Sugar Coated Kisses

"What do you think of Misa's Light?" she asked something obviously brothering her. Ryuuzaki stopped typing away on the lap top in front of him. Since a couple of weeks ago the blonde would come to his and Light's room late at night, only seemingly when Light was asleep. Then, she would often would ask him odd questions. This one was her oddest yet.

He wasn't entirely how he could answer that. He wanted to tell her he thought he was Kira, that he was a murderer, that she shouldn't love him. But that wouldn't pop out of his mouth, since Misa would most likely start yelling at him waking said boy. So instead he shoved a doughnut in his mouth to avoid the question in general.

Misa furrowed her brow, but didn't pursue the answer. She sort of knew what it was anyway. She allowed the silence to creep between them before asking another question. "Ryuuzaki, do you think Misa is pretty?"

He took a small nibble on a sugar cube before answering, "I think Misa is beautiful, not pretty." He said gravely. He shoved the rest of it into his mouth before answering again, "You should eat sweets more often, and one won't get you fat." He added before she could retort. L picked up another cube sticking it in his mouth savoring the sweetness of the block. "Besides, Misa is very thin. I don't think some cakes could hurt her, let alone a sugar cube."

Misa had turned a nice shade pink. Getting up from her seat she sat on the one next to the genius. She pursed her lips for a moment. "Ryuuzaki, why do you sit like that?"

"My reasoning deduction goes down at least forty percent," Turning his chair facing Misa he tilted his head gazing at the model with owlish eyes, unblinking like.

"It helps Ryuuzaki think? Misa wants to try!" She grinned shifting in her seat until she almost mirrored L, all she needed was his lengthy frame and thumb placed between his jaws, and she would match. She sat like that for a moment and nodded. "It does help Misa think. It even wants makes Misa want a sugar cube, and be like Ryuuzaki!" she cheered slightly.

Nodded he turned about until he had a cube pinched between his fingers and passing it to the blonde. She plopped it into her awaiting mouth. Licking her lips Misa nodded, "Misa understands why Ryuuzaki enjoys these." But he wasn't entirely paying attention to Misa's new found enjoyment. At the edge of the girl's mouth a bit of sugar coated the corners.

And truly it mocked him so. L was childish in a sense and when things mocked him, he took action. Soon he was stepping out of his chair and edging into Misa's bubble. She squeaked her face becoming rose-red, as he bent over and actually licked the corner of her mouth.

"How sweet." he mummbled.

Misa stared at him in shock as the older man returned to his seat and stared at her so. She felt anger bubble to her chest. Jumping up she glared at L with her hands on her hips and her lips pushed together in a pout. "Stupid, stupid Ryuuzaki!" L didn't say anything, prepared for the worst of verbal onslaught. He closed his eyes.

He didn't regret his action.

Although it never came. Instead something warm, a sweet covered his mouth and something was forced between his parted lips. A sugar cube. As he opened his eyes Misa's blue eyes stared shyly into his own. "That's how you kiss."

"Mmmm" he swished the cube in his mouth for a moment, "Yes, yes very interesting, although," he stood up once again before backing Misa into the desk, "I think you forgot something. Would you want it back?"

"Misa wants it back! With interest!"