It had been just after dusk that Link had found the girl. He'd been riding through the forest, the one nearest to the town, as Epona hadn't had much exercise for the past few days, the autumn leaves were left crackling under her hooves in her wake, and had almost rode past the girl had it not been for a tall black mare trotting obtrusively into Link's path. Neighing to gain his attention te horse reared up slightly, turning to signal that they should follow him, Link had followed on foot after that, cutting through bracken with his wooden sword for a minute or two before they had reached her. She had some bad wounds Link saw, a slash cutting up her arm, and another sliced along her waistline, the blood was beginning to clot thankfully, but still it smeared across his clothes as he lifted her up from the ground, her head lolling against his chest, positioning her gently in his arms so as not to hurt or rumple her even more.

He stumbled through the path he'd cut through the foliage before, a few scratches appearing on his arms. It started to rain as he walked back; clicking his tongue so that both horses followed him. The girl was light, for which he was grateful for, it had made the journey that little bit easier. Occasionally a twig would pop out at him and he would have to brush it aside, but apart from the few of those the journey was only hindered by the amount of water now seeming to gush relentlessly from the darkened sky. By the time he reached his front door, after climbing up the ladder – balancing the girl over his shoulder, he could feel her long, sodden hair dripping down his back, and indeed his own dirty blonde hair was plastered to his forehead; small water droplets rolling down his face from the tips of the strands. He kicked the wooden door open forcefully when he reached it, and ran, his boots sloshing against the wooden floor as the moisture drained off of them, with the water left outside to put her down on his bed, scanning over her slim form to make sure that no wounds were even near life threatening before putting his arm in front of his face to protect himself from the gale as he went to get both horses to a shelter of some sort.

A little later, hardly five minutes, he pushed himself through the door and closed it firmly; glad to leave the torrential downpour outside. He didn't stop to look himself over as he strode over to the damp body lying on the blankets in the corner of the room. He ran his hand lightly over her wounds, a small amount of blood on the quilt beneath her, before turning on his heel and snatching some bandages from a high cupboard, he wrapped them tightly around both her arm and waist, before he even stopped to brush the dark blonde – almost light brown - tresses from her face, her hair had begun to dry. She was beautiful, he blushed slightly before pushing himself up from the knelt position he'd found himself in, and walking over to the old cooking fire to put on some soup.