I was so looking forward to you two killing each other. You can't have everything. …… You are making me look incompetent by refusing to die. ……Stop! I am sorry. Enough! The killing has gone too far. …… I have only begun. It's better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven. You flatter yourself."

Mona could hear sounds of a scuffle, followed by a familiar sound, a gunshot from a Desert Eagle.

"Demented fool!"

Mona heard a body drop followed soon by the sound of another fight and then there was a loud bang, she could feel the mansion shake and heat rise form the floor.

Mona lay there, bleeding from her back, most certainyl dying. She didn't even have the strength to open her eyes and see what was going on. She just lay there, her mind racing, memories coming back to life.

Mona remembered a restaurant.

New York City

Mona raised her head from the vomit filled bathroom sink and turned on the faucet, washing away the foul matter. She looked up into the mirror, noticing the bags around her eyes and her pale appearance.

She splashed some water on her face and dried with a paper towel, she breathed deep for a few minutes. Finding herself calm, she reached to the back of the sink.

She pulled her hand away when a nearby stall opened and a woman walked out, she didn't pay Mona any mind as she walked up to the sink next to Mona's eyes herself in the mirror, adjusted her bra and walked out without using the sink.

Mona reached behind the sink and pulled out a plastic bag, she unwrapped it and took out what was inside, holding it close to the side of her dress, then walked out of the bathroom.

"What the Hell are ya lookin' at, Bitch?"

Mona brushed away her hesitation, and raised her hand which held a revolver tightly, holding it inches from the bald man's forehead, before pulling the trigger.

They say that time infinitely slows down when you die, and that second feels like an eternity, you may even see your life flashing by, from birth, passing through childhood, going through the various stages of your life and the event that have lead to your demise. What they don't say, however, is that when you take a life, the same thing happens, and though your life doesn't necessarily flash before your eyes, your future usually does.

Mona knew that nothing would ever be the same, she had agreed to kill this man to settle her and her father's debts with the Punchinelo mob, passed down upon her father's death to her and her sister Lisa. She did it hoping to put the past behind her, but it was now that she realized how foolish that was of her, she could never turn away.

The trigger was pulled, the hammer fell on the back of the bullet, the gunpowder ignited, sending the tip of the bullet through the barrel it emerged out of the muzzle along with a flash and an amount of filed gun-metal invisible to the naked eye, it traveled the few inches, before the tip pierced its way through the skin, then penetrated the flesh and the bones of his skull, before tunneling through the gray matter of his brain, turning it into mush. The target's head whipped to the side from the impact. As he did, a stream of blood gushed out of the brand new hole in his head, and sprayed the red matter, mixed with fragments of brain and bone caught in the current onto a wall.

Time returned to its normal speed, and she quickly aimed the gun at the second target's chest and pulled the trigger twice. The second target had been looking down on his plate when she shot the first, and he barely had any time to react and, she never saw his face.

She lowered her hand to her side and let the gun drop as she headed to the door, it was only then that the busboy dropped the dishes, the sound of crashing plates snapped the restaurant patrons out of it, they screamed in horror as the raven haired killer exited the restaurant, and the reality of what had happened dawned on them.

Outside, the young woman of Twenty-Four got into a car that screeched to a halt next to her, then drove off just as quick. Inside it, Mona and Lisa embraced.

"Oh, Mona, thank god you're Okay." said Lisa as she stroked her beloved sister's hair.

She was in one piece, but not Okay, thought Mona to herself. She was a killer, and a killer was never to cease to be.

This is my first Max Payne fic, I have played both games literaly dozens of times and I cant get enough of it. I decided to write this because no one did an origins of Mona one as far as I know. I may rewrite this one, have Mona narrate it rather than writing in the third person, but I just wanted to toss this out and see if anyone wants to read more.