh Mother! Father! Do you really mean it? May I go on the Titanic with Uncle?!" cried an exuberant nineteen year old, on the first of April, in the year of Nineteen-Twelve.

Her parents nodded, "Yes, we shall miss you terribly, but we have decided that you, like your Uncle, have always loved the sea, and going on the ship I think should be good for you. You will meet people from the highest of classes, being that your Uncle is the captain. All you do here is sit around, cross stitch, embroider, and have conversations with your family. You have not had much exposure to the outside world and we believe it's high time that you use those manners and social skills we have taught you for your entire life," Harlean's mother said.

Harlean couldn't help but squeal in delight as she then pulled her mother and father into a tight embrace.

"Oh thank you! Thank you!" she cried.

"You're welcome darling. Now go upstairs and get all of your things that you will need for the trip packed. Uncle Edward is coming by tomorrow morning to pick you up," her father said.

Harlean kissed her mother and father on the cheek and then walked out of the room and up to her bedroom.

Once she was in there, Harlean pulled down her trunk and her personal maid began to help her pack.

Just then there was a knock, "Come in," she called.

The door opened and her two brothers came in, Jonah and Micah.

"So mother and father are letting you go then?" Jonah asked.

Harlean nodded, "I'm so excited! They say Uncle is coming by in the morning to pick me up," she answered.

"Well that's not fair. I want to go on a ship, I've never been and my younger sister is getting to go before me!" Micah said.

"Well, I've got my own quarters, with Holly. Uncle is only going to have a room close to the bridge, no place for me. But he knows how long I've wanted to go on a voyage with him, and he was able to get a state room for me," Harlean said.

She glanced to her maid, who had a smile on her face. Clearly Holly was pleased as well that she would get to go on a grand luxury ship.

"Still not fair," Micah muttered.

"Aww, poor Micah," Jonah said.

Harlean laughed as she began to put her jewelry into the boxes and set them on the bed for Holly to put into the trunk.

"Besides Micah, when we went on that row boat in the lagoon you got sick. Why do you think you could make it on a ship for a week or so?" Harlean asked as she picked out some hats and accessories and such to pack.

Micah was silent after this, Jonah smirked and then walked over to his sister.

"I'm happy that you finally get your chance to go on a ship, just be careful. I know Uncle Edward will keep you safe, but there will be quite a few foreigners on the ship, and they won't know right from wrong," he said.

Harlean smiled up at her brother, "I know, do not talk to strangers, and do not accept gifts of any sort from strangers. I know how to handle myself," she said.

Jonah smiled and then placed a kiss on his baby sister's forehead.

"Just making sure," he said.

Then the two brothers left the room and Harlean continued to pack.


The next morning Harlean woke earlier than usual. She washed her face, dressed and then sat at her vanity while Holly styled her hair and applied makeup to the young girl. She then put on her heart necklace, that except for when her family had social gatherings and to sleep, she never removed it, the gold heart was very special to her as her Uncle had infact given it to her.

Once she was presentable her brothers came in and carried her trunk down the stairs and placed it by the door, they then did the same with Holly's.

Harlean then walked down stairs and after eating Captain Smith arrived.

When she saw him her face lit up and he walked over to his only niece and pulled her into a loving hug. Afterwards he stepped back, "Harlean my dear, every day you look more and more like your mother," he said.

Harlean smiled, "Thank you," she replied.

Then her brothers walked over, "Jonah, Micah, you both are looking more and more handsome. You look alot like your father, but I can also see my father in your faces," the Captain said.

"Thank you Uncle Edward," the two brothers said.

The family visited for awhile, but soon it was time to leave, as it would be about an all day trip in an automobile from London to Southampton.

Harlean put her overcoat on and then hugged her father and then mother.

"Promise to send me a little note everyday, with your coordinates so your father and I may follow the trip on the maps," her mother said.

"I promise mother. I love you both," Harlean replied.

"Love you darling," both Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter said.

Harlean placed a kiss to both of her parents' cheeks and then they returned the gesture.

"Alright, darling, you go on, and we'll see you in a few weeks," Mrs. Carpenter said.

Harlean hugged Micah and Jonah and then left the house with Holly and her Uncle.


A week had gone by and it was now the early morning of the tenth of April.

When Harlean had arrived at her Aunt and Uncles home she spent a little time with her cousin but spent alot of time going to the ship yards with the Captain.

Harlean was in her room dressing in a traveling outfit, it was mauve colored with black tassels hanging from the side. After she and Holly were ready the two went downstairs and ate breakfast, but soon after quick goodbyes Harlean, Holly, and Captain Smith left in a taxi for the docks.

It was seven in the morning by the time they boarded, Smith lead his niece to her room and then while she and Holly began to unpack he went up to his cabin to get the sailing report from Henry Wilde, the chief officer.

