It was a nice quite morning when "BANG" the kitchen door swang open it was chowder and he didn't look happy.

"I'm hungey I want FOOD!" Yelled Chowder as he stomped into the kitchen.

It was normal for Chowder to be hungry in the morning 'cause he always is.But today something was wrong Chowder sounded

as if her were starving.

"I said I'm hungry I want FOOD" Chowder was getting angier at the second.

"Oh Chowder your always hungry,ask Shnitzel to make you something" Repiled Mung Daal

"Radda radda radda" mumbled Shnitzel

"Shnitzel you are not busy your just mobing the stupid floor" said Mung Daal

"Now make chowder something to eat!"

"Radda radda radda radda!" Shnitzel yelled

"I don't care what you make just make him something... and not something that can kill him either you know what

happend last time"

Shnitzel got mad and throw a pan across the kitchen,and gave Chowder and Mung Daal the bird.

"Shnitzel put that finger down there are children in here!" Mung Daal screamed.

"Keep it down in there I'm trying to sleep!" Howlerd Truffles

"Oh shut it you old woman" Whisperd Mung Daal

"What was that...What did you say?"Screamed Truffles

"Nothing dear,I didn't say anything"Repiled Mung Daal

Mean while by the stove Shnitzel was makeing Chowder something to eat while Chowder was yelling "I'm hungry" over

and over agian.Then finally Shnitzel was finished with Chowders food.But it was almost an hour later when "BANG" the

kitchen door slamed open and chowder was Screaming at the top of his lungs "I'm hungry and I want food NOW!"

"Radda radda radda!"Said Shnitzel

"I don't care if I ate an hour ago I'm hungry and I want food NOW!...Order a pizza or something."Said the angry


"Order the damn pizza,I can't sleep and when I can't sleep,I get hungry and when I get hungry,I get angry and you don't

want to see me angry!" exclaimed Truffle,who just woke up because of Chowder.

About 15 or so minutes later Shnitzel walked into the kitchen with a pizza in one hand and soda in the other.

"Come on I'm hungry!"Pouted Chowder as Mung Daal and Shnitzel handed them a pizza and a cup of soda.

"Chowder are you feeling ok?" Said Mung Daal "You seem to be a little out of the weather"

"I feel fine its just I feel so hungry...Can I have some more pizza please?"

Mung Daal handed Chowder another piece of pizza.And looked at his with curiosty there had to be something wrong he

thought.Mabe I should take him to the doctors?

"Radda radda radda"

"You read my mind Shnitzel...Chowder hurry up and eat I wanna take you to the doctors"Said Mung Daal

"I wanna come to" Blutted Truffles "I wanna ask the doctor about some rash ormant"

"Fine you can come,...Shnitzel you stay here in case we have any costomers" Said Mung Daal taking off his chefs hat.