Teach Me

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Chapter 5

Many, many months had passed and prom was just around the corner, which just made Sora absolutely, depressed. He wanted nothing more than to share his night with Riku. He didn't need to spend money on a tux, a limo, a ticket…

'Ugh! Why the fuck do I need all that ridiculous bullshit!' Sora slammed his fist on the desk.

"Mr. Strife is there something you want so share with us?" Riku had turned away from the bored to look at the frustrated boy.

"Yeah actually there is…" Sora got up from his desk, grabbed his things and started to head for the door, before leaving he turned to the class and gave everyone the finger. "Have a wonderful day everyone." Sora stormed out of the room and headed towards the main entrance. Riku was just staring at the door confused.

He quickly snapped out of it "Excuse me class. Continue to work on your own for the next 5 problems. Whoever solves them correctly will get extra points added to the test before the final." Riku went jogging after Sora. The aura around Sora was so intense Riku was actually petrified. "Sora, what's wrong?" Sora kept on walking. "Sora, stop right there or I'll write you up!"

Sora stopped and turned around. "What!? What do you want Mr.K?! How can I be of service?" Riku grabbed a hold of Sora's arm and dragged him to the nearest bathroom. "Let me go!!"

"No I'm not." Riku pushed the door open to the bathroom and pushed Sora inside. He locked the door behind him. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"


"Horse shit." Riku got closer to him "Tell me."

"Nothing, its prom and all that senior bullshit! I've had it! I can't take you to prom so I'm already miserable about that, I still have all this shit I have to pay for on my own because Cloud and Leon don't make enough money. I can't touch my inheritance from my parents until I turn 18. But it's not only that! I could make a list that goes for days and days!" Sora sighed and opened up one of the bathroom windows. He took out a cigarette from his jacket pocket and lit up taking a long drag on it. "Look, I'm sorry I snapped. You know damn well it isn't directed at you…." Sora took another drag.

Riku didn't know what to say to the boy. He stood there and listened. He was at that point once himself. He walked over to Sora and took the cigarette out of his lips and replaced it with his own. He pulled away from Sora and took a drag on the cigarette himself before handing it back to him. "You will be fine. I know you will. Besides, good things come to those who wait. I know how upset you are about prom, which is why I've come up with a plan."

"What plan?" Sora asked. "You didn't tell me about any plan."

"I'll tell you after school, come home with me tonight ok? It's Friday…" Riku pressed his forehead to Sora's. "…We'll go out to diner, maybe go catch a movie, then we'll go home and I can love you all night…how does that sound?" Riku managed to make his way over to Sora's ear nibbling on it slightly.

"Hmmm…. sounds like a plan though I am very interested in hearing about THE plan." Sora said.

"I'll tell you soon I promise." Riku leaned in and kissed Sora deeply. He pulled Riku closer to him wrapping his arms around him, carefully avoiding Riku's suit with his cigarette. Riku pulled away slightly. "I guess there is no way of me convincing you to come back to class huh?"

"No not at all." Sora chuckled softly.

Riku just smiled. "Fine, then while you are waiting in the car…" Riku took out his car keys and handed them to Sora. "Study chapter 16 for the test on Monday." Riku kissed Sora one last time before heading out of the bathroom. Sora was staring at the bathroom door dumbfounded. He finished up his cigarette and head towards the main entrance to leave.

"Mr. Strife just where are you headed to?" A booming voice was heard down the hall.

'Oh fuck me' Sora thought rolling his eyes and turning to Principal Xemnas. "I'm heading for the door sir; why do you ask?"

"Can I see your schedule?" Xemnas asked.

Sora reached into his pocket but pulled nothing out. "Aww, shit it must be in the pair of pants I left at your mom's house the other night. I'm so sorry. Have a nice day Mansex I MEAN Xemnas. You would think that I would get it right by now. I'm so sorry. Bye!" Sora went running out of the school as fast as he could. There was nothing that Xemnas could do except stand there completely baffled.

