Chapter 1/ Introduction

Okay what happens when you know that he is the enemy but sometimes you can't fight it. Being in love is great and all. Okay I'm all for it but what happens when its that wrong person. You are the last one left. Your destiny is to fight but what if you found another destiny but to win you must fight and fight with honor. You do not ,I repeat, you don't go and talk with the enemy and have a peasant conversation and not be tempted to kill them when you know that you must and to make the situation worst you find out that its the leader of the race that you were told to hate and just kill them. Just kill them. Stake them shoot them and punch, kick and scream until you are the only one left standing.

I could not do it. Why, why, why, why, why, why,. Okay I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Here is the lowdown. I'm sixteen my name is Serenity Shiva but most call me Serena. I live a normal life and try to get on with it .I have few friends and I go to school and being a teenage, I sneak into nightclubs. I do everything that a sixteen year old would do but you want to know what makes me different from all the others. I hunt vampires. Look people you may think that this is stuff in your dreams and horror movies but no. It's not. Never believe what the tell you. It is just a cover up.

I have fought these things since I was a child. I had a legacy to carry on. My family was sweet and kind. Or so I have been told. I have very few memories of my past. All I do know is, I escaped when I was five. I was found alone but that changed. I was taken in by an old couple who seemed normal but never judge a book by its cover. They told me they knew I was different. They said that when they wanted to adopted they just wanted a child but instead they got a new daughter and a new hunter. They apparently had been old trainers who knew or had some kind of involvement with the VHC(vampire hunter community) and with their help, I became the last survivor of this lost community.

But even with all the training and all the knowledge that I knew, I never had it in my mind for what had happened to happen. . I guess something's can not be taught. It must be done in the field. In the night. In a fight. But after all, I had trained and study and all them vampires that I killed didn't seem to effects me until I meet him.

It all started...........................................................

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