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Quickie oneshot for the challenge PadfootBlack4Ever and I are doing. Just something that popped up :D

Disclaimer: Harry and Ginny belong to the ruler of the world, J.K. Rowling. The idea belongs to ME!



"Harry, just take it!"


"What are you, five?!"

"You're treating me like I am!"


Harry could be so stubborn sometimes. He just wouldn't listen to me! He thought I was going to do it all wrong, but I'm a girl! Taking care of people is something I do best. But NO! Harry is just so... So... So IMPOSSIBLE!

"Ginny, I'm twenty-one, not a toddler!" Harry whined. "I'll be fine!"

"No you won't!" I protested. "NOW TAKE YOUR DANG MEDICINE!"

Harry frowned at me. I frowned back. I could be just as stubborn as him. But he'd break, I knew it.

"I'm not taking that crap you call medicine! Have you TASTED IT?!"

"It's a pill, Harry. You throw it back and swallow. Can you do that?!"

"Well..." Harry looked slightly ashamed. He was so cute when he was bashful.

"You can't take pills, can you?"

"Not after living with the Dursleys, no! I can only take liquids. And injections. But PLEASE don't let it come to that! I HATE shots!" Harry looked terrified, and I just laughed.

"Aw, come on! You'll live. But we have to get that medicine in to clear up that rash! Will you take it for me?" I batted my eyelashes at him.

Harry sighed. "I CAN'T, Ginny! I can't swallow pills. The only way you're getting me to take that is if you strap me to a chair and shove that crud down my throat!"

I gave him an evil grin and he nearly fell over. "NO! DON'T DO IT GINNY! THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE!!!!"

I paused for a second and thought. One of my mum's old techniques came to mind. That was always how she tricked Fred and George to take their medicine.

"Harry, come with me. I have a plan!"

--Thirty Minutes Later...--

Harry eyed the bowl in front of him. "Pudding? You put the pill in pudding?"

"Yeah! It's all crushed up and you'll barely be able to taste it!" I smiled triumphantly.

Harry stared at the bowl skeptically. He picked it up and used the spoon to poke the pudding like some mutant monster was going to come out and eat him.

"Ginny!" he whined. "It looks UCKY!"

"Ucky?" I snickered.


"Just take a bite already! A big one too."

"Oh alright!" Harry rolled his eyes and lifted a spoon full of chocolate pudding to his mouth. He made a face and got chocolate all over his mouth. I couldn't help but laugh. He was so overdramatic!

He didn't say anything once he swallowed. His eye just twitched and he left the pudding on his face.

"So..." I asked. "How did it taste?"

Harry glared at me and gave the answer I expected: "Ucky."


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