Once Sora was far enough away from the school, he checked his watch. '1:40pm huh? Maybe I'll walk up to Starbucks and get Riku and I something to drink.' There was quiet some time to kill and he found it highly amusing that Riku actually thought he was going to study.

He approached the small building and walked inside to order the drinks for the two of them.

"Well, well, well if it isn't Spikes? What's going on Spiky?" A young man with a mullet approached Sora.

"Demyx…. how can I help you?" Sora didn't turn to face him he just kept his eyes on his coffee being made.

"Oh come on now, is that anyway to treat a friend? After all I've done for you?" Demyx wrapped his arm Sora.

"I think that getting my girlfriend killed isn't exactly what a friend would do." Sora threw Demyx's arm off of him. It was true. Technically specking, Demyx was the cause of Kiari's death. Back in the day, Sora and Demyx rolled with the same gang. They were as close as the piece they each use to carry. One day, Demyx got a little drunk and pasted some vital information onto the wrong person. Of course it was ONLY Demyx who would do something so stupid. His street name was "Babbles" for that very reason. Anyway, this person that Demyx passed on this information to just happened to have been the leader of an uprising gang. This caused the gangs to start chaos. It WAS war.

"Listen up ya'll! I'm tired of this bullshit and I'm ending it once and for all. We gonna take down these mothafuckas!"

Screams of battle roared around them.

"Sora!" A girl with burgundy hair was bouncing towards Sora. She clung to him. "Don't go please…."

"Kairi….I have to….I promise I'll come back." Sora kissed the top of her head.

"Yo Sora, get yor bitch outta here! We got a war to win." The gang leader approached him.

"Yo son! She ain't a bitch. Back the fuck off!" Sora screamed.

"We don't have time for you to pull shit, foo!" the gang leader shoved Sora and took out his gun "Let's go!" The gang leader started to walk.

Sora turned back to Kairi. "I'll come back I swear" Sora kissed Kairi as if it were their last.

Thank God he did. Shortly after that, Kairi jumped in front of the bullets that were about to hit Sora and the war was over…because Sora finished off every single gang member.

"Awww come on buddy. It's in the past. You still not over it? You know, the boss wants you back?" Demyx said in a sing-songy voice.

"That's nice. I'm done. I'm not losing another person I love to a fucking group of people who are too scared to take care of themselves." Sora stated as plain as day, glaring daggers and Demyx.

Deymx frowned. "Suit yourself, you better watch your back Sora. You know that the only true way to get out of any gang is in a body bag." Demyx walked out practically slamming the door behind him.

"A Tall extra Carmel, Carmel Macciado and a Venti White Mocha?" The girl behind the counter called.

"O-oh that's me thanks." Sora dropped $2 in the tip box and grabbed the drinks in the tray and walked back to Riku's car. He got back just as the bell rang dismissing classes. He unlocked Riku's car and put the cups in the cup holders. What Demyx said was still ringing in his head. Was he really in that much danger? Should he go to the police? No, that's suicide in itself. He sighed. He wasn't going to let the weekend start off like this. As he was lost in his thoughts he heard a car door slam which wakened him from his trance.

"Hey, is that for me?" Riku pointed to the huge cup of coffee.

Sora looked down in his lap and remembered he picked up coffee for the two of them. This whole incident completely threw him for a loop. "Uh…yeah." He handed Riku the coffee.

Riku could tell there was something else troubling Sora. He'll get it out of him later weather he wants to do it or not. "Well, does the delivery boy accept tips?" Riku smiled charmingly.

"Depends on what the tip is now doesn't it?" Sora smiled at his stupid joke as Riku leaned over the central console planting a kiss right on the boy's lips.

"So are you ready for a weekend of relaxation?" Riku asked as he started up the car and pulled out onto the main road.

"Weekend?" Sora questioned

"Yeah, I'm keeping you this weekend."

"Well what about Cloud and Leon? I think they'll notice if I go missing for the weekend. Don't you think so?"

