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Summary: ( They are all human ) Bella Swan is 26 years old and an American agent, also known as the FBI. She and another agent, 27 year old Edward Cullen, get assigned to go on a very dangerous mission to capture a Russian spy, but they fall in love along the way. Will their love get in the way of capturing this very dangerous man before he gives away all of the government's secrets? Will they succeed before destruction hits?

Chapter 1

"Congratulations, Angela!" I hugged her tightly before handing her my housewarming gift.

"Oh, Bella! Thank you!" She beamed with pride as her husband, Ben, walked up and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Hi, Bella." Ben smiled warmly at me, and I shook his hand in greeting. Ben and Angela had been high school sweethearts. They lasted all through college together and got married as soon as Ben graduated from business school in Seattle, where they were now living.

"I can't believe you travelled all the way here, just for my house warming party…" Angela gushed.

"I only live in Sacramento…" I exaggerated. The truth was, the drive had been long and tiring, but I wasn't about to let Angela in on that. "And I needed to pay a visit to my dad. It's been a while since I've seen him." She seemed convinced. I was about to say more when my phone started vibrating madly.

I pulled it out of my pocket, glancing at the number. I smiled apologetically. "I need to take this." Angela and Ben smiled politely, dismissing me.

I walked quickly out the front door, and made sure there were no eavesdroppers around before I answered.


"Why hello, Isabella. I hope you are enjoying the housewarming party." The man's voice was smooth and practiced.

"I am, thank you. So, what can I help you with?"

He ignored my question. "Bella, I think the party may be running low on drinks. Why don't you be a doll and go get them some?"

And then he hung up.

I put my blackberry back into my pocket, and returned in the house. Angela was talking to her new neighbors, by the present table. I knew she wouldn't let me leave the party in order to buy some drinks without a scene, so I sought out Ben. He was in the living room, with the big football game on, cheering wildly.

"Ben?" I stood behind the couch where he was sitting. He half turned around, trying to be polite, but his eyes kept flashing back to the television impatiently.

"I'm going to run out and get some more drinks, real quick. I'll be right back, alright?" The team Ben was rooting for scored a touchdown and he whooped loudly, cheering with the rest of the Seattle Seahawk fans.

"I take that as a yes." I laughed, as Ben turned back around and looked at me sheepishly.

"Sorry about that. This is the playoffs and…"

I held up a hand. "It's alright, Ben. Enjoy the game, I'll be back." He wasn't paying attention anymore as the other team got the ball.

I walked out of the crowded house, and got in my car which was thankfully not blocked in by another vehicle.

The closet convenient store was about a mile away. The gas station was empty aside from one car, parked in front. I pulled in next to the black Mercedes, a car I knew very well.

The 7-Eleven sign buzzed, and a bell chimed when I opened the door. The man at the counter reading a magazine glanced up, before looking back down at the playboy in his hands. I rolled my eyes as I hurried over to the back of the store where the drinks were.

"Long time no see, Isabella." My boss smiled up at me on the other side of the aisle, directly across from me.

"It is. So what brings you all the way up to Seattle?" I walked over to the freezer section, browsing their drink selections.

"The same thing that brings you up here, a party. Not the same party you were invited too, but a party nonetheless."

I turned around to face him, to find him staring at me. His eyes gleaming.

"Oh, well I'm sure if Angela or Ben knew who you were, you would have been invited."

He sighed dramatically, acting. "But still. I wish I could have gone. I would have loved to see their new house." I ignored the individual bottles in the freezer and picked up a six-pack of Coke. I followed him down the candy section, so we were near the front of the store. The worker with the playboy looked up at us curiously. "I must be going now. Why don't you give Angela and Ben my best wishes when you return to the party. I want nothing more than for them to be happy." He grinned before he turned and headed out of the store, hitting his elbow on a Hershey bar. Whenever we had to meet, our meetings were very brief and discrete.

"I guess I'll be eating chocolate, tonight." I joked to myself, before picking up the large Hershey bar, walking to the counter and buying my items.

"I'm so glad you came, Bella! And thank you so much for the coffee pot! Heaven knows we needed one." She laughed, and gave me a tight hug.

"No problem. I'll call you later." I promised. She waved to me as I got in my car, the last one in the driveway, and drove off.

The hotel was about ten minutes away, so I got there easily. I had checked in earlier, so I didn't have to worry about the hassle of waiting and messing with luggage.

The elevator ride took me up four floors, before I got off and found my room.

I put my reading glasses on and sat at the desk in the room. The Hershey bar had melted a little in its wrapper from being in my purse, pressed up against my body.

