His brother was really annoying sometimes. Like right now.

He was sitting on a couch in the Uchiha mansion. Contrary to his brother's obnoxious talk, he was -not- brooding. Just thinking a way around this accursed eventual blindness. Of course there was going to be a downside to this incredible technique, that's how life worked. He had to breath the same air as his brother didn't he?

But actually losing his sight and the technique in one fell swoop? Truly, Kami-sama had outdone himself now. Even beat the day his brother was born.

"Well that's what you get for using it so frivolously. For Kami's sake, you killed the neighbor's dog with it. You're lucky they bought the 'fell on my kunai' excuse so well." A blur that he could barely call his brother snipped.

"That damn mutt pissed on me." He growled out, glaring a hole. He didn't need his eyesight to know his brother was rolling his eyes.

"Oh, the great Madara can't tell when a dog is near him. It wasn't even a nin-dog." Madara started to contemplate killing him. It wouldn't be easy. For one thing, he wasn't entirely sure that the Shodaime believed him when he told him that Katarou fell down the stairs. It was true ... If you didn't add in that he poisoned his drink and pushed him down afterwards.

"I'm not about to be added to the lists of the disabled, because I actually can restrain myself, unlike a certain homicidal Uchiha I know." Hmm ...

"Hey, come over here." Madara swore as he heard the rapid sound of feet running. He had to stop grinning when he had a scheme. Come to think of it, that probably didn't help when he was talking with the Shodaime ..

"Stop running, foolish little brother!" He bellowed, taking off after his wayward sibling. "I just want your eyes!!"