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"Mmm, that feels nice, Troy," Gabriella moaned softly as Troy massaged her breast through the thin black fabric of her bra.

"Yeah?" he smiled against her neck before continuing his mouth's intense work on the soft skin he found there.

Troy was trying very hard. They had officially been dating for two whole years. Years that had been filled with good times, sweet moments, and only occasional ventures below the waist. He had put in his time and felt that he had been incredibly patient with Gabi's reluctance. He wasn't exactly sure what she was waiting for, but he was sincerely hoping it wasn't marriage as he was very certain that wedding bells wouldn't be calling his name for many more years.

She shifted under him, accidentally putting her thigh in direct contact with the now rapidly hardening bulge in his pants. Instead of doing what he thought most girls in this situation would have done, she simply giggled and moved again, putting all parts of her body away from his crotch. He tried to continue without pausing though all he wanted to do was shove himself back into her to relieve some, any, of the pressure.

"I should go," she said suddenly, pushing up on his bare chest.

"What? Why?"

"Just a little thing called homework, Troy. You should try it sometime," she teased, sliding out from under him since he had so far failed to move off of her.

"You're killing me," he groaned into his pillow as she found her shirt on the floor and put it back on.

"What did you say?" she asked absently. Deciding he had to continue to be the supportive boyfriend, he mustered up a smile and pushed himself into a sitting position.

"Nothing, babe. Good luck with your work," he said, pretending as best he could to be anything other than painfully horny. She grinned at him and pressed a light kiss to his cheek before leaving. He outwardly groaned and headed for the door to remove the rubber band from the outside door knob. Whenever that particular green rubber band was placed on the door knob, it was his or Chad's signal to stay away. Since both he and his roommate and best friend had steady girlfriends, they'd decided that they needed some sort of way to let the other know that entering the room would be a really bad idea. As he grasped the rubber band, he had a sudden urge to rip the thing to shreds. So, he did. Or rather, he tried, twisting and pulling it as hard as he could before finally admitting defeat and throwing it down the hallway at nothing in particular. As much as he hated to admit it, he knew that yet another in a series of many, many cold showers was in order.

Not even bothering to put on a shirt, he grabbed his shower stuff and towel and headed down the hall to the bathroom. On his way, he saw Chad stick his head out of Zeke's dorm room.

"Off to see how cold the water can get here in New Mexico, Troy?" Chad teased, knowing his best friend well enough to know what the frustrated look on Troy's face meant. He knew that Troy was doing his best to hold out until Gabriella was ready, but also that Troy's patience was quickly waning. Chad and Taylor had finally taken the final step in their physical relationship earlier that year thanks to the privacy living in the dorms provided them.

Troy shoved open the bathroom door hard, wincing at the sound as it hit the tile wall behind it hard. The bang echoed throughout the empty bathroom and he made his way back to the showers, peeking down the row to find all of the shower curtains standing open, signifying that the entire bathroom was indeed empty, a rare occurrence. He picked the farthest stall from the door and stepped inside, quickly removing his pants and boxer briefs and hanging them over the shower curtain rod before stepping under the lukewarm spray. As the water cascaded down his body, he willed the semi-erection he was sporting to go away quickly so he could finish his shower. But, as memories of the feeling of Gabi's body wriggling around beneath his returned to his thoughts, he sighed deeply and reluctantly wrapped his hand around his now fully hard cock.

A few years ago, he never would have imagined that he could eventually become tired of jerking off, but after two years of finishing himself off, he was more than ready for someone else to do it for him. Only twice had he and Gabi gone beyond her usual "underwear rule," and both times had been on some kind of significant anniversary. He groaned, more out of frustration than pleasure, and let his head drop forward onto the shower wall as his hand continued to pump his shaft. It wasn't even about feeling good at that point, he just wanted to be done with it so he could get on with his evening.

As he felt his orgasm mounting, his toes curled into the flip-flops he always wore in the shower and he bit down on his bottom lip hard to stop any potential noise from escaping his lips. His breathing had almost returned to normal and he was just getting ready to shampoo his hair when a pair of rapidly moving footsteps started heading his way.

"Dude! Troy! Big party at the Beta house tonight! Hurry up in there!" Chad shouted before leaving the bathroom again. The prospect of drowning his woes in alcohol was looking enticing, but he wasn't sure that it was the right thing to do without Gabriella with him. If she had homework to do, there was no way that she'd stop to go along to a party. He toweled off and made his way back to his and Chad's room grudgingly.

"I don't know about this party, Chad," he admitted as he blocked himself from Chad's view with his closet door while he changed.

"Don't puss out, Troy. You haven't been to a party in months."

"Yeah, well… Gabriella's always busy."

"Taylor's not going either. She and Gabriella are working on a project for their Bio class. Just call her and tell her you're going. Don't ask. Just tell her you're going with me. She won't care."

"Trust me, she'll care," Troy mumbled as he finally emerged from behind the door, but grabbing his cell phone anyway. His fingers found her speed dial button easily, and he sat down on his bed to wait for her to answer.

"What's up, Troy?" she asked, sounding distracted.

"Chad wants me to head to the party at the Beta house with him, do you mind if I go?" he asked, shooting a hopeful look at Chad.

"Oh, I guess not. Just try not to drink too much, okay? I won't be there to take care of you," she smiled.

"Sure thing, babe. I'll call you tomorrow. Good luck with your project," he said, hanging up quickly and smiling at Chad. "Beer. Please. Now?"

"Whatever you say, Captain," Chad smiled, clapping a hand on Troy's shoulder as they made their way out the door.