Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer, who makes it difficult for girls to find a boyfriend, since none compare to The Edward Cullen.

Overview: This chapter is set a month after Bella becomes a vampire. Edward thinks nothing will be different about Bella, but we all know how very wrong he is…

Chapter 1: One Month

My eyes could be just as hard as his. I stared into them, but his stern and mad as hell fury, made me look over to Alice, my eyes changing from mad to pleading; she picked up on the cue.

"Edward," Alice started, "it will only be for a few hours. Bella deserves to have some fun!" She smiled warmly at him, bouncing from one foot to the other, obviously trying to channel Jasper and send some of her excitement his way. Edward growled, his nostrils flaring. Dressed in dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt, hugging his sculpted body, he looked too much like a god to be this hellishly mad. He was mad at Alice, but he was looking straight at me, his gaze burning my forehead, knowing I was the reason Alice was asking to let me leave the house. Carlisle walked out of his office and into the hallway, having heard Edward and being the only one to be able to calm him down, seeing as I was the one who made him mad in the first place. I had already tried calming him down, explaining the situation, but I had only made matters worse. At this given moment, Edward looked like the vampire he truly was.

"Edward?" Carlisle asked, looking at him, asking for an explanation of what was going on.

Edward refused to take his smoldering eyes off of me for a second, afraid I would make a run for it. I probably would have, just to get away from the heat and intensity of his stare. "Bella and Alice think it would be a fun idea to go shopping," he spoke through gritted teeth, saying the word fun as if it had the same connotation as whore.

Carlisle looked over at me, confused. "Bella?" he questioned, sternly. "You hate shopping?"

I leaned my head back, looking at the ceiling, trying to collect my thoughts and form them into a coherent sentence. Of course I hated shopping, but that was the only way to get at least one vampire on my side. It had been a month and I was still stuck in our house in northern New York. After the move to Alaska, and Emmett's complaints about how cold the warm-blooded animals' blood was, and then Rosalie and Alice's depression over the limited shopping choice, Esme became concerned. Always the mother, she wanted all of her children to be happy, and thought a move into a northern, forested area of New York would offer the best of both worlds. Alice and Rosalie had access to New York City in less than twenty minutes (in vampire speed of course) and they never went without bringing me along, torturing me to no end. Emmett was satisfied with the array of hunting choices he had to select from, once mockingly referring to them as a "buffet." Esme and Carlisle were happy as long as everyone else was happy, and Edward just wanted to be with his family and me. But apparently what I wanted did not matter, because more than anything else, I wanted out of this house! The minute I had told Alice of the plan to go out for a day, she was weary, afraid of Edward's reaction, but the second I said shopping, Alice was totally for it, taking my side, and now helping me to try and convince Edward of it--by far the most difficult thing I have ever tried to do.

"Am I wrong, Bella?" Carlisle asked, bringing me out of my daze.

I shook my head. "Becoming a vampire, changed my view on shopping," I replied simply.

Edward laughed menacingly. "Bella, becoming a vampire hasn't helped your ability to lie, so don't try. I see right through you, I know you too well."

"If what you're wanting is to get out of the house, then I'm going to have to agree with Edward here. You just aren't ready." My shoulders slumped in defeat. Everyone looked at Carlisle like a father; what he said, went. I tried to stomp past Edward and Carlisle, into the room I shared with my husband, whom at the moment I was furious at.

"Bella," Edward said, grabbing me, and looking at me sternly.

I wrenched myself out of his grasp. "I'm not leaving the house, okay?" When I said that he smiled. How I wanted to wipe that smug look off his face. He seemed to calm down; at least enough so he didn't look like he was going to kill Alice for helping me scheme this.

"That's all I ask, honey," he said softly.

