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Author's Note: Another random KabuSaku one-shot coming from the obsessed fan!

Healing Warmth


Sakura moaned as her weak, emerald eyes slowly opened and the feeling coming back to her body. 'Where am I?' she thought, her hands gripping the fabric beneath her, 'Bedsheets...? I'm on someone's bed?'

She heard someone come in and tried to sit up, finding herself without the energy to do so. "I wouldn't try to move yet. You did obtain some very serious injuries. I was surprised that you weren't dead when I found you," a familiar male voice said, approaching softly towards the bedside. She turned her head, eyes meeting onyx that was hiding behind glass.


"It's good to actually see you awake, Sakura."

"You...saved me...?" she asked softly, voice very faint to find. He didn't say anything as he sat down on the bed, holding a bowl of soup in his hand. Gently as he could, he lifted her head up enough to where she wouldn't have a problem swallowing and brought the spoon to her lips. "It's going to still be a little hot," he said as she took in the spoonful.

"It's good..."

"At least I know you're able to eat something. You had a nasty gash on your stomach. A katana wound?"

"No...kunai wave."

"I see."

Silence took over the room as he continued to feed her until she gave a signal to stop. He gently let her head back down to rest on the pillow and put the soup to the side. "I'll bring some more later. Right now, I think getting some more rest will be good for you," he said, brushing some hair from her eyes.

She looked at him for a moment before shutting her eyes, finding herself soon drifted off into slumber. He sighed and stood up from the bed, bringing the bowl with him.

When she woke up again, she found him by her side, removing a washcloth he placed on her forehead. "Awake?" he asked, almost making it seem like a statement, "You were running a little fever. Might be getting sick; you were out in the rain for awhile, I can assume." Sakura lightly nodded her head, trying her best to move again. His arms stopped her, "Don't try yet. You need to give your body at least a day to try and recuperate before trying to sit or stand up."

"A day...?"


Sakura's lips formed a frown, "Then I'm stuck here." He was silent at that; he knew that she wanted to be at home, not in the lair of the snake Sannin and in the care of him. However, as a medic herself, she knew that what he was saying was the best for her, as much as she hated it. "Do you want to try eating again?" he asked, letting her go. She nodded slightly, watching him turn to grab the bowl. "It's a little warm now; I've had it sit here since I came in to check on you," he said, lifting her head up and bringing the spoon to her lips.

When he wasn't in the room, she tried her best to move, trying to get some feeling going through her. Gently she lifted one of her arms, able to bring it up off the bed an inch before cringing in pain and bringing it back down to the bed in a thump. She tried to move one of her legs next, only to find herself moaning with pain as she did. 'At least I got some feeling in my body, although it hurts like freaking hell,' she thought, closing her eyes as the pain subsided. She tried it again with the other limbs, letting the pain go through in between each try. 'It's not much, but at least it's something,' she thought, moving her head to look outside. She discovered quickly that it was night and she sighed, 'I bet Tsunade-sama and Naruto are waiting for me. Sorry guys...'

"In pain?"

Sakura's head turned around as quick as she could muster to face Kabuto, leaned up against the wall with arms crossed over his chest, "I told you shouldn't move, but it looks like you're recovering faster than I thought."

"How long were you standing there?"

"Enough to see you move your first leg. Are you still hurting?"

"A little, but it's because I moved my legs. The wound on my stomach...it still hurts."

"Not surprising."

He approached her bedside and sat down, placing a hand on her stomach and sent a small wave of chakra through. She instantly felt the pain dull and relaxed, smiling ever slightly as she did. "Thank you," she replied, getting a grunt in return. He removed his hand from her stomach and placed it on her forehead, "You're a little warm still. A dull fever; you can sweat it out." She nodded a little as he hand retreated.

"Kabuto...why are you helping me? We're supposed to be enemies...aren't we?"

He was silent, staring at the emerald eyes that questioned him. He smirked and shrugged his shoulders, "I haven't lost a patient yet, and I rather not start now." The answer threw Sakura off, not expecting the reasoning he gave her. "A...patient?" she asked.

"Medics are obliged to help anyone in need of medical help, allies or enemies. I thought you would've known that."

"I do, but...heh, I've never had to be a patient before."

Kabuto chuckled at that, then looked up and stared out the window. "You should get more sleep. Tomorrow morning, we'll trying walking around, but only in here. So far, no one has caught on that you're here and I rather have it kept that way," he said. Sakura nodded her head and turned to stare up at the ceiling.

"I'll be over in the chair. If you need something, just let me know."

"All right."

Sakura closed her eyes, "Good night then...Kabuto." "Good night, Sakura," he replied, sitting down in said chair.

She woke up in a cold sweat, her reaction to sitting up met with pain. She winced and moaned at the pain, grabbing her side and falling back on the bed with a released gasp. 'A nightmare...just a nightmare,' she thought, closing her eyes as the pain rushed through.

She suddenly felt a warm feeling through her abdomen, relieving her of the pain. She let out a sigh of relief and opened her eyes to see a bit of silver and violet, thanks to the bit of moonlight coming through the window.

"Are you all right?"


"A nightmare?"


She closed her eyes again, a small smile forming as she enjoyed the warmth of his healing chakra. "It feels...better," she said, almost hating herself for saying it as he pulled his hand away. "That's good. Now go back to sleep," he said, walking away from the bedside.

He felt a hand grasp his, making him turn around to see a pair of half-lidded emerald eyes staring at him. "Yes?" he asked, sitting down on the edge of the bed. "It's...cold," she said, giving his hand a small squeeze. He stared at her for a moment before he sighed and released her hand, "All right."

He muttered something that Sakura didn't catch as he stood up and walked away from the bed, going to a closet on the opposite wall. He turned around with a blanket in his hand and approached the bed again, covering her with the blanket before laying down beside her.

"Warm now?"


"Good. Now go to sleep."

She stared at him as he closed his eyes, muttering something that she didn't catch again before she closed hers again.

She felt warmth take over as she fell into slumber.

She didn't know it was the warmth of his healing touches seeping through, or see the smirk that was graced across his lips as she slept.

"Good night, blossom."

I know it ended abruptly, but this was really just a random thing that popped out of my head, and sadly the thought ended at that point. Maybe at another time I'll make this a two-shot and continue things from here, but for now this is the end. Currently I have two other stories going on that I need to finish first. XD