"Your new partner Sasori, his name is Deidara" a shadowed figure said, and a boy in his teens walked out, a furious expression on his face.

'Great, I get some brat for a partner… how annoying.' Sasori though to himself inside of his shell, Hiruko.

"H-Hello Sasori no D-Danna…" The boy stuttered, not looking at the short but obese figure.
"Hn, Come along brat." Sasori muttered, sliding towards their rooms.

A few years have gone by since their first meeting, Sasori and Deidara's. The younger one of the two still has not seen Sasori's true form. To Sasori, Deidara's body had matured, but his mind still remained the same, possibly worse from the egotistical grin he wore on a daily basis, mocking his Danna on his looks, how slow he was, and any other factor the blond could think of.

'The brat needs to learn what fear is all about.' Sasori thought to himself, an invisible grin on his true face. 'He'll learn that soon enough.'

The two ended up taking a break in a small meadow secluded by the tree tops. As the blond went off, probably to 'answer nature's call' Sasori left Hiruko and closed the entrance. Sasori walked over and hid himself in the shadows of the trees. Now he just was to wait for Deidara to come back.

As the blond began to unpack a sleeping bag, he turned and tried to make conversation with the now-empty shell of Hiruko, who of course did not respond. Deidara then chose to ignore 'Sasori', and turned his back to Hiruko, shrugging the blanket slightly over his face. When the blond seemed to be asleep, the smaller body of Sasori escaped from the shadows and began to venture towards his target, Deidara. A kunai and wires were ready in his hands, a smirk on his face. "Hey blondie." Sasori spoke, malice tainting his naturally evil tone.

The blond only responded with a grunt from his sleep, and moving in his sleep so he was now on his back. In a split moment, Sasori was kneeling over the blond, kunai near his jugular and the blond's wrists in his free hand. "It's rather rude to ignore people blondie!"

Deidara's eyes were wide as he tried to free himself from his attacker. He couldn't even use his bombs from his hand's position. "W-Who are you un?!" The blond stuttered, struggling to keep his voice strong and defiant.

"None of your business kid." Sasori spat out, a smirk evident on his face. His red hair shone in the moonlight, his mahogany eyes boring into the two cerulean eyes that were now showing due to the boy's movements. Sasori tied the blond's wrists together with the wire in his hand, snapping it with a quick pull. Before Deidara could explode the clay in his pouches, Sasori grabbed and tossed the clay bags of to the side away from the 'three people' there. "So… you're Deidara hmm?" Sasori asked, the venomous words rolling off his tongue.

Deidara was in shock how the other ninja knew so much about him, his name, his exploding clay and his hand mouths. How could one know so much about him?! Deidara was most definitely not going to win this battle, and he cried to his Danna to help him. "DANNA! SASORI NO DANNA!!!!! HELP ME UN!" The cries of help were not answered, and had only increased his assailant's sadistic smile. "Seems like your partner doesn't care about you Deidara. He hates you, thinks you're weak."

Small tears escaped the sculptor's eyes as he willed his body not to move. His voice wouldn't work. How could his Danna be so heartless, how could he be so cold?! The number of the salty droplets increased at the thought of Sasori hating him. How! How could this happen?!

The red-haired assailant smirked, his free hand pulling out yet another kunai. The cold steel began to cut through flesh, stab and rip. Blood dripped down the wounds, tears and screams escaped Deidara, useless and immobile by a force he though was fear. Truthfully, the blond could not see nor sense the chakra strings which held him, bound him. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" the blond shrieked.

Sasori did not talk as he pushed his lips over the sculptor's, his tongue now ravaging his mouth. The bloodied kunai was dropped to the ground, the hand now creeping towards the pants that were slightly identical to his. His right hand continued to threaten the boy's life with the kunai at his neck. The two orbs of blue widened as his pants were removed. 'NO NO NO!' his mind screamed, realizing the intent of the red-haired one.

The blond never had taken a look at his attacker's body, and never wanted to. If he had looked, he would have noticed the abnormalities in it, the coil, and the contained heart. If he had only looked, he would know what came next. Suddenly, a cold, sharp object pierced him, blood escaping the newly made wounds inside of him. A cry of pain escaped his covered lips, now struggling to breathe. 'BREATHE!' his mind screamed, forcing him to inhale air through his nose. Tears leaked out his eyes continuously, screams echoing between his and Sasori's mouth.

Sasori removed the object and slid off his pants. The blond in this amount of pain, it was arousing to his sadistic measures. The blond bleeding, crying and screaming caused his pants to tighten. 'It's been too long' Sasori thought as he removed his lips. He removed the life-threatening kunai, tossing it to the side. The puppeteer positioned himself by Deidara before thrusting roughly inside. The blood sufficed as lubricant, warming his already-heated length. A cry mixed from pain and pleasure escaped Deidara as Sasori hit his prostate.

Deidara hated himself, hated how his body reacted. Arousal and his moans defied him. He wanted this to end; he wanted it to never happen again. Even if he was not bound either by fear and the chakra string, the blond had lost all control of his body. Disgust filled him as he found himself rocking towards the red-haired one. Tears continued to rush down his face, streaking the blood-stained cheeks from the gashes. Yet, his body moaned loudly as it reached its peak, his muscles tightening.

Sasori smirked before also reaching his peak. "You are one damn good fuck Deidara… You shall be left alive… for now…" The man collected his clothes but left behind his two kunais, leaving the helpless blond naked and crying in the night.

'Why me… WHY?!' the blond screamed in his head before crying himself into unconsciousness, nightmares haunting his sleep. As the boy dozed, Sasori managed to clean himself off and sneak back into Hiruko.