Something About Them
The sequel to Something About Us…

If they didn't hurry up…they'd be late for the bus.
The first day of their senior year must not be ruined. They must not stand out, or else connections will be made.
"Hurry, Sakura!" Uzumaki Naruto yelled over the many voices in the early morning. They were not used to this…the first time in many weeks being outside.
"I'm trying!" she yelled back. Naruto and Sakura could make out a big yellow vehicle a few blocks away. Running with great speed, they tried to catch it before the bus departed.
Sakura insisted Naruto on using his super-speed, but no, he refused to use power, thinking that it would be much more of a distraction to city people. She cursed shows like Smallville and Heroes for giving those humans such knowledge of powers.
Both of their hands were joined as they dodged dozens of early birds. Many times as Naruto turned Sakura would bump someone's shoulder. Seeing that this would not work out as one being, Sakura let go of Naruto and continued on her own.
Naruto looked over his shoulder confused, "Sakura-"
Sakura's eyes widened, "Naruto! Watch out!"
But it was too late, a few seconds later Naruto lay on the ground rubbing his head anxiously. The man he bumped into stared down at him.
Sakura ran up to the scene, "Are you okay?"
"Yeah…but-" Naruto began.
"I'm not talking to you!" Sakura looked at the hooded figure in front of her. "Sorry, sir. We weren't paying attention. Our apolo-"
She was cut short when she noticed she couldn't see the man's face. His hood did create a shadow, but not dark enough to notice that he was wearing a mask.
Naruto got up, "Sakura…" he hissed, "The bus!"
Sakura continued to eye the man curiously. Naruto grabbed her hand once more and started walking forward. The hooded figure still stood without a word.
As people walked back and forth on the side walk, talking non-stop on their cell phones and Bluetooth's, three figures broke that pattern.
"Sorry, again." Naruto said, and with Sakura in tow he began running again towards the bus.

Haruno Sakura, once more, looked over her shoulders as she ran. The man with the mask, striped mask, continued to stand there like a statue. But this time, he was looking back as well. A hole in the left side of is mask illuminated a pattern…of his eye.
She gasped and turned around. Fortunately, Naruto was turning a corner, so she felt less stalked.
The bus was parked before them, the engine rumbling like a lion. They actually made it…

In the three days they spent here, Sakura and Naruto have learned that Los Angeles is filled with many…many odd people.

More action, more enemies, more heroes, more answers + a new villain, a new plot, a new beginning, and much…much…more NaruSakuness.
NaruSaku- Something About Them.
The sequel to Something About Us.

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