Chapter 10

It had been a week since Peyton had declared her love for Lucas and Brooke had let him into the insight that she truly believed that she wasn't loved. He really needed to see Lindsay but she had been delayed in New York. He hadn't spoken either Brooke or Peyton since that night – Peyton well that didn't bother him at all, but he desperately missed Brooke. He had proberly dialled her number over 100 times but just couldn't bring himself to speak to her, and she most likely thought she had a stalker by the amount of times he had driven past her house. He needed to take his mind off all the women in his life and get some focus or at least allow his heart to take control over his mind.

Brooke had been avoiding both Peyton and Lucas all week, until Lindsay got back she didn't feel safe been around Lucas and Peyton well she was just been a selfish bitch; but really when she thought about it that was nothing new for Peyton. Hayley had asked her to watch Jamie and Nathan this afternoon whilst she ran some errands; and surprising Brooke was really looking forward to hanging out with Jamie, Nathan it all depended on whether he was in a positive or negative mood.

Brooke arrived at the Scott household to be pleasantly surprised – Nathan was in an amazing mood. Hayley was rushing out the door with the comment my cell phone is on if you need anything!

Nathan had always been fascinated by Brooke Davis, he was like the girl version of himself in so many ways but at the moment he looked at her with envy. She was successful and her career was thriving. Hayley had threatened him with his life if he was pleasant to Brooke all afternoon, but Brooke was perceptive and knew something was up.

"So Nate…. What's your reward for being happy go lucky?"

Nathan laughed, he couldn't believe after all this time she could still pick his 'I'm from a well to do family and must always be polite' attitude.

"Well actually Brooke there is no reward other than I will still be granted the privilege of breathing by my wife."

"Nate cut the crap, tell me what's going on in that head of yours?"

"I don't think you want to hear it…"

"I may not want to but I asked and I think you need to talk to someone"

"Brooke I look at you and I see so many similarities, but you overcame it. You are successful and you have reached the pinnacle of your career and you are happy. And you see I look at where we both started and it was in the same place but you are like miles and miles ahead of me…."

"Nate, are you serious?" Brooke couldn't believe that's how someone viewed her. Yeah she had the career but that was it, her supposed best friend was a selfish bitch 99.9% of the time, she been to busy to check in with her other best friend and their family and she was in love with a guy who would never love her back again, that's if he even ever loved me at all.

"Look at your life Nathan, you have a beautiful family a wife that loves you and a son that adores you. You have come further than I have, I've followed in the stunning example set to me by parents work is key, but Nathan it isn't! I would give up all the money and celebrity in the world to have even half of what you do."

Nathan had never looked at it like that, he was similar to Brooke in that his family life before Hayley and Lucas had consisted of success equalling love and if you were not successful in your chosen career path you were a failure.

There was a comfortable silence between the two as each contemplated how they envied one another, a true case of the grass is always greener.

From the front hallway they heard the door open and Jamie running into the lounge.

"Daddy, Brooke, guess who is here?"

Neither had even had time to answer when Lucas appeared from the front hall, looking broody than usual.

"Hey guys. I didn't realise you were here Brooke."

"Yeah Hayley was desperate enough to get me to babysit"

"Brooke will you come and play Wii tennis with me in the other room?"

"Sure Jimjam!" Brooke was so relieved to be able to leave the room and hopefully Lucas would do what he had to do and then leave.

As Brooke and Jamie went into the other room, Nathan couldn't help but notice the way that Lucas followed Brooke's every move never once breaking his gaze from her.

Lucas sat down with the thought, Naley's house wasn't that big she could avoid him all afternoon.

"So Nate, what's been going on?"

"Not much Luke, Rehab starts next week so hopefully within no time I will be back to myself."

'That's great! So you and Brooke looked like you were in the middle of something when I got here?"

"Oh just reminiscing and comparing I spose. You know I was envious of her, she was envious of me – sometimes good to get someone else perspective."

"Well then speaking of perspective – you know how Peyton's back…??"

"Yeah, haven't seen her but either Hayley or Brooke mentioned something."

Nathan had a bad feeling about this, he didn't believe Peyton was right for Lucas and he say how devastated Luke was after the break up. Lindsay was a nice girl who truly loved Lucas.

"Well the other night at Tric, she was all I love you lucas"

"Fuck Lucas I cant believe you, First you do this to Brooke and now Lindsay and we both know that you and Peyton will have your honeymoon period but as soon as that is over you will both get bored because you are not meant to be together."

Lucas couldn't believe that Nathan would just assume because Peyton said that she still loved him that he would go running back to her. Yeah he was having doubts about Lindsay but that had nothing to do with Peyton.

"Listen Nate, I said she said it not me, I told her she was deluded. I don't have feelings for Peyton anymore other than disgust – but that was not where I was going with that."

"Oh sorry Luke, but just considering you track record with Peyton…. So what would you like my perspective on?"

"Well I think I want to break up with Lindsay, it has nothing to with Peyton but considering the timing I'm sure Peyton will think its all about her and Lindsay will proberly think it is because Peyton is back?"

"Luke answer me honestly… Do you want to break up with Lindsay because of Peyton?"


"Well then why? Because as far as I was aware there were no issues with you and Lindsay until just last week when Brooke and Peyton got back."

As soon as the name Brooke left Nathan's mouth he say Lucas's reaction and put it together, Lucas wasn't breaking up with Lindsay because of Peyton, it was because of Brooke!"

"Lucas this wouldn't have anything to do with Brooke would it?"

At that moment Brooke walked through the door

""What wouldn't have anything to do with Brooke?"


So what excuse will the boys come up for to Brooke… Any suggestions welcome at this point. I'm in a writing mood but need a bit of inspiration.