"And that's when you come in," Riku smiled. "You are going to call them and tell them you are staying with Namine this weekend. You've stayed at her "house" before right?" Riku laughed as he talked about Sora's imaginary friend as if she were a real person.

Sora couldn't help but laugh to. She's been his imaginary friend for years after all. "I suppose that would work."


Riku unlocked the door to his house and let the brunet in. Sora immediately went right to the couch dropping his backpack next to it and headed towards Riku's bedroom. He kicked off his shoes before planting his whole body face first onto Riku's bed. Riku followed behind him and watching the young boy do a face plant on his bed was just plan amusing. He shook his head and walked over to the bed where Sora had started to doze off. Riku climbed on top of him, straddling over his hips and started to massage the boy's shoulder blades.

"mmm….that's nice…" Sora contracted pushing his back up into Riku's skilled hands.

"Hey you know….you don't have any clothes for the weekend." Riku just observed. "Well I suppose that you won't need them since you won't be wearing anything anyway…" Riku leaned over the boy placing butterfly kisses on his neck.

"Haha…you're…mmm…ahhhh….so funny" Sora sat up slightly reaching behind him grabbing Riku's chin and bringing him into a kiss.

"Well then how about we go shopping?"

"Oh…that sounds like fun!" Sora perked up. "Let me just grab my wallet and we'll go"

"Don't be ridiculous. You aren't paying for anything."

"B-but Riku…"

Riku laid flat on top of Sora holding his hands down on the bed. "You can pay me back later…" Riku ground his pelvis against Sora's ass. "…I promise."

Sora moaned softly. "I think that is quiet a fair trade. My ass for clothes? That's so easy."

"Well then let's get going so I can take what's mine" Riku got off of Sora and helped him up off the bed. "I'm going to change and you are going to wait for me in the car ok?"

"That sounds like a good idea but I think mine is better…" Sora walked up to Riku and started to take off his tie. "How about I undress you, I help you get dressed and then we go out to the car together?" Sora suggested as he dropped his tie on the floor and slowly unbuttoned Riku's shirt.

"I think…you are a tease." Riku said leaning down and planting a kiss on Sora's lips. Sora's fingers traced lines on Riku's chest as he continued to unbutton Riku's shirt. He pulled the dress shirt off of him revealing Riku's toned and damaged body. Sora kissed Riku's scared shoulder as his hands moved down to Riku's pants.

"You know… I don't think words can describe how grateful I am to you for that day that you saved me…I mean…You could have died so easily. You didn't even know me." Sora's hands fumbled with Riku's belt. Riku's hands stopped Sora's.

"I saved you because I saw something in you that I never saw in anyone else before. It was something indescribable and I prayed that whatever it was that you would never lose it. I think what I sensed was your passion for life." Riku kissed Sora softly. "Now, let me finished getting dressed…then we can get out of here yeah?"


"So where do you want to go first?" Riku asked.

"Well don't you need a new suit for work?" Sora questioned.

"Yeah I do, but we are shopping for you today."

"It's fine Riku, let's go to Macy's. You can go look at suits and I can go look at clothes ok?" Sora hopped onto the escalator and pulled Riku with him.

Riku wrapped his arms around the small boy's waist and kissed his cheek "Ok babe, if that's what you want."

"Yeah, it is what I want" Sora stuck his tongue out at Riku as they got off the escalator.

"Oh is it now?" Riku stated. "Well what if I said I changed my mind?" He said jokingly.

"Oh I don't know, maybe I'll just cause a big scene until you say yes."

"Oh really? You would really draw that much attention to yourself?" Riku eyed a near by pillar and grabbed Sora's shoulder and pushing him lightly against it. "and what if I decided I was going to make a scene hm?" Riku pressed his body against Sora's and started attacking his neck with his mouth.

Sora blushed a deep shade of red and held back a moan. People were starring at them. He kind of liked it. "R-Riku stop it! This isn't funny…" He stuttered as he wrapped his arms around Riku, gripping to his shirt.

