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Chapter 1- Where it All Started

A long time ago, I told myself that I was going to be more open. Not just to myself, but just people in general. But as a person who liked keeping my feelings bottled up, the cork waxed to perfection and thrown out to some unwritten ocean…I had the hardest time salvaging enough to tell people my innermost feelings.

School was supposed to be the place where I could congregate with all those other introverted people I was friends with. That's what shy people do, right? Attract other shy and deathly quiet people who are hesitant to voice their truest desires?

The truth was, I felt like school was an excuse where I could meet up with people I genuinely cared about but also the place where other people I didn't care too much about congregated like unwanted slugs in a strawberry garden. Wait, did this analogy turn my best friends into strawberries?

Anyway…what else can I say? Classes were great, but sometimes the students were not that great. A student in a classroom would be more lethargic than a drugged sloth. I'm not even kidding (which is kind of sad if you think about it). Of course, I was never one to truly voice these opinions to anyone. That's how it has always been for me.

Even to my friends, I had the hardest time saying what I truly wanted. Complaints? I was fine with that. It wasn't exactly unheard of to complain in a high school. The classes, the homework, the students, or the faculty- take your pick. It didn't really matter. You could even get personal and start complaining about family too. But those kinds of subjects were usually reserved for close friends.

Today, however, was not the day to speak of personal things. Today, during our break between classes, we were going to talk about other things (though they were personal in nature). When it came to these things, I lost all sense of decency. Though it wasn't the bottle of my inner feelings that let out, it was jug full of rampant fangirlish emotions that threatened to overflow.

We were shameless. Seriously. Screw the people who gave us weird side glances! I thought to myself as I took my two friends into my confidence. What we were about to discuss was important.

"Did you see the trailer for it?!" It was an important trailer. No one could deny that. I couldn't deny it.

She replied with a huge smile of excitement. Both of us now looked as though we were prepared to jump up and down continuously, ignoring the confused and annoyed stares of the people around us. "OF COURSE!" It was the correct answer that clicked perfectly with the gears to break open the door that was holding back the obvious excitement. Poor bystanders.

"I want to play it so bad." I whispered and a hopeless whine escaped as I mood-swinged into utter disappointment. I felt as though I was sabotaging myself from getting myself excited over a game I couldn't have. Probably never in my life time. The thought brought me to despair. I was dramatic.

Wanting something is often made nearly impossible by two things: lack of time and money. I was not lacking in time. I was more than willing to sacrifice less important things (like homework) to play games. However, when it came to money…that was another matter entirely. Buying the game seemed impossible. I was a 15 year old teenage girl with no job, still dependent on her parent's money. And on top of purchasing the game, I also had to buy the game system. With those two gems stacked on my high pedestals of wants, I was put with the obstacle of such a high price that threatened to crush my dream into the ground.

There was also the matter of my conscience. Even if by some awesome miracle, my parents agree to the request, I would not live with myself over the fact that I had made them pay such a sultry amount. It would make me feel unbelievably atrocious and worse yet: spoiled. I really despised people like that and would have hated to become one of them. Aside from that my parents' funds were limited as it was. TV was being threatened in my household and one day we may have to give it up.

"I know what you're going through. Might be a while before we can get the game too." Kristina patted me on the back with a sympathetic smile. When she said "we", she was speaking on her and her brother who was the main game controller holder of the family. They had a close knit relationship that was bonded and poured over with the love of video games.

This was a bond I similarly shared with my own brother. He and I would never play a game without the other in attendance. It was a sacred pact that would have been written in blood if I wasn't so terrified of cutting myself.

Heather was sitting there, taking in our exchange with a methodical silence. It was an act most serial killers would do before they went in for the kill. She had no idea what we were talking about. My thoughts were confirmed further when she said: "I have no idea what you guys are talking about."

"Yeah, I thought so." The only people, I thought, who wouldn't want the game would be people who didn't know what in the heck it was. That was the only sensible thing. To me, the game was absolutely absolving to me as the sun was to the sky and earth. It was something that threatened to take over my life- and I was more than willing to allow it to do so. Perhaps this was how people felt before they tried meth for the first time, clearly aware of the upcoming and deadly dependence that followed.

Our barely started conversation was not important enough for the bell the die. It interrupted us as we started to speak once more and I glared in direction of the bothersome sound. "Darn you bell!" I shook my fist at it and turned to Kristina and Heather. "I'll have my revenge one day." I promised them.