"This is exciting isn't it?" Harlean asked as she placed some things onto her vanity.

Holly looked up, "Oh, yes miss, it is," she stated.

Harlean smiled and sat down on to the bed, her mind began to race through all of the possible adventures that could happen on the ship.

But not once did her mind land on the possiblity of falling in love.

Within the past six months Harlean had been courted by several beau's, all looking to ask her hand in marriage. But each time she turned them down. At nineteen, the girl was not ready to become someone's wife and she planned to keep it that way...for awhile at least. Just until she saw a little more of the world.

The young girl had bright red hair that everyone in her family always said it was as shiny as a brand new copper penny and she possesed the bluest eyes you could possibly imagine.

"Miss. Harlean? Hello?"

Harlean's head shot up, in front of her was Holly.

"Oh, forgive me, I was day dreaming," she said.

"It's alright miss, I was just asking what would you like to change into? You can't wear your boarding suit all day," Holly replied.

Harlean stood up and walked over to her wardrobe, she looked through the many gowns and finally picked an afternoon pink tea dress.

"Here, this one," she said.

Holly noted which one and then helped Harlean undress and change into the gown.

By the time that they had re-styled Harlean's hair it was already ten-thirty, she ship would be leaving in an hour and a half.

"I think I'm going to go up to the deck," Harlean said after a bit.

"Very well miss, but I've still got this to put away. Will you be alright?" Holly asked.

"Yes, I'm just going to find my Uncle," Harlean answered.


Holly turned back to her work, Harlean watched her for a moment and then left the room. She walked up to the deck, the halls were empty except for a steward or two and just one couple who were looking for their State Room. She made it up to the deck and looked around with excitement. The decks had filled considerably within the last few hours and people were walking onto the ship on the gangplanks.

After staring at the people grew boring she began walking, looking for the bridge.

"Excuse me miss, may I help you?" came a voice from behind her.

Harlean turned to see a older gentleman, wearing a nice suit and overcoat, he had graying hair and warm brown eyes.

"Hello sir, yes I was just looking for the bridge," she said.

"May I ask what your business there is?" the man asked.

"My name is Harlean Carpenter, I'm looking for my Uncle. Captain Smith," she answered.

"Oh your Miss. Carpenter? Forgive my manners, my name is Thomas Andrews," he said as he held his hand out for Harlean.

She took it and shook it slowly, "Nice to meet you sir, you're the Master Shipbuilder, correct?" Harlean asked.

Thomas nodded, "Yes I am, your Uncle was here the just the other day telling us about you coming along. It's very nice to meet you," he said.

"Oh lovely," she replied.

"Right so the bridge, right this way," Thomas said.

He began to walk in the opposite direction and soon they were in a some what small room, where there was the helm and officers were running about preparing the ship for departure.

Harlean spotted her Uncle and walked over to him, "Ah, Harlean, I was just going to come down and get you, no sense in being inside all day," he said.

Harlean smiled and then looked over to the Ship Builder, "Thank you," she said.

"It was my pleasure," Thomas replied.

The Captain looked at them, "So you've met Thomas Andrews?" he asked.

"Yes, he brought me here to the Bridge," Harlean answered.

"Your niece is just as lovely as you said Edward," Thomas said.

"Thank you," Captain Smith replied.

"Again it was nice meeting you," Thomas said to the young girl who had linked arms with her Uncle.

"It was lovely meeting you as well," Harlean replied.

Thomas then turned around and left the bridge.

Harlean pulled away from her Uncle and went to look at the helm of the ship, her curiosity getting the better of her.

He smiled at his niece just as some officers walked up to the Captain.

"Here is the most recent sailing report, everything is still clear and we'll be ready within the next hour," one of the men said.

Harlean turned around, the officer looked at her then looked to the Captain.

"Is this your niece, sir?" the man asked.

"Yes this is Harlean. Harlean this is Chief Officer Henry Wilde, and First Officer William Murdoch," the captain answered.

Harlean walked over to them and shook Henry's hand and then William's.

"It is very lovely to meet you," Harlean said.

"The same to you miss," both men replied.

Harlean smiled, "Excuse me, I just want to look at the dials," she said.

She walked around the men and they watched as she walked over to the back wall and looked at the signs and controls. There was the water tight door sign, the phone from the bridge to the Crows Nest, and a array of other controls.

"She's very curious isn't she?" Henry commented.

"Well, she is my niece isn't she? The sea and everything to do with it fascinates her," the Captain replied.

Time soon flown and the men down on the docks were pulling away the gangplanks, and the officers inside were closing the doors.

Harlean stood just outside the bridge with her Uncle, watching as the ship slowly began to move.

She smiled up at her uncle, a new adventure...



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