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The-Wind-Dragon-Caller- Ok everyone! Here is my new story. For those of you who've read The Soul of a Musician, I thank you very, very much and this is the new story I was telling you guys that has been stuck in my head for a while. For those of you who are new to my writing I welcome you. For those of you new and old, I appreciate it greatly when you read my ANs because it will either be something important or some hidden humor. Also, check out my cosplay videos on YouTube. My screen name is StarTwilight227. Anyway! Let's get the show on the road!

The pairings in this story are:

Sora and Riku

Roxas and Axel

Cloud and Leon

And maybe some more will unfold but those are the 3 main ones.

Chapter 1

"What the fuck is your problem man?!"

"You're my problem that's what!"

"What the fuck did I do?!"

"You were hitting on my girl fucktard!"

These were the kind of conversations that happened on a daily bases here at Destiny High. They were also the kind of conversations that lead to fist fights. Fist fights lead to knifes and box cutters. Knifes and box cutters lead to guns which leads to an all out gang war (AN: Gee sounds a lot like my school XD). A boy was leaning against the side of the brick building smoking a cigarette which he knew he would probably get ISS over but that was common for him nowadays. Meet Sora Strife. Age 17. Grade 12. Sora use to be top of his class always getting A's and always on the honor roll. That was until last year when his girlfriend Kairi was caught in a cross fire of bullets. She had it coming to her though. She was a "personal assistant" to one of the gang leaders and something like that was probably going to happen to her anyway. Sora couldn't help but pity the girl so he agreed to date her even though he leaned more towards guys. Yes. He was Bisexual.

"Sora put that cigarette out and go to class before Xemnas catches you." Meet Roxas Strife. Age 16. Sora's younger brother. Grade 11 and probably #1 in his class. Roxas always had good judgment and always looked up to Sora but recently it's been the other way around. Ever since their parents died in a bus bombing, they've been living with their older brother Cloud and his significant other Leon. Cloud was a History teacher at Destiny High and Leon was a manga artist.

"Please Roxas, you go to class and keep up that amazing 4.0 GPA an-"

"You had that amazing 4.0 GPA too Sora! What has happened to you?"

Sora looked at Roxas with a glare that could kill and took a drag on his cigarette. "Do you really want me to answer that Roxas? Or was that a rhetorical question?" Roxas just walked away not even bothering to respond.

"Mr. Strife is that a cigarette I see in your hand?" A tall man with silver hair walked over to Sora.

"Why…I do believe it is. You're so smart principal Xemnas!" Sora said brightly taking another drag. "Want some?" Sora said offering his cigarette to Xemnas.

"No I don't. I want it out and I want you going to class…now." Xemnas said sternly.

Sora took another drag, blowing the smoke out in Xemnas's face and throwing the butt of the cigarette to the ground. "What ever you say principal Mansex…I MEAN! Xemnas. Sorry. Shit happens you know?" Sora said running into the building if he didn't he would have gotten a pink slip for sure. What was the time? 7:40 am. 'Shit, class started 10 minutes ago. Ahhh fuck it. It's only Health.' Sora started to just wonder the building aimlessly looking for something to do.

"Hey Sora! Wait up!" Well it looks like something found him. That something being Axel. Age: 18. Grade: 12. Roxas was Axel's "tutor". Technically Axel should have graduated last year but he was left back in 7th grade because he was expelled for setting the school on fire. Axel was always "different".

"Sup Ax? What class are you ditchin'?" Sora asked.

"None. I got open. You?"

"Health. Last time a checked I think I know how the reproductive system works and I certainly don't need a refresher course by a guy who looks like he hasn't even had an erection for 12 years."

"True, true. Hey, I heard the library got Leon's new series."

"Oh yeah? I only saw some pages. His office was too much of a mess to find the whole manuscript."

"Wanna go read some? You can use my pass to get in. They know I'm there everyday anyway." Axel handed Sora his laminated "Open" pass.

"Thanks, man." Both of them walked into the library and signed in. Sora put their stuff down while Axel went to locate the manga. Sora walked over to where Axel was standing. "So how's my brother?"

"Sora how many times have I told you? I'm not going out with him. He's just my tutor."

"Well someone has a guilty concise. I meant as a tutor. Is there something you're not telling me Axel?"

Axel blushed. "NO! It's fine. He's really smart. He could probably graduate with us if he wanted. Ahh here it is!" Axel pulled the book down off the shelf and handed it to Sora. "Did you help design the cover?"

"Uh-huh! It came out good don't you think?" Sora asked admiring his work.

"Why don't you take an art class here?"