I took off the brown wrapper that said Hershey on it, and then threw it out. That wasn't the part I needed. The silver part of the wrapper came off easily. As if someone had taken it off before, then rewrapped it.

I wiped the melted chocolate off the wrapper with a damp tissue so I could see the message that was written more clearly.

The inside of the wrapper was scribbled on. I took the remaining chocolate bar and threw it out without a second thought.

I held the wrapper close to my face, to see the tiny writing in the silver paper.

Isabella Swan, you know the drill. This message must be properly disposed off after you finish reading it. No exceptions.

Here's your story. Vladimir Anton is a Russian spy who is currently in our country leaking information. He is somewhere on the northern east coast. Most likely New York. You and another agent are going to fly to New York and look for him. The information he is leaking to the Russian government is so confidential, that very few people here in the FBI even know what it is. You will get more information when you arrive in the New York airport. The agent that is going to be your accomplice will be seated next to you in your flight, giving you time to get to know him. When you arrive in the Seattle airport at 5:40 a.m., you will receive your ticket. So get some rest, and we'll see you tomorrow.

I tore the wrapper into many tiny pieces before putting it in a paper sack that I was taught I always needed to carry with me. I would have to burn this somewhere later.

The clock read 12:35 a.m. I yawned before quickly throwing on my pajamas, setting my alarm clock, and falling into bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long, exhausting day. I wonder who my partner was going to be. Whoever he was, he better not slow me down. I had promised I would visit Charlie while I was here so we need to find this guy and arrest him…

Sleep overtook me.

The buzzing of the alarm clock startled me, causing me to jump out of bed. Another thing I had learned was to be on my guard at all times and to never get startled.

It was already 4:30 by the time I finished my shower and got my small suitcase ready. The hotel seemed deserted when I headed to the front desk. The lady was drinking a Starbucks when I checked out and the smell just about killed me. Oh how I needed my coffee…

The road had quite a bit of cars for being so early in the morning and the airport was a struggle to get into. I parked my car into the parking garage and took a shuttle back to the airport. It was 5:35 by the time the shuttle pulled up to the American Airlines section of the airport.

I bit my lip nervously as the driver slowly helped people get their luggage off the bus. They absolutely hated it when I was late.

Forget this; I can get my own luggage off the bus. I'm stronger than most people think. I shrugged my way through the grumpy people ahead of me, grabbed my bag off the rack, and hopped off the bus. I jogged through the sliding doors and looked around. It was 5:38. I had barely made it.

"First class, Isabella. Enjoy your flight." A woman I had never seen before handed me a long ticket, before disappeared out the door.

I basically fell into my airplane seat, ready to get some sleep. I had my skinny caramel latte in my hand and a napkin from the bagel I had just eaten in the other. My partner had yet to board the plane.

Hurry up! I was impatient. Why couldn't he just get on the plane so I could introduce myself and sleep the rest of the way? I threw my head back against the chair headrest and looked out the window at the men making sure the large plane was ready to take off. I used to wonder how my life would have been if I had a normal job. Not having to worry about going on a random trip or getting hurt during a 'business trip'. I felt someone sit in the seat next to me and sigh. Finally…

"Hi, my name is…" I stopped in my tracks when I saw an older man, with graying hair. He smelled funny and was missing one of his teeth. This could not be the guy I was supposed to be working with…

"Excuse me, that's my seat." A velvet voice interrupted my thoughts. The man was standing over us and was politely smiling a beautiful, crooked smile causing my heart to stop. What was wrong with me? I'm a strong girl…

So why do I feel so weak?

The man sitting next to me smiled a toothless grin and shook his head. "I don't think so. I know this lovely lady would like to sit by me and if I moved I think she would be very disappointed." I tried to repress my shudder. The man with the bronze hair and gorgeous smile sent me a fleeting wink.

"Oh, really? Well, before you make a decision for her, why don't we ask my wife if she would like to sit by you or not…" I sat on my left, ring less hand in case the man looked.

"I'm sorry, sir. But I can't sit by anyone else, aside from my husband on an airplane. I don't feel safe." I put on my best act and batted my eyelashes innocently. The man next to me seemed flustered.

"This is my seat…" He argued weakly.

"No…this is my seat." The handsome man pulled out his ticket and showed the guy. It read,

Seat: 2C

The guy mumbled some swear words, before he grabbed his luggage and headed back to second class.

He took his seat and got settled before he turned to me. "So, I guess I'm your accomplice." He chuckled.

"I guess so. I'm Isabella Swan, but most people call me Bella." He stuck out his hand politely and I shook it. He had a firm grasp.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Edward Cullen."

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