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The blond's groans of pain became slightly annoying to the puppeteer inside. No, the noises caused by pain didn't bother the red-head like a pesky fly; they bothered him in a different matter, the opposing effect. The painful sobs and moans reminded of the nights before, those arousing and beautiful nights. Sasori wished to preserve Deidara's face contorted by pleasure and pain, the tear-streaked and bloodied face. Just imaging the blond in that predicament excited him, wishing it was night once more. How he couldn't wait. "Shut up brat, those noises are distracting, prove how weak you are."

Deidara shot a glare at Sasori, though it wasn't seen. "Shut up?! Why should I when you're not even protecting me you dumb ass!" Deidara practically yelled at the puppeteer. "You don't even know how much this fucking hurts Danna! You… You don't know…" Tears escaped Deidara's eyes, his voice cracking from sobs. Yes… it hurt. Not just physically, mentally too. Because… because his Danna wouldn't protect him, how he couldn't protect himself… and how his body reacted. Suddenly the blond halted, and fell down on his knees crying. Sobs escaped Deidara. 'How could I be so weak?!'

Sasori groaned inside of his puppet. "SHUT UP BRAT!" Sasori demanded of the blond. If the blond didn't shut up in a matter of minutes, the truth might be revealed… And he didn't want that just yet.

Luckily for Sasori, the brat did shut up, only whimpering slightly as he stabilized himself. The whimpers affected Sasori, but not as much as those tears… The red shook his head, ridding the thoughts temporarily. He needed to concentrate since the blond could barely walk, and wouldn't be able to fight. He didn't want his 'playmate' to die on him now did he?

They sculptor and the puppeteer continued to walk toward the base, only a few days away. The pre and post they had at the village were mostly spend walking. This was possibly the most boring part of the mission. Though, Sasori discovered a way to 'liven up' the traveling times.

Night soon fell and the two artists retired for the evening, Sasori chuckled while Deidara whimpered, the red smirking while the blond was biting his lip; yet both had impatience. Though, the reasons behind this varied vastly; Sasori couldn't wait to torture yet please the blond and Deidara couldn't wait for this night to be over. They were closing in on the base and it would soon be finished, ceased.

At every sound Deidara flinched, at every movement the blond looked, and at every minute the sculptor whimpered. Sasori smirked and chuckled to himself. How he loved this paranoia running throughout Deidara. How he enjoyed controlling the blond's emotions like this. He was the puppet, Sasori his puppeteer.

Suddenly, Deidara's presence vanished, but echoing words ensured the blond's safety, "Bathroom un!" Of course, Sasori only wanted Deidara to be safe for events planned and carved in his mind from the day's walk and last night's 'adventure'.

Sasori took the chance to leave Hiruko and decided to make his new 'home' on Deidara's mattress, still stained from two nights ago. Now he would wait, a genjitsu relatively weak mind you, hiding him. Of course Sasori know of Deidara's left eye and besides, if he 'hid' here, it would show how much 'he' 'cared' if Deidara got raped or not. Of course, he didn't 'care' at least in the blond's definition, Sasori was the rapist.

Deidara returned form his bathroom break, rather surprised at the absence of an attack. Perhaps… Sasori attacked his rapist! … No that couldn't happen… Surely his rapist and Sasori didn't know each other… no they couldn't be working together! Sasori didn't have anything to gain right? The blond shook his head, assuring himself his thoughts were incorrect. Suddenly, a flash of red flickered on his bed and he blinked 'What was that?' the blond thought and moved closer to his bed and removed his scope, the image becoming clear. No! This couldn't be! He blinked, trying to remove the image from his vision. Before Deidara even opened his eyes, a loud rattling came from Sasori's direction. His eyes snapped open as he felt a large object wrapping around him, his arms stuck to his sides and his body elevated. H glanced down at his bindings, gasping at the object. This… this was Sasori's tail Sasori's. "D-Danna" He croaked, tears streaking down his face before glancing forward and his world shattered. "WHY?!" He screamed. "WHY?!"

Sasori's true body smirked. "How does it feel Deidara? To be betrayed by your Danna? How much does it hurt?" The puppeteer resisted to moan at the sounds his captured prey made, at the pitiful state he was in. He stood up and walked to the powerless and broken Deidara. "Don't cry baby…" Sasori said gently and licked the salty water away. "You won't have any left for tonight…" Malice tainted the last sentence, a smirk playing on his lips. 'Only two more steps…tomorrow…' Sasori thought the grin now growing. He couldn't do step five without four could he now? It just wouldn't be as effective. Suddenly lips crushed together in a force meant to bruise. "Dei-chan" Sasori purred with his venomous voice.

"You've been amusing, fun. Now…" That same tainted smile reappeared. "I shall reward you Dei-chan… Thanks to that excellent show you provided me with last night."

