Chapter 3: A Perfumer's Subject

Soon after the introductions, Hayate found herself surrounded by her newfound friends. Emiya, Killua and Gon.

Maybe, it isn't so bad after all…

" Emiya-kun! " a female voice rang out.

The four of them turned. A girl also around Emiya's and Hayate's age came bounding up to the group. She had shoulder-length honey blond hair and dark blue eyes. Boy, had she a great figure and that she was well-aware of it since the girl wore a body-hugging blue blouse, revealing her midriff with a pierced bellybutton and a white miniskirt. Without warning, she wrapped her arms around Emiya's neck and hugged him.

" Hello to you too, Anais, " the head pupil counsellor greeted her patiently.

Hayate noticed that he did not return her embrace but instead waited for her to get off him.

" Why don't we go somewhere more private, Emiya? " Anais suggested, looking at Emiya flirtatiously.

She barely even glanced at us…!

Much less, say hello…!

What does she take us for…?


Emiya looked to Hayate for help but the seventeen-year-old kept her eyes averted at the ground. She was shifting from foot to foot, unable to know how to react. His eyes fell onto the stack of papers in her arms that she had apparently forgotten to pass them to him.

That's it…!

" Um, Anais, not now. The chairman gave me a job to do so I can't come with you, " the boy told her, extracting himself from her.

" Again? " Anais cried out, pouting.

Emiya nodded, feeling relieved.

" Okay, I'll see you around then, " Anais announced and flounced away.

Hayate could hardly contain her temper as she glared after the Blondie.

" Just what is her problem? " she demanded.

" Yeah, she was being downright rude, " Killua agreed. " It's like we weren't even here. "

The older sighed heavily and shook his head.

" That's Anais Kanazuki, the most popular and richest girl here, " he explained. " And yeah, you get people like her once in awhile. "

" Is she always like that? " Gon asked him.

" I can't say for sure but she can be nice when she wants to be, " Emiya answered truthfully. " Besides, I don't judge people based on their outward appearance alone. It's the inside that counts. "

Gon nodded thoughtfully.

" Anyway, I have to sort you guys out before you officially start school tomorrow, that is, " Emiya said, changing the subject. " Now, if you would please excuse me. "

The head pupil counsellor took the stack of papers from Hayate and strode off from the group.

" Hey, what does he mean sort us out? " Killua asked Hayate.

" Beats me, " she answered. " I'm not a senior here. I'm new to this school, just like you guys are. "

The boys' eyes widened at this revelation.

" If you are new here, wouldn't that make you, a Hunter too? " Killua demanded.

Hayate smiled mysteriously down at them.

" What do you think? " she asked them, playfully.

Both Killua and Gon looked at each other, then back at her and nodded.

The seventeen-year-old kneeled down and placed her hands on their heads, ruffling their hair.

" Let this be a secret between the three of us, okay? " Hayate whispered, winking.

The boys nodded vigorously, obviously delighted.

" Yes, I am. A Blacklist Hunter, to be exact. " the girl continued, still

whispering. " However, I'm a Perfume Hunter as well. "

" EH? " both of them exclaimed in unison. " A Perfume Hunter? What's that? "

Hayate giggled at their simultaneous reactions.

" I'm a licensed perfumer. A perfumer is someone who is a professional perfume maker in the perfume industry, " she explained. " I'm probably the only one who is a Perfume Hunter because it's a self-proclaimed title. Being a perfumer is my secondary job but my primary job is a Blacklist Hunter. So, what about the two of you? "

" We are Hunters too but not a type specified one, " Killua replied.

Hayate stared at them, shocked.

" Then, why be a Hunter? "

" I'm trying to find my dad who is also a Hunter and Killua's trying to help me with it, " Gon explained to her.

Hayate's eyes narrowed at this.

" Who's your dad? "

The boy's dark chocolate eyes met hers directly.

" Gin Freecs. "

" Gin Freecs, huh? I've heard a lot about him form my grandpa, " Hayate said. " A very reputable man, he is. You must be proud of him and his achievements. "

Gon nodded in agreement.

" Attention people! " Emiya announced loudly, clapping his hands. " I need your attention. "

The chattering stopped as everyone, including the three of them, turned to look over at the head pupil counsellor.

" I'm Emiya head pupil counsellor of this school. First of all, let me welcome you all to Shibuya Institute, " Emiya continued. " Right now, I have here with me are your forms for designated classes. Shibuya Institute is the only institute in Japan to offer this privilege to students. These forms are meant for you to choose your own classes based on interest. However, you have to take a minimum of five classes but you can take more if you like. Once completed, please hand it back to me. "

At this, there were murmurs of approval.

Soon after, the forms were being distributed around.

Hayate looked down at hers, thoughtfully.

" Hayate, what subjects are you taking? " Gon asked her, his eyes still fixed on his own form.

" Music, Chemistry and Physical Education…but the rest, I'm not sure. And you? "

" I'm taking the same subjects as Killua, " Gon declared cheerfully.

Killua whacked his shoulder.

" Yeah, and I'm not sure why he has to go and choose Math class although he knows that he's bad at arithmetic calculations. "

Hayate laughed.

" And you're taking that as well? "

Killua nodded glumly.

" I hate math. "

" But, you've never taken math as a subject before, Killua. Why not try it out and see? " Gon said, trying to comfort his friend. " Maybe, you might even grow to like the subject. You might never know.

Just then, Emiya joined them again.

" Hey guys, so what subjects are you taking? "

" We've pretty much decided what we want, " Killua answered. " Gon and I are taking the same subjects. Maths, Science, Physical Education, Japanese Language and Homeroom…whatever that is. "

" Homeroom is a special class where you will have two hours of free period unless another subject teacher wants to use that period to extend their lessons if they can't finish. " Emiya explained. " And you, Hayate? "

Hayate gave him, a wide smile.

" Music, Chemistry, Physical Education, Homeroom and Art, I guess. "

" Hey, good choice, Hayate! " Emiya remarked, grinning. " I'm in most of your classes. Music, Homeroom and Art. "

The seventeen-year-old nodded.

" What about the other two? "

" Dance and History, " her friend answered.

" And I assume that girl is your dance partner? " Killua put in, deviously.

Almost instantly, Emiya blushed.

" Killua! " Hayate exclaimed, shocked at his bluntness.

However, the younger boy just shrugged his shoulders, looking nonchalant about it.

" So, it true? " Gon pressed.

Emiya nodded, although seemingly hesitant to do so.

" Okay, that's enough prying you guys! " Hayate announced. " I'm not interested in Emiya's private life, neither should you be. "

Killua groaned but the older boy seemed relieved.

" So, why take Chemistry, Hayate? " Emiya inquired, changing the subject.

Hayate looked at him for a moment before she answered his question.

" I'm a licensed perfumer. In a way, my job is related to the subject. "

The head pupil counsellor's eyes bulged, almost out of their sockets.

" You are a what? " he gasped.

" I said, I'm a perfumer. "

There was a slight tinge of hostility in her voice.

" I'm so sorry, " Emiya told her quickly. " I didn't mean it that way. It's just well…you are too young to be a perfumer and all. "

He winced inwardly.

Guess that came out wrong…

Hayate's beautiful green eyes were narrowed into slits.

" Seventeen isn't too young, Emiya, " she shot back sarcastically. " I can prove it to you. "
The head pupil counsellor really did not need an enemy, especially not Hayate. He raised his hands in surrender.

" Okay, okay. I believe you really, " Emiya reassured her, trying to sound convincing.

Hayate nodded curtly but did not reply him as she thrust her slip into his hand. Then, she left the group and strode off, without looking back.