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The Perfect Computer

Chapter One: The Finding

"So I got the job?!" Sora cried ecstatically.

Tifa blinked at the boy's outburst, but nodded. "Yes, Sora, you can have the job. After all, I feel kind of bad for accidentally dumping that bucket of dirty water on you. I should have looked before I threw it out the window." The raven haired girl smiled apologetically.

"Oh, don't worry about it. You're allowing me to have this job, which is fantastic." Sora smiled.

Truthfully he was ecstatic. Before that water had hit him, it just so happened he had been rejected from every job in the city…something about a hair height code? But now his problems were solved, and he would be able to pay for his tuition, and housing too. The apartment complex he was staying at wasn't exactly the most expensive, but it wasn't cheap either. He couldn't have asked for a better place to work – a late night bar and delivery service.

Tifa, surprised, laughed at the boy's enthusiasm. "Well, you better get home. You start work on Friday." Sora was then shooed out the door.

Sora walked down the sidewalk to his house, his spirits now lifted. He turned the corner only to stop right in his tracks. There…lying in a heap of trash…was a boy…a teen boy.

Sora gasped and ducked back around the corner, covering his mouth in horror. He leaned against the wall, but his legs gave way under him. Did he just see what he thought he saw? Was his mind playing tricks on him?

He peeked around the corner and then retreated with haste. No, still there. Was this a murder? Oh God, he hoped it wasn't one of those rape cases…

He dashed around the corner. Kneeling down in front of the teen, he looked him up and down. There were no wounds or signs of blood anywhere, which made him sigh with relief. The boy in the trash, Sora noted, was about his age, had short blond hair, and was wrapped in a large blue sheet. Other than that, he was naked.

Sora blushed and touched the blond's head. He was cold as ice. Sora then placed a hand to the boy's neck – no pulse. Sora panicked. He yanked the sheet off in order to begin mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It was then he noticed the small tattoo on the inside of the boy's wrist. Sora squinted his eyes to see it. It looked like an angel wing with a diamond set behind it.

He gasped. He recognized the symbol. He had seen it on one of the persocoms his friend Kairi had shown him in a magazine. This boy was a persocom!

A persocom was a personal computer/robot…and pleasure toy in many respects. Sora blushed again. He knew that persocoms were very popular in the cities. He had even wanted one once as a kid. But…why was this one in the trash? It was obviously one of the newer models. It didn't have the usual metal ears that were all the rage just last year when he had started college. In fact…if he remembered correctly, he had read a manga that depicted a situation much like the one he was in now. What was it called again? Cow-bites, Chow-mits, Cho-pits…? He couldn't remember the title.

Sora looked at the boy again. His blond hair was styled in defiant spikes in the front, and he had smooth, unmarked pale skin. Whoever had manufactured him had designed his body to be slim but athletic and well-muscled. Sora tilted his head to one side. The boy almost looked like himself in a way…

Sora looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was nearby. Darkness was all he could see. Silence enveloped him as the cold night made him shiver. If the persocom was in the trash…that meant nobody wanted it, right? He gulped and looked at the trashed computer. A persocom would be able to help him with his studies for college.

He nodded to himself and leaned over, wrapping the sheet around the blond once more. Waste not, want not, right?


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