"Of course you will." Heather said, being suspiciously sarcastic.

"Okay, Heather. You just lost your living privileges!" I screeched as I pounced at her. She dodged me right on time. Darn it.

"I'll see you guys later." With that, she disappeared. She was right to run.

And with a close hug from Kristina and some comforting words, I was standing in the hallway by myself. I sighed and strode to my 3rd period class, only a few seconds from where we were talking. I was not looking forward to class at all as I was fully aware that I was returning to mediocrity and a strong lack of enthusiasm.

I need to insist that I do not harbor any hate any for my classmates. The only issue is that their only outlook of me are mostly assumptions. I can only put on a façade that is socially acceptable, feeling as though my true self will never be able to emerge. I looked at my planner filled with doodles and song lyrics and was filled with a sense of wanting that I felt would never be filled. My life was going to be filled with disappointments…made true only because of my own lack of inaction. Everything passed me in a blur and only chose to slow down when my friends were involved. By the end of the day, I declared that my classes were uneventful and I was glad for the fact that when I was going to get home, I'd at least get the house to myself for a while.

The cement had pounded back against the soles of my feet with more force than usual. I did not feel like standing at all and slumped towards the coach. My backpack lay about somewhere reasonably close to the couch. Maybe.

Right now, I really couldn't care about anything that happened at school that was school related. I realize how ironic that must be, but when I'm at home I really can't give a crap about anything that causes my brain to function too much. Home is my sanctuary.

It's basically the place I can count on being lazy to a large degree. Especially right at this moment when no one else was home but me.

I curled up in the couch and faced into the seat. I was waiting for my brother to come home until I actually did anything particularly action oriented.

My brother, Ryan, was two years older than me but even though we had our moments, we were close. I did everything with him. We shared a liking of games and movies and would geek out while our younger sister rolled her eyes at us.

My younger sister, Isabelle, was still in school. She was also 4 years younger than me. The youngest…and also the most spoiled of our family. She was also cunning. I was sure that her being aware of her being spoiled and using it to her advantage would not bode well in the future.

It was then that I realized that it was Friday.

It was now officially the weekend and there was absolutely NOTHING to do. And when I say "nothing" I mean the "sit on your butt and watch pointless TV shows" nothing. Well, it was either that or watching the blank screen…

I heard the garage door open and I took mental note that my brother was home. I forced myself to get up from the couch and tried to look like I wasn't just waiting pathetically for him to get home. "Hey!" I called out just as he came in the door.

My brother and I looked similar to each other, sharing the some of the same facial features. We were kind of tan, though not anywhere close to being "olive colored" or "dark". If I were to describe our skin, it'd be like coffee mixed with a bit of cream. We also shared the same dark brown eyes and dark blackish hair. It was like looking at an older boy version of myself sometimes- I almost find it creepy.

"Hey there!" He was always quite chipper. "Have any plans for the weekend?"

"Not really." I replied, thoroughly regretting that I couldn't say otherwise. I sometimes wished I could hang out with my friends more but felt too limited by lack of transportation. And I never really wanted to ask my brother to be my personal chauffer.

"Well, mom and dad just called me before I got home and told me they're out shopping and will probably drop by our aunt's house later." I calculated that this would probably give us numerous hours without parental guidance. Sweet.

But what were we going to do? We played all the games we had already. We only had a PS2…Being obsolete was kind of grating on my nerves.

My first reaction to my boredom was to eat something. Anything that tasted salty or sweet and good. This was a horrible habit at which was only kept in check by me going to swim club and working out there. I needed a distraction and the one I decided on was TV.

It didn't take long for two pairs of eyeballs to fall under the spell of the glaring screen. I wondered inwardly how people looked when they watched TV. Did we look blank faced and zoned out when watching something absolutely insignificant?

It wasn't long before the hours passed by in what seemed to be a blur. I realized I had gotten a bowl of the "snack that smiles back" goldfish and seriously wanted to punch myself in the gut if it didn't mean I would probably throw up.

One day, I was going to wake up with food in my bed. Fat. With a lot of cats surrounding me. I just know it. (I'm not sure about the bit about the cats being all that relevant, but it seems to fit in somehow.)

Before I knew it, a short haired cherubic version of me sauntered over beside the couch. Anyone who had not encountered her before would assume her to be like any other normal 11 year old. But she is far from normal.

She's returned from school because they wanted to cough her up as soon as possible, I'm sure.

