Dieter's Story

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"Hey Dieter. You wanna go for dinner?"

"Afraid not. There's a chance I may get lucky tonight."

"Oh really?"

"Intriguing Irish girl. Her father owns much of Dublin."

"Excellent. She have a sister?"

"Only child."

"Tragic. Well, I better work on my serve some more anyway. This is my last hurrah, I wanna go out in style."

"Well, that's the spirit old man."


Alexandria looked into Dieter's warm brown eyes. They said so much to her, like a book that was so easy for her to read. She held his hand, loving the feel of his warm skin against hers. He was so perfect. Great looks and a great body, the same interests as her own and he was kind, compassionate, everything she wanted in a man. And yet…

"Alexandria. You do not even know him that well. How do you know he will not do something to you?"

"Father, I trust him! He cares for me, I care for him, and we're so alike. You've always tried to prevent me from getting into a relationship even though you're in a happy marriage with Mother. What the hell is wrong with having a relationship?"

Father just gave me that look.


Alexandria shook herself. Dieter looked up.

"Is there something wrong Alexa?" he asked, stroking her soft pale cheek.

Alexandria shook her head, smiling at the tenderness with which he spoke his nickname for her. This was one of the reasons she loved him so much. He just had such a nice and kind personality.

Dieter wrapped his warm, muscular arms around her, hugging her body close to his own. Alexandria lifted her head, drowning herself in the loving emotion in his eyes. He brought his lips to hers, enjoying the feel of her soft lips, slipping his tongue into her mouth, hands held firmly on her hips. Alexandria moaned with content, allowing Dieter to play with her tongue. She nudged him towards the bed, allowing bliss to consume her body.


Alexandria woke up to see Dieter's lightly tanned body, tracing the barely concealed muscles beneath his skin. She kissed his cheek lightly, teasingly, like the soft touch of the wind. She made to get up but suddenly, something solid and firm pulled her down onto the bed. She looked around and was confronted with Dieter's teasing brown eyes.

"You aren't leaving me that easily," he said mischievously.

But before Alexandria could reply, Dieter had moved his lips over hers in a passionate kiss. Alexandria sighed into the kiss, allowing happiness to consume her. Soon, Alexandria pulled away, getting out of bed and into the bathroom.

"Dieter, you better get going if you want to make it to Wimbledon on time. I'll see you for dinner tonight?" she asked.

Dieter pulled on a pair of shorts and replied, "Absolutely. You're coming with me to Wimbledon?"

"Of course, I competing too."

Dieter smiled.


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