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"Call me when you reach Charlie's!" My mom said, hugging me for the last time.

"Yea, mom. Don't worry too much, okay? I'll call you as soon as I'm settled. I love you. I'll see you as soon as I can. Bye. Take care of yourself" I said, prying my mother's arms from me.
A voice boomed from the speakers, signaling the last call for my flight.

This better be worth it. I thought as I watched the clouds flew by.
Destination: Forks, Washington.

Forks isn't really the best place to be... Not for me, at least.

My mother left that place even before I knew how to walk, and now, I'm the one returning.
When I arrived at Forks, I was expecting my father - Chief Charlie Swan - to be there, waiting in his cruiser, waving and grinning widely. But there was no sign of him anywhere. So, I waited...And waited...And waited...And waited...And waited.

"Isabella Swan?" Asked an unfamiliar voice. I looked up, but didn't answer.

"I'm Jacob Black." He said, smiling. "Your father sent me here. He's on a case right now, so I'll be driving you home. He'll be there." He had a bright, warm, childish, welcoming smile on his face, making me smile back. It's really hard to be annoyed at Charlie for the moment.

"Nice to meet you, Jacob. It's Bella, by the way." I corrected.

"Right. Bella it is." He grinned wider.

He took my bag, lead me to a red beat-up truck and opened the passenger door for me. I stepped forward, but tripped on my own foot. Luckily, he grabbed the hood of my jacket, stopping me from hitting my head on the passenger door.

"You've always been so clumsy." He said, shaking his head to hide a laugh.

"Forgive me, but I don't seem to remember you from anywhere." I said. Slowly regaining my stance. He helped me up the truck, and went to the driver's seat.

"Well.. Before, when you used to spend your vacations here with your mom, you and Charlie hanged out a lot at our place. You used to play with my sisters, Rachel and Rebecca Black, but you weren't that close. I'm their younger brother." He said, staring at me. Far too long, i might add.

"Mind the road, please. You're getting me paranoid." I said, clutching the seat. He looked at me incredulous.

"We're not even going fast." I just shrugged.

After several minutes, he parked the truck in Charlie's driveway, giving me the keys. He explained to me how the truck got into my possessions then went home. The night was uneventful. We had dinner. Watched TV. Had a few short chats, mostly about my mother. I decided then, that it was time to hit the sacks. I bid him goodnight, sent my mother, Renee, an e-mail then tucked myself to bed.