Oho, she may look cute…But deep inside, she's evil I tell you! PURE EVIL! Pure, tainted (as if that even makes sense) malice! Beware…Her mind is an absolute enigma. The only thing you know for certain about it is the absolute malevolence that resides inside.

"Ryan, when are Mommy and Daddy coming home?" She asks the moment she knows she's captured my attention. Ryan and I exchange looks and then answered. "Who knows?" Then we were met with awkward silence.

"Let's play the PS2." This is not a suggestion.

"Sure, go ahead." My brother answers, acting as if it were a suggestion. Without our parents here, the day ahead seems tedious, though full of freedom. Who knew that our freedom, after being so sought after, would be so dull?

Our sister wastes no time and immediately darts for the PS2 and sits down in front of the television, turning on the game. She has a possessed look on her face as she watches the opening for the game, the controller already clutched tightly within her grip. Already, one can see the determined look on her face, how serious it looks…But it's ridiculous and doesn't fit the young child, she's only serious when she wants to punish something…someone.

But then again, she's playing Kingdom Hearts and that involves some killing…kind of. It isn't necessary killing when there isn't blood, is it? I mean, when you destroy them, they just fade and a little heart floats towards salvation. Little black shadows, that seriously have a depression thing going on, called "Heartless" or the white anorexic guys called "Nobodies", one would think their self esteem is at the bottom of the bar…maybe in the negatives.

"Were we ever slaves to the video games like that when we were little?" I ask watching my sister. She looks possessed.

"Of course not!" He replies patting me on the shoulder reassuring me. "Now, let's go over to my friend Anthony's house to play on his PS3."

I nearly roll my eyes. Not a slave to the video games, huh? But I can't help but take up on the offer until I realize one problem. "Who's going to watch Isabel?"

"Don't worry; she's occupied with her game right now." My brother, the idiot, doesn't realize the seriousness of the situation. We never leave her alone at home unless we wanted a disaster to happen. And I also happen to know that with my sister's anger issues, she'll get into a tantrum from the game soon.

She once got angry at her Gameboy from playing Pokemon and nearly threw the hunk of plastic at me when I tried to calm her. I don't even want to think about what she does when she gets angry playing the PS2. I imagined her relentlessly screaming and hitting the television while throwing the controller on the ground with equal vigor.

Realizing his mistake from my heated look he quickly thought up something with his brain. "How about Anthony coming here? He'll even bring the PS3 and his new games."

"Do you really think we could?" I asked uncertainly as I started playing with my sleeves. I would avoid inviting my friends over because of my sister's…odd personality. My neighbor, Lauren, came over once (she kept on bugging me to come over) and was freaked out when my sister started getting all excited and barking like a dog (it'd be best not to ask, even I don't know why she did that).

Lauren kept on giving me weird looks, obviously freaked out. It was bizarre. Oh, and Lauren never came back (not that I blame her…at least she can have the choice…I live here, so I can't leave…and never come back…). Now, my sister asks why Lauren never comes over anymore…You think she would know why…

"Isabel will behave." My brother reassured me, though he seemed more like he was trying to reassure himself as well. My thoughts began to worry as I imagined the state of the house when we returned. Not a pretty sight. I turn back in just as he turns to my sister and says in a playful voice as though she were 3 years old. "Right, buddy?"- What the flip?! 'Buddy'? -"My friend's coming over with a PS3 and some games so we can play together!"

Isabel's attention was caught immediately, her head turned towards us as she paused the game. Her character paused in midair from attacking the unfortunate prey. "You mean the new PS3?! The one everyone is buying cause' it's awesome?!"

"YEAH!" Ryan even started jumping up and down with his arms in the air to over emphasize his excitement. Sometimes…He embarrasses me so much… I wondered whether his sanity was intact. Or if he had one.

"…I hate the PS3." She said fatally. Ryan's excitement deflated as my sister unemotionally looked away and continued with her game as though nothing happened. My brother's expression turns to a frown as he looks stunned and stone cold. I half expected him to crumble on the spot into ashes.

"I hate it too, but only because I want to play Assassin's Creed and that's one of the only game systems for that game…" I said, walking to her and sitting beside her. I didn't dare to pat her on the back with my hand (I didn't want to lose it). I didn't dare to give her a look of sympathy or understanding (I didn't want to seem insulting...). But I did give her a look of fear. She usually likes that. And I hoped that we would be able to swing into her favor since she held the game controller and was currently the ruler of the television (Yes, that was how we saw it). We wouldn't be able to do anything involving the television without her approval. I'm sure you must be noting how pathetic we are. Well, if you are then I must reply quite sternly, "Go read the past few paragraphs, dumbnut."