"Well I see how much you are protesting…" Riku smiled that wickedly charming smile and separated from Sora only to grab his hand and start dragging him. "Come on, let's go to Macy's" He said after planting one last kiss on Sora's cheek.

On the opposite side from where Sora and Riku shared their PDA…

"Did you see that?"

"Yeah, I did."

"You know I was just joking around with him but I didn't think he would actually go for it. This is a serious problem."

"It wasn't a serious problem for us."

"Times have changed Leon! Teachers are getting sued right and left these days for having inappropriate relations with students. If anyone outside of us gets wind of it and decided to report it, it's the end of Riku's teaching career. Not to mention Sora's social life could take two directions. 1: He gets credit for being with a really hot…" Cloud paused briefly and smiled at his partner. "..like you did Leon." Leon glared at him then relaxed and shook his head understandably. "Or 2: He will be rejected by everyone around him."

"Well let's hope that none of this will happen. We'll talk to him when he gets home and we'll talk with Riku as well. Don't worry hun, everything is going to be fine." Leon wrapped his arms around Cloud's waist proceeding to wait in line for his food at the food court.

Back with Sora and Riku…

"Come on Riku I want to see!" Sora said bouncing up and down excitingly.

Riku laughed behind the changing room curtain. "Calm down Sora. I'll be out in a second."

Sora sighed and waited impatiently with his arms crossed in a chair. A few moments later Riku appeared in front of him wearing a navy suit with a white shirt and a red tie. Sora starred up at his lover and smiled.

"Well are you just going to sit there with your mouth in that cheesy smile or are you going to say something?" Riku laughed.

"I love it…but let's see how well this actually fits you…" Sora stood up unbuttoning the new suit jacket and inspecting the way the jacket was lined. His hands moved to Riku's sides where he felt where the seam hit on the shirt. He let his fingers linger in a few spots where Riku's nerves were most sensitive to his light touch. Riku's breath hitched a few times as Sora did this. "I think it's perfect for you…" Sora smiled at him as his fingers stroked back over a spot on Riku's back. "and that was for before."

"Oh really? Well then please remind me to do it more often." Riku disappeared behind the changing curtain again only to return back out with the new suit in his hands and his casual attire back on. "Can we shop for you now?"

"Fine, fine. I know you like dressing me up." Sora grabbed Riku's hand that wasn't carrying merchandise and escorted him to where they kept casual clothing.

"Here hold this." Riku made Sora hold his suit while he searched through the racks of clothing putting together one outfit after another.

"I love how you really think I'm your doll and can dress me in whatever you please."

"Hey, I'm picking things you like am I not?" Riku said holding up the attire.

"Yeah you are but still…" Sora didn't know what to say.

"That's what I thought now come on. Let's get to the fun part." Riku dragged Sora back to the fitting room. They switched the clothing each of them was holding and Sora entered the cubicle. Riku followed closely behind them and closed the curtain.

"Riku, what are you doing?"

"You're my doll remember?" Riku walked over to Sora and unzipped his hoodie pushing it off his shoulders. "And I want to dress my doll." Riku then pulled Sora's shirt above his head and tossed it to the side. He turned Sora to face the triple mirror that surrounded them. "My doll has beautiful flawless skin." Riku's hands traveled up and down Sora's torso. Sora turned his head away from the mirror and let a soft moan escape his lips. "Why turn your head my love?" Riku grabbed Sora's chin with one of his hands and turned his head so it was facing the mirror. "Does it bother you to see yourself shaking under me?" Riku smiled a rather evil smile as his other hand worked its way down to Sora's jeans. Riku skillfully undid the belt, unbuttoned and unzipped the pesky material. His hand wasted no time sneaking its way into Sora's boxers gripping his semi-hard member, which, upon contact, grew in Riku's hands.

"Ngghh! Riku…" Sora moaned arching his back against Riku's upper body.

