I wrote this like a year ago...so it has some bad grammer.

Konoha High School was in the middle of buildings that rose hundreds of feet above the city Chicago. The school was known for the smartest, athletic, and richest teens in Chicago. Like all schools Konoha had its own drama, action, and romance. But when things got to extremes the whole city knew.

Uzumaki Naruto sat on the bench near the cafeteria. He was listening to his iPod while everyone else was chilling out with their friends during their lunch. Naruto wasn't popular, but everyone knew him. He is a junior in Konoha High. Life was very boring to him. He was smart and athletic, but not like one of those jocks, and he was very nice too. He came in a great package. Sadly, no one really pays attention. Something about him made them stay away.

Uchiha Sasuke stood with the circle of jocks, checking out some girls across the cafeteria. The girls stared back only interested in Sasuke and Neji (A/N Neji is nobody, he has no powers). Sasuke, of course, was one of the most popular students at school, even though he was a junior. He was athletic and rich, what all the girls are looking for. But for some reason he kept on turning them down, saying it's for their own good. But still, the girls didn't give up.

Hatake Kakashi erased the whiteboard with the eraser. Then he turned around facing the room filled with noisy junior students. All of them weren't even paying the slightest attention to him, throwing balls of paper at each other, talking, yelling. He sighed and turned around facing the whiteboard. He said something none of the students could hear, even if they were quiet. In a mater of seconds the whole room was quiet, filled with eager students wanting to learn. Kakashi turned back towards the row and rows of students.
"Well then. Let's begin."

Something about Us

This story takes place as a normal life like ours with a couple of people who are special: Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. They have powers and they don't know each other but they go to the same high school.

Haruno Sakura sighed and stepped into the classroom. The teacher looked at her with greeting eyes. "Everyone this is Haruno Sakura, a new student this year, please make her feel welcome," he turned to her, "my name is Mr. Kakashi, you can go sit behind Naruto over there."
"Uhh…yeah sure." She said walking over. As she walking to her destined seat many boys whistled past her. She took her seat feeling awkward. But what was there to be afraid of? Nothing. 'And please keep it like that.' The voice in her head said.

Naruto felt weird. Actually he felt weird every time 'this' class started. But this pink head behind her, first of all he had never seen such hair and her eyes were so green and scared it made him chuckle. As she sat down he could feel her eyes staring at the back of his head. It wasn't till Mr. Kakashi (A/N that sounds weird.) told them to turn to a certain page that Naruto felt normal. 'Get over it. She's just another girl from another world like the rest of them.'

Uchiha Sasuke heard of a 'new' girl, and didn't really care. But as the teacher, Mr. Sarutobi (A/N not important…) kept on babbling about how the people of the place killed the other people blah blah blah, Sasuke grew really bored. He turned his head towards the wall of the classroom and focused. There she was the 'new' girl, sitting behind a yellow head. She looked sort of weird considering the pink hair. He sighed and decided it was best to keep focus.

The end of class meant gym for everyone in Mr. Kakashi and Mr. Sarutobi's class. The students put on their P.E. uniforms and head out towards the gym. Naruto looked around, cheerleaders were practicing another stupid cheer, boys were playing volleyball and others were just standing around gossiping. Naruto walked over to the bars and started to do pull ups.

Sakura looked around. In her other school she was a cheerleader, and a good one too. She walked over towards the leader as she was drinking water, "Hi," Sakura held out a hand, the girl didn't respond. Sakura instantly realized that the leader was one of those Bitchy girls Sakura hated.
"What do you want?" she asked.
"I was just wondering if there are any try-outs for the cheerleading squad. I'd like to…" Sakura stopped talking, because of the look the leader was giving her. On the leaders uniform it said "Ino." Ino was giving her a look as if Sakura was a hobo or something.
"Girls…come here." She called towards the other cheerleaders.
"Great…"Sakura muttered quietly.
"Do you think she has it?"
"She's that new girl, huh?" a girl with long blue hair asked.
"Yeah…should she get in?" Ino asked.
"Look, if it's too much trouble I get it." Sakura said.
"No. no, I can tell you really want it. How bout we give you a test." Ino said.
"Uh, ok…what do I have to do?"
"Jump off that doing two black flips in mid-air and landing on your feet and once you land instantly do four front flips."
Sakura gaped at her. She was good, but she could never do that! And the thing to jump off of was at least 30 feet high! "I…can't."
"Thought so." And Ino turned around with a huge smirk on her face.
There were some things Sakura could do…and some things that she didn't want to know she could do, and this was one of them. Also, she hated to be toyed around with. These girls were her least favorite.
The day went by slow and school ended finally. Sakura was sitting on a bench in the gym. The gym was empty except Sakura was in there. She looked at the 30 feet diving board. She sighed, and got up, climbed the ladder, took a deep breath and dived. One black flip, two black flips, land and-
"OWWWWW!!! MOTHER FU&$!!!" Pain shot through her legs and up her spine. She collapsed and tears started pouring down her face. The pain was the worst thing she ever felt. She looked down, her knee cap was dislocated, both. Her ankle was broking. And her spine felt like hell. She motioned her two hands over her left knee cap and a bluish greenish light appeared. In minutes her knee was fixed and she moved on to her other injuries. An hour later she was all better. She lay on the dusty floor. Thank goodness this didn't happen two hours ago.
"Scuse me?" a voice came from the door.
Sakura stiffened, whoever that was had better not have seen her jump and heal herself…
"Y-yes?" she said not looking at the door.
"You OK?"
"Yeah…Why not?" Suddenly a face appeared in her view.
"New girl right?" he said, the guy was the one who she sat behind in Kakashis class.
"Uhh…yeah. Haruno Sakura." He held out a hand and she grabbed it pulling herself up. "How long have you been here?"
"I just came back from soccer practice and I saw the gym door open and I saw you on the floor," he said, "Oh and my name is Uzumaki Naruto."
She was soo glad he didn't see her before that.
"Well, I should get going." She said.
"Um ya me too…where do you live?"
"On Cheese Street."
"Oh well I take a bus. See you around."

It was all a dream.
No, it looked so real.
It's impossible.
But I saw it with my own eyes!
Naruto had an argument in his mind on his way home in the bus.
There's no such thing of magic.
Look who's talking.


Naruto walked down the hall. Soccer practice was very tiring especially on this type of day. He goes to it every day of the week, and loves it. He went inside the locker room and started to change when he heard a very loud scream coming from the gym. He dropped everything and ran, he looked ahead and saw the new girl, sitting on the floor saying every cuss word he knew. He was about to say hello when he saw her legs.
It was the most disturbing thing he'd ever seen in his life. They weren't legs…they were beyond legs. The knee was almost down to her ankle and her ankle itself was lopsided. He gasped and walked backwards. He looked up and saw the 30 feet diving board. 'she couldn't of had dropped from that!' Once again he was walking towards her when he saw some sort of light coming out of her palm. It was right on top of the injury.
He stood there wanting to go to her and also wanting to stop and see what she doing. Time flew by fast and he narrowed his eyes and saw that her left knee was perfectly normal. He gasped and shook his head. She healed it! No way! No way in hell!
She motioned her hand towards her other knee and healed that! In about 10 minutes she fell back and made a big oomph! Naruto stood behind the wall and watched. There must be A LOT more to Haruno Sakura than he thought. So he needed to find out. Now.
"Scuse Me?"

(done flashback)

Naruto sighed, and sat back watching the cars go by. He closed his eyes and the only thing he thought of was Haruno Sakura.