She paused her game yet again and looks at me for a moment as though considering whether or not this would be worth her time. Her own sister. You see where she ranked me on her importance list? Below her game, that's where! "Hmm, I heard that game was good…" Constantly researching on games, my sister was updated on the new games and systems like a major geek (If we wanted to survive, we wouldn't say that to her face…or if she was in the house) but with a tenacity of an evil genius. She only learns things if they are to her benefit.

Ryan smiled seeing what I was doing. "Anthony has Assassin's Creed! We could try it out!" He suddenly seemed cured of being petrified by shock.

My sister pondered for a moment (the longest moment I ever went through), while my brother and I held our breath until she finally, reluctantly, nodded. "Okay, we'll try it out. I think that there were some good reviews on that game." And for good reason too.

It wasn't long until Anthony was at our door after my brother called for him to come over. When he came into the room with his PS3 and the Assassin's Creed game, I resisted the urge to snatch it from his hands. Instead, I long-sufferingly waited as he set the PS3 up. Could he work any slower?!

He finally finished setting up the PS3 and began the game. He adjusted his glasses and picked up the controller. "Who wants to try it first?"

Oh! ME! ME! ME! PICK ME DARN IT! LOOK HERE! But I said nothing. Instead my brother and I looked towards our sister who was contemplative on whether or not she should try the game. It was one of the most dramatic moments ever…and the most torturing. My brother and I knew that keeping her satisfied was the only way she'd behave and possibly not hurt Anthony. I only hoped she thought him too insignificant to waste her time on. Pathetic, I know, but if you had ever experienced any of her tantrums you'd realize, we're being weak for a reason.

If there was a good reason for being weak, this is it.

"Hmm… I think I'll just watch first." She sat on the couch, making herself comfortable. I could only stare at her for a moment as I sighed at her obvious laziness. But she didn't care; she was in the comfort of her own home, no need for her to put on an act.

"I'll try." My brother stole the moment from me as my eyes immediately blazed with anger at his thievery. Heck no! I called it first! No fair! You no good, rotten, traitorous, ugly, pig-smelling, lazy, moment-stealing brother! DAMN YOU!

That's what I wanted to say, but I said the mature thing. "I hope you die on your first try." I gave him a death like glare. My hands itched to grab his neck and choke him sweetly but I managed to control myself. Senseless violence was not good in front of my sister…she was already dreadful enough. She didn't need to get any more ideas into her head than necessary.

My brother smirked as he reached for the controller and tried it out within his hands, it was obviously different from what we were used to. "I feel so loved." I prayed that since he wasn't used to the controller, he'd died within the first few seconds of the game…if that was even possible…

Maybe he could accidently get Desmond shot or something (even if the scenes we experienced were just him interacting with the Animus). Or run into an inexplicably placed and hidden weapon closet and drop everything on him…or maybe trip down the stairs into a conveniently placed box of thumbtacks. The possibilities were endless. I'm sure with my brother's brain capacity; he could manage to unwittingly crack a few cheat codes to cause himself to die.

Maybe I should keep dreaming…Or get my head examined or something cause' apparently I have issues. I'm trying to imagine ways on how Desmond could die in a few seconds so that my brother could become frustrated…That's a bit…ODD, isn't it? Poor Desmond…

"Hey why the heck is the screen black, it's been like that for the past few minutes and the PS3 has been on since Anthony turned it on…" I blinked out of my delusionary dream and glanced at the television. I sighed deeply and placed my hand on his shoulder. "The TV's not on, Ryan." He apparently hadn't pressed the 'on' button on the remote hard enough.

"Oh." He just sat there for a moment in his stupidity until he finally went up to the TV and pushed the "on" button, just in case. My sister, happily on the couch (how lovely for her, we're on the floor) was laughing to herself after witnessing my brother's utter idiot moment. "Idiot!" She stated during her uproar, my brother fortunately only laughed at her comment saying, with a bright smile. "Yeah, I know!"

My brother's goodwill and attitude was just sickening sometimes, it was almost not possible to get the guy angry. That would be out of character for him; for as long as I have lived and known him, I had never seen an angry Ryan. Not once.

I wondered, looking at him, if I ever would find out what an angry Ryan would be like.