"Because they are boring and they won't let me do what I want. I have to follow "guide lines"" Sora said. The bell for second period rang. "Ugggh. Why do I feel like today is going to be the longest day of my life?" Sora said handing the book back to Axel and trudging out of the library. He walked half way down the hall when…"Wait…what do I have second?" He reached in his backpack for his schedule. "Right! History. Yes! Cloud!" Sora walked off to History where is brother was writing something on the board when he walked in. "Hey Cloud."

"Sora, how many times have I told you to call me Mr. Strife or Professor in school?" Cloud said turning to face his brother.

"Too many. But it's bad enough I can't call you your nickname." Sora said.

"Damn straight your not. But I can call you by yours, boger!" Cloud said with a smile on his face. If Sora didn't admire his brother so much he would punch his lights out. "Alright everyone, sit down, shut up and copy the notes on the board." The room fell silent and the only thing that could be heard was the scratching of pens on paper. "Sora, come here a second." Cloud whispered. "You have Jenkins for math right?"

"Yeah. Did you have to remind me?" Sora whispered back.

"Well today is your lucky day."


"Well what kind of brother would I be if I told you right now? You'll have to wait till you have him 4th period." Cloud smiled evilly.

"I hate you."

"I know." The bell rang to move to 3rd period. "Boy this class flies fast. Alright listen up guys, study those notes we have a test on them tomorrow." The whole class moaned as they left the room except for Sora. He'll just swipe the answers from Cloud when he got home. 3rd period Sora actually had opened so he figured he would walk up to Starbucks since Cloud wouldn't let him take the car. As soon as Sora stepped outside he lit up a cigarette taking a long drag. 'What could possibly be going on 4th period that would make Cloud say that?'

After about a half a mile, Sora arrived at the Starbucks. It was packed. He sighed seeing that was no seats but ordered his coffee anyway. After he placed his order he joined a large group of people waiting at the end. 15 minutes pasted and Sora was getting agitated. "This is ridiculous."

"Tell me about I've been here for a half hour and I need to be at work in 10 minutes." Sora turned around to see someone with silver hair. He thought it was Xemnas at first but notice that their was something different. This guy was…well hot. His eyes were enough to make you melt.

"I k-know its s-so stupid-d." 'I'm I stuttering? NO SORA! BAD SORA! Not in front of the hot guy!' Sora smiled and turn back around blushing.

"Hey kid you feeling ok?" The strange man asked.

"Y-yeah! I'm f-fine!" 'OH MY GOD SORA! PULL IT TOGETHER!' This man's voice was like silk. "I-its just really cold outside and I walked from my s-school."

"Poor thing. Hold on. Did you pay for your coffee already?" Sora shook his head. "Hold on." The man walked up to the counter. "Hey lady! This kid is going to die from hypothermia if he doesn't get something warm in him."

'Oh that something warm doesn't have to be coffee' Sora thought to himself.

"I'm sorry sir. One of our machines is broken. What's the boy's name?" The man turned to face the shaking brunette.

"It's S-Sora."

"You heard him. Now get it." The silver haired man demanded walking back over to Sora. "Come….Sora was it? What a nice name. Let's sit down." The man spotted an empty table and offered the brunette a seat which he took kindly. "So you said you walked here from school? I guess you go to Destiny High?"


"SORA!" The woman called from behind the counter. Sora was about to get up when a hand pushed him back down. The silver haired man went up to the counter and picked up Sora's drink for him and apparently his own as well. He handed Sora his cup.

"Thank you…" Sora said blushing taking a big sip from the cup.

"No problem. I do hope you aren't cutting any classes Sora. School is very important."

"Yeah, ask me how many times I've heard that line. You're looking at a former honors student. I know it's important."

"Well, what do you mean by "former"?" The man asked taking a sip of his own coffee.

"Exactly what it's meant to sound like. My grades plummeted after my parents died and I just had no desire to pick them back up. I'm just passing all my classes enough to graduate and get the hell off this island." Sora looked down at the floor. "Well sir, I appreciate what you did for me. I'm very grateful. I'll make it back on time now and avoid ISS." Sora said laughing.

"Would you like me to drop you off? I'm headed up that way anyway. Got to visit some on there."

Sora wasn't quiet sure about this. This what you hear on the radio with the kidnappers but he couldn't help but sense a different aura around this guy. He didn't seem like a kidnapper. "Ok…thanks."

The man pulled into a parking space at the school and cut off the engine and got out of the car with Sora. They both walked into the building together and were about to go there separate ways.

"Thanks for the ride. Oh I never got your name sir!" Sora sounded a little too excited.

