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Summary: My version of season 5 – Lindsay was so scared that she wasn't enough for him that he would go back to Peyton she didn't even realize that the real threat was Brooke the person she was coming to see as her close friend. Major Brucas!

Chapter One – Watching You

Ida Scott Taylor once wrote: Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.

That was what Lucas Scott was trying to do, he was living his life, and he didn't want the drama that was his high school life. A love triangle that hurt so many people. How did he ever believe that a healthy happy relationship would come from it?

Because his relationship with Peyton Sawyer was anything but healthy.

Now Lindsay, the love that they share is different. It happened in a normal drama free way. They weren't happy at someone else's expense. Well maybe it was at Peyton's expense but that was her own fault. She left him, not the other way around. Tonight it became so clear in his mind when he saw her at the river court, tonight he felt nothing. So now he was finally free to move on with Lindsay, Peyton had been the one thing holding him back from taking the next step and asking her to marry him. But now he was ready he would go ring shopping tomorrow!

Brooke Davis had everything she had ever wished for, well kind of. Her label Clothes over Bros was a hit and her senior yearbook wish had come true. Tonight at the Emmy's Joan Rivers had asked Reese Witherspoon who she was wearing and her response had been "Brooke Davis". But as she sat on her couch and watched the live telecast she thought she would feel so much more but instead her joy was short lived as she was jumping around her large living area she realized she has no one to share it with no one to jump around with her. She still spoke to Hayley on the phone but hadn't seen her in almost four years and it didn't seem right to call Hayley up to be excited about another one of Brooke's achievements when just recently she and Nathan had lost so much. She could call Lucas they were friends now but she was still unsure if she was allowed to do that. She hadn't met Lindsay yet and she thought she proberly wouldn't want his ex girlfriend calling so late.

Later that night when the phone rang she hoped it would be a friend calling and not another fashion emergency like every other night this week had been.


"Brooke I just watched the red carpet special, i'm so proud of your dream – she said she was wearing you!"

"Peyton I haven't heard from you in so long – thanks for remembering"

"As if I wouldn't B.Davis – Brooke you don't sound happy, you are happy aren't you?"

"I don't know P.Sawyer! The tension could be felt with the open ended answer, how does one not know if they are happy or not?"

And as Brooke sat on the end of a silent phone line she wondered why she couldn't answer that question – why wasn't she happy? She had everything she ever wished for everything except love. Of course she had dated in the last four years since her and Chase broke up but no one ever lit the spark inside her that a certain ex had.

"Brooke are you there?"

"Oh sorry Peyton just thinking…."

"I'm going home – i'm going back to Tree Hill and I want you to come with me, would you Brooke?"

"Sure Peyton – I think I need time away from New York a bit of Tree Hill is what I need. But Peyton there is one thing I need to ask ….."

Brooke wasn't sure how to ask the one question that had been playing on her mind for the last 2 and half years …..

"Sure Brooke you can ask me anything…"

"Are you going home for Lucas?"


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