"Shhh…don't want to get caught now do you? Being such a naughty boy and all?" Riku's hand started to stroke Sora's ever-growing member.

"Riku…please…t-this just isn't fair..." Sora moans got louder. He wanted him. He wanted Riku so bad right now. Doing it in a public place had always been one of his fantasies that Kairi was just too much of chicken shit to do and by God he was going to get some weather Riku wanted to or not. "…you still have all your clothes on." Sora quickly gained control of the situation pressing Riku against one of the walls of the dressing cubicle. His lips came crashing down in a fiery kiss. Tongues battled for dominance. Sora's tongue took over. He wanted this. He wanted it so bad that it hurt. Sora pulled Riku's t-shirt over his head and placed trails of kisses down his body. He pulled briefly on Riku's nipples with his teeth, swirling his tongue around the hard nubs.

"S-shit, Sora!" Riku cried out as Sora continued to move down his body. Sora's swiftly removed Riku's belt and quickly pulled down his pants. He took his time with Riku's boxers. He teased him running his fingers along the elastic waistband. Sora nuzzled the large bulge that was clearly growing underneath the thin material. "Y-you don't have to ya know…"

"Oh but I want to…" Sora slowly pulled down Riku's boxers revealing his massive hard on. "I want to so bad…you have no fucking idea." Sora expertly began to work at the head, twirling his tongue around and around, licking from the base all the way up the shaft. Riku's moans bounced off the thin walls of the cubicle. Sora didn't want t wear his lover out. He wanted him to enjoy the ride he was about to get from him. He didn't spend too long sucking on Riku. After about a couple of minutes, Sora stood back up, much to Riku's disapproval. Sora finished removing the rest of his clothing and assisted Riku out of his. "Lay down…now." Sora commanded his voice filled with lust and yearning. Riku did as he was instructed and laid down on the floor. The brunet straddled over Riku's hips, his cock still wet from saliva and pre-cum. Sora didn't want preparation. He needed it rough and hard. He carefully lowered himself down onto Riku. Moans escaped from both their lips. Sora's was more painful than anything. After a brief pause, Sora slowly began to move up and down on Riku. Riku's hand found it's way into Sora's cock and began to stroke it in time with Sora's movements.

"Ohhh…fuck Sora!" Riku cried out continuing his ministrations on Sora's throbbing need. Sora's speed and roughness increased. As he looked at himself in the mirrors he couldn't help but be turned on. There was just something about the two of them together that was just so fucking right.

"Ahhh…Riku! I'm gonna…" Sora cried as Riku sat up on his elbows meeting Sora's movements with his own.

"Together…Sora…" with a few more brisk, rough, movements, both of them came together in blinding white heaven. Sora collapsed on top of Riku. Both of them laid there, covered in sweat.

"I think…I need to be on top more." Sora laughed breathlessly.

"I say…. in your dreams." Riku kissed Sora's forehead slowly pulling out of him. "Good thing we are buying you some new clothes today huh?"

"Yeah, I 'd say so." Sora rolled off of Riku. "I suppose we should get going huh?"

"Umm yeah probably." Riku got up off the floor slowly and started to put back on his clothing back on. He looked down at Sora who was still lying there, naked on the floor. "I wish I could have a picture of you like that…content, happy, and naked."

"But you see me everyday anyway."

"Yeah but naked is a privilege." They both laughed. Riku helped Sora up and get dressed. As they were walking out of the changing room with their new clothing they passed a sales associate that just entered the changing room. Riku could have sworn he heard the associate screaming something along the lines of 'who the fuck cums in a dressing room!?' or something like that. The paid for their merchandise and quickly left the store. "So what do you want for dinner?" Riku asked

"How about we just get some take out and watch a movie back at your place? I think we've had enough public adventure for today." Sora smiled at Riku

"Sounds like a plan to me." Riku said.

"Speaking of plans! Are you going to tell me your prom plan?"

"When we get back to the house. I promise." Riku said and escorted Sora out of the mall.

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