I have fallen into a cycle never ending

I dare hope you will not tear my world apart

If I had the powers to impress you

I'd use them all to win your heart

Yet in fate's mirrors I see only my reflection

You are never there by my side

And if only you'd let me bare my soul to you

There would be nothing I would hide

These words of love are not merely hollowed echoes

They are the cries of a soul lost in the dark

Won't you shine your light on me and save me

My Aphrodite, my Joan of Arch

This may seem the silliest of fixtures

A fool's game of cat-and-mouse

I know that I do not deserve you

But I cannot control the love that you arouse

Forgive me, my dear Sonya

If in vainly I have troubled your gentle heart

But I simply had to write this letter

For I have loved you from the start