Chapter 11

Link couldn't understand how they knew where to put the needle, he could see it threading through the thin material and coming out of the underside, but where was the cotton? His tongue peaked out from between his lips, and his eyes should have scorched the fabric because of how intensely he was watching the work.

In the corner Colin leant forward, elbows on his knees and face in his hands, a quiet giggle sounding in the room. Zelda's head rose slowly, and she smiled back at him raising an eyebrow – although it seemed she hadn't quite perfected it, as Colin thought it was on more of a slant than higher, but it didn't really matter at that moment, he could try and teach her later if he wanted too. He still held her gaze, shyly grinning, before lifting a finger and pointing at Link.

The older boy had tilted himself forward in his chair, so as to see the stitchery better, and he rocked precariously on its spindly legs. The back two were only just scraping the floor, so as to keep the chair from toppling over, and if Link moved the smallest bit he'd be sprawled on the ground. Now that she could see what he had done Zelda's lips began to twitch and deliberately she slowed in her work, biting her lip to stop from laughing out loud at the herder's rapt expression. Even Uli was watching by now, although it seemed to be Colin enjoying the scene most.

"Link…" Zelda called, pulling the word out.

"Yeah," He wasn't looking at her; or rather he was more interest in her fingers.


Startled he looked up, his face frozen between bemused confusion and shock, for the chair tipped upwards falling on top of the eventually peeved young man.

Accompanying the boiling of the pan the other three members of the room began to laugh at the sight of the young man lying on the floor. His hair was swept over one of his eyes and his mouth formed a small circle, captured in the scene. None of them heard the light knock on the wooden draw, but a hand pushed it open anyway.

Ilia stood in the doorway, rather at a loss with the situation, "Link, why are you on the floor?"

Slowly his head turned, so that he could see her and he waved at her, grinning dizzily.

"Hello Ilia."

She was sorely tempted to march into the room and drag him up, preferably by grabbing his ear, but the woman – who could be no one but Zelda – had risen when she entered.

"Hello," The woman, Zelda – she needed to remind herself of that – had outstretched her hand and she tentatively took it, "I don't believe we've met."

She was a pretty young lady, strong facial structure but with soft eyes, and in reflex Ilia smiled, patting down her clothes with her free hand, and nodded to her politely, "I'm Ilia, Link's friend."

"Oh!" Zelda looked delighted, apples in her cheeks and a smile sweeping her face. She stepped forward a little more, avoiding where Link still lay, "He's told me about you, I've heard you've got a talent with looking after Epona."

Beaming down at the man, who had propped his head up on his hand watching them, she nodded enthusiastically at the other lady, "You're quite the word around town as well, I'm surprised we haven't met until know," She narrowed her eyes at Link.

Zelda's lips were springing upwards again, "True, but I haven't really gone around the town yet, I've spent most of my time at the ranch or here."

Ilia wasn't surprised, "I'll show you around, since somebody obviously can't." It seemed people were ganging up on Link today, "How about we have lunch together some time. Then we can go around meeting and greeting the others."

"I'd like that."

Vaguely it registered in her mind how surprised she was, she'd been expecting Zelda to be a lot more…something. Just, not as serene as she was, and she was shocked at how well the girl looked. What had happened to her disaster in arriving there?

"Good! We'll get that sorted then, won't we? In the meantime I want to know a little more about you," She felt as if she was intruding somewhat, and Zelda's body had numbed, almost like a statue, "Where'd you come from? Anywhere I'll know?"

Link was watching the young woman as well, and Zelda felt as if the air was purging in on her, then dragging itself from her body in one huge blow. Her hands leapt around at her side for something to fiddle with, a bad habit she'd acuminated, and she ripped onto the lower fabric of her dress. The quiet in the room was becoming stifling so she cleared her throat quietly, and raised her head higher. Applying a metal mask onto her face she started to search inside of her mind for a suitable answer.

"I…travelled here from Castletown."

It seemed she'd chosen correctly, for Ilia's, Link's and Uli's eyes lit up. Colin, however, seemed to have little interest in this piece of information.

"Really? I've never been but Rusl is travelling through there at the moment. Is it nice this time of year?"

A hard block inside of her seemed to melt down to a comforting bubble again, "yes, it's quite lovely at the moment. I think he'll enjoy the time he spends there."

"Well, that's something at least," Uli chirped in, her hand patting her stomach.

Ilia's mouth was opening to add something else to the conversation, but her eyes darted out of one of the small windows very quickly instead.

"I'm supposed to be home by now," The lady giggled, raising a hand to her mouth, "I better get off. It was nice t meet you, Zelda."

She had to agree, and she wondered why they hadn't met before, although it didn't particularly matter.

"And you."

She watched as Ilia turned to the bashful young man, still on the ground. Treading carefully she wondered if he'd mess up his clothes, or crease them.

"And you," Ilia poked him in the head, to which he groaned, "Had better be back in that chair – upright – before I get out of the door. Be careful, and look after yourself"

"I will, and I'll bring Zelda round." he replied, pushing the chair off of him.

"She can bring herself round, she's more capable then you are Link, she is a woman!"


"Good. Bye!"

Twirling around to wave again at Zelda, Uli and Colin she swept herself out of the room.

Meanwhile, feeling pleasantly content Zelda turned to look at Link, who was just setting the chair back in place, "She's so nice isn't she!"

He looked rather amused, and he wrinkled his nose as he grinned at her, "Thank the goddesses."


Before he answered Uli had leapt up, and grasped Zelda by the elbow, nattering on about how they'd have to be quick to mix up a sauce to go with the dinner's main course.


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