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Jack popped his head into Cam's office, "Got antihistamine?"

"Why?" she asked.

To answer, Jack pulled Zach into the room by the arm. His shoulders were hunched up and he was wincing badly.

Cam sighed, dropping the papers she was reading, "What happened?"

"Just a little accident," Jack dismissed her worry. Zach held his shoulder awkwardly.

"The wasp escaped," he told her.

"WHAT!" Cam got up. The wasp they were talking about had been found in an experiment lab belonging to Dr. Ben Fox, an entomologist by profession. Among other bizarre features, the wasp was bright magenta and had a wingspan double that of a regular wasp.

"Don't worry. We caught him. It's just that Zach got caught in the crossfire." Jack reassured her.

Cam was already searching for the Benadryl from her desk, "I can't believe you two. I told you to keep that thing in it's cage at all times! No touching! And look what you let happen!"

"I had nothing to do with it," Zach said, confused as Cam angrily started popping the buttons on his shirt open.

"I had a feeling. Jack is the one who can't control himself when it comes to anything that has a thorax, turn around. Zach. Jack, you need to..."

She stopped.

Her hand was poised right over the red spot on Zach's back, but her mind was somewhere else entirely. Like his shoulders, and the pattern of freckles on them. Her eyes moved down his back. He had a nice back, she decided. She looked up at the soft hair curling at the base of his neck. She looked at his arms, and the slight muscles that played over them.

She shook out of it when Zach cleared his throat.

"Here," she rubbed the Benadryl on Zach's back with the tips of her fingers, "Now you two just go do your job and read Dr. Fox's notes."

"That is what started everything," Zach complained, "Is fever a side effect of wasp stings?"

"No," said Jack.

"I feel a little..." he didn't get any further. His eyes rolled into his head and slumped to the ground in a faint.

"You see what you did!" Cam shouted at Jack, "We have no idea what this wasp is and you let it sting Zach! He could have really deadly symptoms and we have no idea what to do!"

"Were you just checking him out?" Jack asked.

"NO!" Cam shouted in her defense, "Go call and ambulance!"

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