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Pros and Cons

By squishy the jellyfish

Ryoma loves the way Tezuka-buchou's glasses gleam when he's mad.

He loves the way Tezuka-buchou plays tennis against him.

He loves it when Tezuka-buchou kisses him.

He loves it when he and buchou talk whilst he sits on buchou's lap.

He loves it when buchou persists in ravishing him.

He especially loves it when Tezuka-buchou is too exhausted to put up a fight in bed and allows Ryoma to be seme.

He loves it when afterwards Tezuka-buchou wakes up groggy, grumpy and complains about how much his ass hurts.

But there are a few things Ryoma doesn't like.

He doesn't like it when Eiji-senpai and Momo-senpai tease him about his buchou.

He doesn't like it when Oishi-senpai worries about how young Ryoma is to be doing…such antics in bed.

He doesn't like it when Fuji-senpai insists on taking 'special' pictures of him and buchou, whether it be when they're making out or in an intimate position.

And he especially hates it, when his father calls him a girl in front of Tezuka-buchou, because then buchou gets arrogant (that's what Ryoma insists on calling it) and then becomes adamant in getting the upper hand in bed, and then…

…Ryoma thinks his father is an idiot.

He makes a mental note to throttle him later as he snuggles into hisbuchou's warmth.

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