I turned back towards Alice, who looked as if someone announced that Chanel was closing down. I don't think she was sad over the fact that I would be held prisoner for who knows how much longer, but merely the fact that she couldn't play house with me. Ever since I met Edward, Alice had been having visions of us getting married, and of him changing me to be his equal. To elaborate on these visions of hers, Alice wanted to act like I was Barbie and Edward was Ken. Edward would never let Alice pick out his clothes, and no matter how much she persisted, Alice was afraid of Edward's temper. Unfortunately, she wasn't afraid of mine, and I always got dragged around, getting my make-up done, hair styled, dressed in designer clothes that cost more than I would like to dream of, and told what to say and how to act. Alice was trying to make me into her mini-me, and as much as Edward and I loved her, he had no tolerance for it whatsoever, and I simply didn't want to be dolled up. I could tell that Alice was going to try and argue with Edward, the only one in the family brave enough to try, but he cut her off before she had a chance to open her perfectly shaped, light pink lips.

"Alice!" Edward growled, turning his attention away from me and glaring at his pixie-haired sister. He must have heard her thoughts, because as soon as he yelled at her, her mouth closed, no longer trying to help my case.

"Sorry, Bella," Alice shrugged. "You know how Edward can be a little overprotective." These last words were directed straight towards her brother. When Alice didn't get her way, there was hell to pay. In my case, she wouldn't dare of getting pay back on Edward, so anything that he refused her of, I got the punishment for.

Ever since I met Edward, his family told me about how his once disinterest for life, turned into a reason to live, his lips that were always a line, now formed a half-circle, his lifeless eyes, now always alive. They said I was the reason for this, that they had me to thank. Now they all wanted to kill me. Ever since I had been changed, Edward became worse. I was hardly ever out of his sight. One laugh at me, even towards me, or a sly comment, was met with the hell and fury that was Edward's wrath. Everyone tried to stop thinking, especially Emmett, afraid his thoughts might tick off Edward. Sadly, there was nothing I could do to ease his tension. He still thought that I regretted my decision. As I looked up into his eyes, I saw them flicker, immediately changing to a dark black, his hands balled up into fists. He slowly turned around, facing Alice.

"Leave, Alice. Now!" Edward barreled, his eyes straining against his anger.

"Edward," I turned towards him, my voice more gentle, "I'm not leaving, so stop yelling at Alice. It was my idea to begin with."

He sighed. "I'm letting it go for now, Bella, but I will have a talk with her later." He stared straight at Alice, targeting her with his eyes, letting her know to never, ever try a stunt like this again. He turned his attention back towards me and continued. "What Alice should have done was come and get me so that I don't have to find out that my wife is sneaking out on me." This last sentence had implications all over it, his stance enforcing the information, and his eyes drilling it into my brain.

"You know Alice can't say no to shopping," I said, nudging him, trying to lighten the mood, not really wanting to deal with whatever punishment I would receive. A faint smile reached across his face, stretching, almost yearning to go farther, but the grim circumstances allowed it to only slightly curl his lips.

"Bella," he finally spoke, "why do you always have to be so persistent?"

He was still upset, I could tell that much. "If you weren't so stubborn-" I started, before he cut me off.

"Bella, listen to me. We all went through this. It's hard to resist human blood. Why do you think you will be any different?"

"I would know the answer to that if you let me out of the house for a change." I looked down to the floor, biting my bottom lip, lifting my eyes up through my lashes, blinking innocently and seductively at the same time.

"Bella," he warned. Even though I was unbreakable, Edward somehow reasoned with himself that because he was a man and I was a woman, I was still too fragile. I laughed when he had told me that, but he was serious.

"Edward," I persisted, this time licking my lips and pouting.

Edward shook his head back and forth. He once told me it was hard for him to say no to me, when I gave him that look. I knew I was close, so I snuggled up to him, running my finger up and down the contour of his god-like face. I made sure that my breath lingered by his throat.

"God Bella," he half-whispered, half-moaned.

"Yes, Edward?" I asked, playing innocent.

He ran a large, rough hand over his face, trying to clear his mind. I knew what he was doing. Soon, he would be un-dazzled. I leaned up on my toes, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Edward," I crooned.

"Hmmm?" he breathed, raggedly.

"Can you help me with something?" I was face to face with him now, being held up in his strong arms. I put my face as close to his as possible, without actually touching it.