"Oh! Haha! I'm sorry. It's Riku Kisaragi."

"Wait….are you related to Yuffie Kisaragi?"

"Yeah, she's my cousin."

"She's my English teacher."

"Well fancy that." Riku laughed. The bell rang for 4th period. "Go to class Sora, I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again."

"Umm….sure…." Sora waved bye to the silver haired God and walked off to math.

When he arrived in his math class he spotted Axel and Roxas going over some homework but there was no teacher in the class. He took his usual seat next to them but rather quietly.

"Hey Sora what's wrong?" Roxas asked.

"Is love at first sight possible?" Sora asked the two of them.

"Uhhh…I guess…why?" Axel asked.

"I think I'm in love… or just really really infatuated…or fascinated…I don't know what I am…." Sora said blushing into space.

"What?!" They both screamed. Sora proceeded to tell them about the Starbucks incident. About 5 minutes into the period Xemnas came walking into the classroom.

"Boy and girls. I'm afraid I have some very, very sad news. Your teacher, Ms. Jenkins, got into a really, really bad car accident last night and is in very critical condition-

"WOO! All my nights of praying have come true! HA! And you told me it would never happen Roxas! You owe me $10. Thank you God!" Sora exclaimed

Mr. Strife, if you would please shut up. Therefore due to this unfortunate circumstance, you will have a permanent sub for the rest of the year." Xemnas opened the door. "Come on in." "Class I would like to introduce you to Mr. Kisaragi"

Sora dropped his pencil and ended up knocking over everything on his desk. The whole class laughed at him. Sora blushed and picked is stuff up.

"Mr. Strife, this is my last warning to you. Another distraction and I will write you up."

"It was an accident sir, my apologies." Xemnas and the whole class looked at him oddly. Sora never called Xemnas "sir" before.

"Mr. Strife, if it were legal I would give you detention for simply creeping me out." Xemnas walked out of the class and left it in Riku's capable hands.

"Hello class my name is Mr. Kisaragi and for those of you who are wondering yes I'm related to Ms.Kisaragi. She is my cousin." Riku turned to write the lesson plan on the board. When Riku had his back turned Sora took out his sidekick to IM Axel and Roxas.

'KeybladeMaster101: That's the Starbucks guy! 00'

"Alright class, it looks like your last teacher left off at Derivatives. Did anyone have any questions about them before we continue on the subject?"

"Yeah I do, I'm still not quiet so sure how to solve them…" a blonde girl asked.

Sora was so fascinated with his knew teacher. He couldn't believe it. Why didn't he say anything at Starbucks?

"It's quiet simple really. Just take the power and multiply it by its coefficient then subtract 1 from the original power and you should have the new number. Take this problem for example."

Riku wrote on the board f(x) 4x3 5x2 2x 10

"When we apply the rule I just mentioned we should get this."

Riku wrote under the original problem f 1 (x) 12x2 10x 2

"Ohhh I get it now." Said the blonde girl.

Riku looked over at Sora. "Mr. Strife do you understand?"

"Huh?" Sora said coming back to reality. "Ummm…yeah...Sure…whatever"

"Whatever isn't an answer Mr. Strife." Riku said.

"Yes, Mr.K I understand." Sora started working on the problems on the board. Riku walked around the classroom to check to see who everyone else was doing.

Sora got a message from Axel.

'BurnBaby69: So let's test out the features of your new boy toy shall we?' Axel looked over at Sora and saw Sora's smile. Sora shook his head yes. As Riku came walking by Axel, he dropped his pencil on the floor. Riku bent down to pick it up and handed back to Axel. "Thanks Mr. K" Axel went back to writing.

'KeybladeMaster101: Damn, I give it a 9. He must work out.'

'BurnBaby69: Hell yeah. Sora, are you ok? You look like your shaking.' Axel looked at Sora who was indeed shaking.

'KeybladeMaster101: He's so hot Axel!!'

'BurnBaby69: Ohhhh. Is there a situation in the south?'

'KeybladeMaster101: Yes! Damn hormones!'

'BurnBaby69: The bell is going to ring in a minute. Just make sure your books cover you and head to the bathroom as soon as possible.'

The bell did indeed ring. It took Sora a while to get up considering the situation. He was the last one out of the classroom.

"Goodbye Roxas, Axel. Bye Sora, see you tomorrow." Riku said placing a hand on Sora's shoulder and giving him a pat on the back. Sora shuddered and ran out of the classroom to the bathroom. 'Oh God! He touched me! Is he trying to kill me!?' Sora rushed into the bathroom dropping his books and pants in the stall.