Squirms and whimpers were the only response to Sasori's, well to his knowledge, his rapist's comments. Though, a blush betrayed him at the mention of the 'show'… the masturbation – the treason of his body. Tears continued down his delicate face, sobs escaping him. Deidara didn't notice the twitch of his captor's fingers, only the tightening of Sasori's tail. "Now, now, don't want the scorpion to sting you with his poison hmmm?" That silky venom whispered in Deidara's ear. Those words froze him, stopped his movements. That's right… Sasori used poison often… and he wished to live for over three days, intended to. "Hmph! That's enough." As soon as those words were spoken, the tail unraveled around his body, dropping him on his bruised and harmed bottom. A cry of pain was the only thing Deidara heard before a groan of pleasure droned out his cry.

"Dei… I believe it's time for your treat…" Sasori said, licking the blond's tearful cheek, earning a shiver. The scorpion could tell what was going on in Deidara's mind, 'What type of treat?' he most likely thought. "Relax… I'm allowing a stretching… and a surprise with no bindings…" A pause, along with a tilt that oddly befit him, "What do you say Dei-chan?" Fear struck the once hopeful face, though if one looked for it, relief showed on the boy's face, albeit only slightly.

Deidara knew there was going to be rape again tonight… the 'treat' just lessened the pain, or at least physical. How could he have wished he would be spared for tonight? It was practically a waste of thought, a waste of energy. A whisper reached his ears and he shivered at their meaning, what they implied. "Though, if you do not cooperate… the treat shall be taken away Dei-chan…"

A glint of steel suddenly caught Deidara's eyes. The cerulean orbs followed the light, gasping. "Wh-What is that?!"

The red just smirked. "That?" He pointed to his stomach, the metallic chord shifting. "Most of my body is similar to this… for I am a puppet Dei-chan." Sasori paused for a moment, then continuing. "Though... I am not all like this as you already know..." At the gasp Deidara made, Sasori stroked Deidara's cheek rather gently. "You see, your lovely 'Danna' and I are acquainted, though merely by out interests... and now you."

"D-Danna?!" Deidara screamed, glancing hopeless at 'Sasori', or what he believed o be his partner.

"'Danna' and I have a deal little Dei-chan." Another stroke grazed the blond's face. "He made me a few puppets in exchange that I scare you... and as long as I do this, he does not speak nor interfere unless I ask. He also supplies me with wood for repairs. You see how much he enjoys your presence Dei? See how much he values you?" The malice-tainted smile grew wide into a manical laughter. "Now shall we get on with our fun Dei-chan?"

Deidara's heart beat fast with fear, not wanting this; who would?! The blond held back tears of fear. If only this didn't happen… if only… A sob escaped his throat as salty droplets began to stream down his cheek. How weak he was, how pitiful! " Just hurry up with this.!" Deidara commanded weakly, the words sounded almost like a plead instead of an order.

"Na-ah-ah" the rapist said, flicking his finger back and fourth. "Where would be the fun in that now?" Sadism tainted the puppet's voice and face, the grin malicious. "No more interruptions now Dei" That venom purred. The boy was pushed down onto the ground; his remaining clothes were stripped from him, and he lay naked in front of his rapist. The hand that was reprimanding the younger nin was now in front of the mouth. "Suck" he ordered.

Deidara gasped; the wrong action. Fingers were thrust into his mouth causing him to gag. Tears escaped his eyes again but he obeyed, not wanting to go without that promised stretching. He filled his mouth with saliva and began to coat and suck on the digits. He moved his mouth slowly, his eyes closed as if in deep concentration. Though, that was not the case; Deidara just didn't want to see the red's satisfied and smug look on his face, didn't want to recognize what he was doing. Suddenly, a groan of approval emerged from the red-head, his eyes closed in that satisfaction Deidara had guessed. The suctions sped up, the blond conscious of this fact but not, as it were in the back of his mind. Soon the digits were removed, a string of saliva connecting the sculptor's mouth to the puppeteer's fingers. The next thing the blond felt was those fingers intruding into his entrance. A sob escaped him, not causing that mental bliss he should be feeling. Suddenly Deidara's body disobeyed him as it felt the surge of pleasure Sasori's finger's caused him as they hit his prostate. A cry escaped the sculptor as that spot was prodded again, rocking his hips on instinct. The blond bit his bruised lip, trying to suppress further salted drops to escape his eyes. He wanted to plead for this to stop but the building lust and remaining conscious stopped him. Any pleas he made would either be ignored or opposed. As the fingers were removed, a sigh escaped Deidara; his body desiring that probing, his eyes glazed slightly with lust.

