Avatar: Bender's Tale

Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar or Futurama. Duh!

I was looking through some Avatar fan art one day and I saw a picture of the Gaang talking to Bender from Futurama. In the picture the Gaang was debating on whether or not Bender could teach Aang anything about bending. Bender said that for five hundred bucks he'd teach Aang how to bend puppies. Maybe I'm a little sick, but I thought this was hilarious. So I got to thinking about what it would be like if Bender was in an episode of Avatar. The following were some of the ideas that popped into my head. Please R&R. Short ideas about benders dialog would be appreciated. P.S. This takes place during season 1 between The Fortuneteller and The Water Bending Master. The only paring I'm planning on is some Zatara near the end.

Chapter 1: A Falling Star

It was late at night. Aang, Katara and Sokka were lying on the ground looking up at the stars when they noticed that one of the stars seamed to be getting closer to them. Closer and closer it came until it passed right over their heads that and smashed into a nearby small hill.

Aang "Cool! A falling star. Let's go check it out."

Sokka "Did anyone else hear something as it passed by?"

Katara "Yeah. What was that?"

Sokka "It sounded like it was saying 'Ass'."

Katara "Sokka! You shouldn't talk like that."

"But I was just repeating what the star said."

"Right, I'm sure the star can talk, and it likes to swear."

Aang "Come on everybody, lets go."

The group go to were the star crashed. There is a flaming trail leading into the ground and a figure resembling a man crawls out of the crater.

Katara "O my word. It wasn't a star it was a person."

Sokka "Don't be silly no person could have survived that. Which means that it must be a ghost. Ahhhhhhhh!"

The figure stands up and says, "Hello losers. It's me, Bender. I'm the galaxies greatest bender and I'm here to wow you meatbags with my awesomeness."

Cue the Futurama theme. (What? You didn't think that Bender could be in an episode of Avatar did you? The censures would never allow it. But the Avatar world in an episode of Futurama is totally do-able.)

Sokka "So you're the greatest bender?"


Aang "Great there's so much I can learn from you. What element do you bend?"

"Mostly derivatives of Fe and C."

Katara "What?"

"Fe and C. You know, steel."

Aang has a big look of admiration on his face. "So you're a metal bender. That's so cool. I can tell that I'm going to learn a lot from you."

Bender pulls out a cigar and starts smoking it. He pulls Aang in and says, "Stick with me kid and I'll teach you how to bend all sorts of stuff: laws, rules, people."

Katara "I don't think that Aang should learn to bend any of those things."

"Yeah? Well you can Bite My Shinny Metal Ass."

Sokka "You can't talk to my sister like that!"

Bender turns to Aang and says, "Lesson number one kid. Don't let any jerks tell you what you can and can't do." Bender blows a puff of smoke in Sokka's face. "Watch carefully Mac." Then turns back to Katara and says, "Bite My Shinny Metal Ass."

"That does it. Come on Sokka and Aang, were leaving this Bender were he is."

The other two follow Katara a short distance. Bender starts yelling, "Fine, I don't need you! I'll start my own group! With Blackjack and Hookers. In fact, forget the Blackjack."

Once Sokka, Aang and Katara are a short distance away, Aang turns to Katara. "I don't know, Katara. I think we hurt his feelings, and I really need to learn more about bending. If he can teach me I think we should let him come with us."

Katara "Aang, He's not a good influence."

"I know. But I need the training."

"Okay." the three turn around and walk back to Bender.

"I knew you guys would be back. People just can't stand being away from the Bender."

Katara ignores the robot's rudeness and politely introduces herself. "I'm Katara."

"Yeah, Good for you." The others introduce them selves and get their own versions of the same response. Then the whole group pile on Aapa and head to town to pick up some supplies.