Celibia get up you lazy boy yelled my friend arew. what I said. Its time for school sheesh what would you do without a girl like me to keep you organized said arew. I don't know I replied. Ok so we went into the big town to school. We lived a small mideval town called unbursg. Alright todays lesson is the dragon knight a knight so fierce kingdoms would cry at the sight of one because of his power said mrs. Oke. Ummm is there one today said agnorak a tall dark haired boy who was probably 15. no he died 17 years ago in a firestorm caused by an evil wizard said mrs. Oke. Ok said agnorak. So that day after class I went to my battle trainer but I only had a wooden sword and my grandpa wanted me to be a soldier but I just want to help people. Ok try a horizontal strike said samasaburo. Ok I said striking a nearby scarecrow. Very good but I have a quest for you can you deliever this steel plate helm to migi downtown said samasaburo. Can do I said. And I handed migi his package and returned early enough to hide in the bushes and see samasaburo talking to a knight in red armour that rocked. So your the next dragon knight or are the rumors all lies said samasaburo. I am indeed the knight said the stranger. Show me your true strength said samasaburo.