Sasori knew that the blond beneath him knew what was coming next. He kissed Deidara gently, the action slightly confusing him before he thrust into Deidara, that same estranged cry escaping the blond's throat. Sasori bit his lip at that sound; it was so sexy to him, to his sadistic side. The pitiful shriek for help evoked his lust further. "D-DANNA!" God… Sasori moaned out loudly, biting his lip not to tell Deidara to say that again. Though the call was, in Deidara's view, for somebody entirely different. Yet, if Deidara knew, he would neither be screaming for help nor pleasure, he'd be crying and wondering 'Why'. The mental instability made Deidara cry out again, this time it was the name. "SASORI!" The mahogany eyes closed as he moaned out again, trying to sound upset. "Yeah, call out that scorpion during sex. You like him that much?" Sasori thrust in hard, causing Deidara to choke on his answer. "How pathetic."

Anger began to boil beneath Deidara's skin, not mixing well with his already lust-clouded mind, redefining his words. "Then what should I call you bastard?" Deidara growled angrily, astounded at the words that came out of his mouth. He didn't mean that, no; not at all.

A chuckle escaped Sasori. "You can call me Danna, since I am your master in bed" Another weighted thrust followed this sentence, causing a cry of outburst and pain.

The tears escaped his eyes yet again, wishing for this to stop. 'Why?' He continued to scream in his mind. His questions were never fully answered, only in parts and hints. It destroyed his hold on sanity, humanity; it broke the unbreakable, the ninja. His rapist thrust deeply, forcefully and Deidara's voice screamed out a word he would learn to hate, "DANNA!!!" Deidara felt used, controlled, felt like a puppet. Another thrust surged into him as a spark of pleasure ran through his being. The blond moaned out, a cry escaping his lips. That word was screamed again, tears leaking out of his eyes. "DANNA!!!" He felt something ghosting around his shaft, gasping at a quick squeeze before moaning out loudly as friction was added to it. He truly felt used like a toy on strings, a marionette. As a rough thrust and swipe of his rapist's hand and body, Deidara could think no more, his mind giving into the lust and desire his body so craved. A loud, hollow moan escaped Deidara, climaxing and his body tightening, squeezing around Sasori's member.

A controlled moan came from Sasori as he felt those walls contract around him. The warm walls squeezed, almost – but not quite – pushing him over the edge. One thrust, it wasn't enough. The second thrust drove Sasori over his edge, his seed spilling into Deidara. The feeling of Deidara's walls clamping down on him, the muscles tighter than ever, drove him crazy. He panted heavily, gradually slowing his breath into even intakes of air. Sasori muttered something about 'good', 'tight' and 'fuck'.

Deidara thought the night would soon fade away before he felt breath on his lower regions, gasping. "Wh-What are you doing un?!" He demanded breathlessly.

"Remember I talked about a surprise Dei?" He whispered seductively before he took the now-wilted member into his mouth.

"Wh-AH!!" Deidara asked, a moan cutting him off as he bucked his hips. "St-Stop uh-nn! Sto-Ahhh!" Deidara now had his hands embedded into the red hair as he sat, moaning out. "D-Dammit! St…Stop please!" Deidara fought for control over his body as the man slid his tongue over his erection, lighting suckling on the tip. Nails dug deeper into the puppet's scalp, fingers clasping hair. Tug in opposing directions were issued, one pulled away, the other pushing down. The indecision flowed though Deidara as his mind fought his body. "Ahh! St-Stop unn!" He panted, eyes screwed shut. Another tug up… another push down. These increased the pleasure. Tears escaped his eyes, regardless pf the unwanted attention to his member. Deidara tried to squirm out of the rapist's reach, but only succeeded in pleasing his body's desires, and combined with his hands ; it did not help removing the puppet from him. "St-op!" He screamed, tears streaming down his face. The tongue ran over his member again, a loud grunt escaping his mouth. Deidara bit his lip, trying to stop any sounds, but did not succeed. "Sh-Shit!" He screamed before reclosing those f eyes of his, moaning loudly as he came into his rapist's mouth.

Deidara opened his eyes to see the red-haired one licking his slips and seemingly pleased at the taste. A low hum of approval escaped the chest – if it was actually a chest - at the taste.

Deidara's eyes then began to droop as his breathing regulated into deep breaths. He felt a pat on his head and the voice of his rapist. "You did good Dei…"

A few breaths later and Deidara responded to the retreating from of the living-puppet. "Why… Why do you do this… there certainly are other methods hmmm?" Deidara oddly felt at ease as he spoke to the unnamed one, like he was an old friend. 'Must be the post-orgasm…'He thought to himself, the words humouring him in a strange yet sick manner.

"But this way works quite well doesn't it?" A small chuckle parted the sentences, "And it is more fun this way; at least for me." The chuckle continued as his form faded away, and blackness overcame the blond's vision.