THIS IS IMPORTANT!! (it won't take too long, I promise)

Firstly, I SWEAR I'm NOT slacking off. Before I say anything else…



Okay, the thing is, as many people already know… Itachi is (was) not evil. Everything he did supposedly was for his little brother, a.k.a chicken butt, Sasuke. So… this new development completely messed up all the fan fictions. Now all the OOC Itachi will become not OOC and all the previously IN CHARACTER Itachi will become NOT in character. I know I should not mind it this much but I can't help it… I couldn't bring myself to continue this story if Itachi is going to be OOC and all readers hate it, HOWEVER I WILL CONTINUE the story as planned if you (the readers) want it that way:


1) Have Itachi be like the one in the manga (cold and uncaring on the outside but deeply cares for Sasuke, and possibly Sakura)

2) Have Itachi continue be the evil insane that he was in the first chapter.

Thankfully, I only did one chapter, so the story is still very flexible and can bend either way. If the votes are more towards the 1st choice then I might even edit some small parts in the first chapter to make it seem that Itachi truly cared about Sasuke. I also want to mention that no matter what the result is I'll be happy to write the story. Both option have a certain charm to them.


I made a poll on my profile, go there. Please don't put it in the reviews because it'll be hard for me to count them, thanks.

(Trust me, I hardly gave away any of my personal feelings in this matter, because if I did… let's just say it will make any research papers look like a cakewalk.)

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP! (I'm actually really curious at how this will turn out...)


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