Totally weird thing dedicated to Cap Pair! Just cause it's a cool name. XD Besides, this pairing kinda makes sense, in a way. I dunno how, it just feels sensible. XD

"Why aren't we called Cap Pair?" Kisazaru Ryou asked.

Shishido twitched. "I dunno. Sanada and Echizen stole the name first, I guess."

"You know what I just realized?"


"Our first names are the same."

"…And that's relevant to the current topic…how?"

"If our first names are the same we can be Ryou pair."


"Quiet Pair?"

"Definitely not."

"Random Pair?"

"No thank you."

"Cap Pair, then."

"That name's already been stolen."

"Then what shall our name be?"

"We shouldn't have a name; we aren't going out."

"But then that would be boring."

"We aren't going to have a name."

"Then Nameless Pair?"



Echizen smirked. "Che, they're jealous of us."

"I fail to understand why we were named Cap Pair," Sanada said.

"We're both wearing caps, that's why."


"Mada mada dane."


Totally random oneshot I thought of. XD. Came up in a MSN conversation…one day…I don't remember when exactly. XP