I don't know if you would like me better or worse if I completely stopped updating at all, so here I am, updating with another non-chapter.

Say bye-bye to Solstice.

Okay, so not exactly, but I'm thinking that it's highly unlikely that I will ever be able to write fanfiction again. I've been writing all kinds of original material and am absolutely loving it-I'm really finding myself as a writer and am slowly rebuilding my confidence. I'm afraid of what will happen to that if I go back. But it would hurt too much to delete Solstice and I don't want to divulge the plot because of the off chance I decide to write it again someday.

So tell me-what do you want? Do you even care if I quit? Do you want me to go back and rewrite everything until I'm satisfied or drop it?

Well, since I know I won't get much of a response to this, I guess I'll get a few things finished.

I have to thank a few people-one in particular.

dsmldejection-the only reader who has actually reviewed every single chapter of Solstice and has encouraged me with that and her words. And despite what she says, she's awesomest writer in the history of the world. I could only hope to be so good. Thank you so much.

HeswamtoFrance-though I doubt she still reads Solstice, thank you for your dedication and encouragement through my craziness.

Yerosmyhero-My sister, just for being there, even though she hasn't read the last few chapters of this. I still love you. :)

A few other people-indigenousbleu, Gotsta Have My Hardy, nothingleft, and all of the people who stuck with me or didn't stick with me. Even if you gave up, thank you for the time you dedicated to me and Solstice.

I want you all to know that I really appreciate everything you've done for me.

Thank you, and (to be dramatic), goodbye

For the last timeā€¦