"We have a faculty meeting today, so here Sora, take the car and Roxas home and Leon will pick me up on his way home from work." Cloud said handing him the keys. "So boys how did you like your new math teacher." Cloud said teasing poor Sora.

"Fuck you Cloud!"

"Haha! I knew you would like him. The moment I saw him I was like 'that looks like Sora's type' and what would you know? I was right! Remember Sora, no dating till he isn't your teacher anymore."

"That didn't stop you and Leon…" Sora mumbled. Sora and Roxas walked out of the building to go home. Cloud picked up his book and walked towards the auditorium. He met up with his department when he was approached by Riku.

"Hey Cloud, can I talk with you a second?" Riku pulled Cloud to the side. "You're Sora's legal guardian yeah?"

"Yeah why? He didn't cause trouble the first day did he?" Cloud asked.

"No, no, no. It's not that. I looked over his grades in the class and I was wondering if I can have a video conference with you and him tonight to discuss ways of improving his grades."

"No teacher has ever taken an interest in his grades before besides me." Cloud laugh. "Sure Riku, if you are up for the challenge. We'll have the conference tonight."

"Thank you" said Riku and left to go and sit with his department.


When Sora walked into the house he let out a sigh of relief. "God I thought the day would never end…"

"Are you sure it isn't because of Mr.K?" Roxas said with an evil smirk.

"Shut up Roxas…"

"Oh I can see it now. 'MR.K! I LOVE YOU! I NEED YOU MR.K!'" Roxas said laughing.

"Oh yeah? Well what about you and Axel? And don't bullshit me! I know you two got something going on. I guarantee this is going to be you a few weeks from now 'OHHH AXEL! Yes! Yes! Right there! Ahhh! HARDER! AHHH!'" Sora started laughing in the middle of his fake orgasm. When he felt a pillow come flying at his head.

"Shut up!"


After dinner, Leon and Roxas decided to do the dishes.

"Sora come downstairs!" Cloud called from the basement.

"Ok!" Sora ran down the stairs in his PJ pants. "What's up Cloud?"

"Oh my!" Riku said covering his eyes and hiding his blush. "It's great to know you keep in shape Sora but please put a shirt on." Riku said through the computer.

"Sorry Sora I forgot to tell you it was Mr.K" Cloud turned to throw a t-shirt at Sora smiling at him.

"Have I ever told you I hate you with the burning firey passion of my soul?" Sora said slipping on the shirt.

"I didn't realize that you and Axel finally got together." Cloud said half laughing.

Sora pulled a chair up next to his brother. "Speaking of Axel, you need to talk to Roxas about safe sex."

"Not that I'm not interested in this loving family conversation unfolding before my eyes, I really need to talk to both of you. Sora, looking back through the grades, I would say that you really need some extra help. Why haven't you ever stayed after school?" Riku asked.

"Ummmm…because I have a life?" Sora said.

"That's no excuse for you failing…" Riku looked back through Ms. Jenkins grade book. "…5 tests in a row. That's really bad Sora."

"There are worse kids in that class. Why are you picking on my grades?"

"Because he knows damn well you use to be an honors student. Your face is plastered all over the halls." Cloud said to him.

"I know you have the potential Sora." Riku said.

"Don't make mom and dad an excuse; do you think they would want to see you failing?"

"And don't make senioritis an excuse either. Too many kids have pulled that on me. Cloud, if it is ok with you, I would like to keep Sora after school twice a week to help him improve."

"It's perfectly fine with me." Cloud said looking at Sora. "And he WILL be there." Sora gave the I'm-going-to-kill-you look and the that's-totally-unfair look.

"Sora, keep in mind that these meetings will be part of your grade so I seriously suggest not skipping if you know what's good for you." Riku told him sternly.

"Do you understand Sora?" Cloud asked.

"Yeah, yeah…" Sora said very nonchalantly but on the inside 'OMG THE HOT TEACHER WANTS ME TO STAY AFTER SCHOOL WITH HIM OMG!'

"Good we begin tomorrow. Have a good night guys." Riku cut the connection and Sora ran upstairs to the room that he shared with Roxas.

"Roxas….I'm staying after school tomorrow…"


"Because Mr.K wants me to….and he wants to make it part of my grade."

"Well….at least you'll get to spend time with him and see if he's really what you want…"

"That's just it…I don't know if I'm ready…."

AN: AND I'M STOPPING! Holy crap! 9 ½ pages long! WOO! The first chapter to my new story! YAY! I hope you like it so far. Like I said, it has been in my head for 2 months so some things got scrambled but I like it so far. REVIEW BITCHES! PEASE!