"Whatever you want Bella, you know that."

"Can you help me pick out a new car?"

His head snapped up, his eyes narrowing to slits, settling me back on the ground. Damn! I knew I had taken it too far. I was hoping that he would take me to a car dealership. Once there, I would never let him buy me a car, but I would be able to prove that I could be around humans, and then he had to take me other places.

"I'm not falling for it, Bella." He walked past me, into our room, and over to the large window in the seating area.

I sighed, giving into him. "Fine!" I muttered. As stubborn as I was, he was worse, especially when it came to my safety.

The next morning, I found myself flying into the bathroom. I was nowhere as fast as the rest of the family, which surprised Carlisle, since he thought I would be stronger and faster than all of them at this stage of being a newborn. He was still waiting for my powers to show up, almost positive I would have some.

I leaned over the toilet and began throwing up. I turned around to a booming laughter.

"Howdy, shrimp!"

I whipped my head around. Emmett. For a second I was relieved, glad Edward wasn't here to see my throwing up. One, it was embarrassing. Two, he would be watching me like ten hawks, instead of five, since he thought I might be sick, even though, I couldn't get sick. And three, I was afraid for Emmett, with the nickname he had used for me. Of course it was innocent, but in Edward's eyes it would be an insult. But then as I thought about it, I wondered why Emmett was in Edward and mine's bathroom.

I walked over to the sink, turning on the faucet, and gurgling water through my mouth, spitting it out, and grabbing a towel to wipe my face.

"Emmett." I went over to hug him. I laughed as he picked me up and twirled me around. "What are you doing here?" I managed to squeal out.

"Rose was beautifying herself in our bathroom, and threatened me if I took a peak. But I just got back from hunting, and need a shower."

"Oh, yeah sure. I'll get out of your way."

As I went to walk out of our bathroom, which was the size of a four-car garage, I bumped into Edward.

"Bella?" he asked, peaking into the bathroom behind me. I smiled up at him, and kissed his chest.

"Yes, Edward?"

"Is everything okay?"

Emmett let out a huge howl, and started speaking to Edward, when I whipped around and glared at him. I begged him with my eyes to block his thoughts. Edward felt me tense and turned me back around to him.

"What went on in here?"

"Nothing, Edward."

Edward moved his way past me. "Emmett?" He was glaring at him. Emmett was taller and more muscular than Edward, but Edward had a temper that could turn murderous.

Emmett looked my way, apologizing with his eyes. I rolled my eyes. I was the only who Edward never got angry at. I did cause him to stress and get upset, or so he told me, but it was never to the extent that he allowed himself to get around the rest of the family.

Emmett just repeated what he told me about needing to take a shower, but instead of leaving it at that, told Edward I had thrown up. I walked out of the bathroom, over to the couch and sat down, knowing Edward would have me there in a second anyways.

Edward rushed over to me. "Bella, did you eat any human food?"

I shook my head. Immediately he grabbed me in his arms and called for Carlisle to meet us in his office. When all three of us were seated, me on Edward's lap with his arms around my waist and my head leaning into "my spot" as we called it, in between his neck and head, Edward explained what happened to Carlisle, grabbing the memory from Emmett's mind.

Carlisle looked at me and then back at Edward, smiling. "It's rare," he started, then paused, his eyes shooting up incredulously. "In fact," he continued," I don't think I've ever seen it happen, but Bella, I think we have just discovered your power."

I knew Edward was rolling his eyes. "Carlisle, we can deal with her power later, right now we—" he stopped suddenly, obviously reading Carlisle's mind. His grasp tightened around me, kissing me all over, his body shacking with joy and pure and utter happiness.

"What is it Carlisle?" I pressed. I hated being out of the loop and I hadn't seen Edward that happy since our marriage.

"You're-" but before he could finish Alice came bursting into the room screaming, lifting me up.

"It's twins, Bella!" She screamed jumping up and down.

I looked at everyone in the room, my eyes and smile widening in shock, surprise, and then finally happiness.

I was a vampire and I was pregnant.