Ennis lay next to Alma, catching his breath. He was married. After all those months before he'd gone up to Brokeback, looking forward to this moment... suddenly he felt a strange feeling of loss.


He looked over at her. His wife. Her face was flushed from their love-making. It had been their first time together.

"Yeah?" he said, rolling over to kiss her gently.

"This might not be the right time... and it's not that I don't trust you... but... I was wondering..." she looked down, blushing slightly, "It's just that... I stayed true, just like we promised, and never gave myself to anyone else. You went off for some time, though, and I was wonderin if there had ever been anyone else before me?" She looked up at him, her eyes scared, yet hopeful, "I want you to be honest. Have you ever been with any other woman before me?"

He looked at her tenderly, brushed his fingers over her cheek.

"Ah... fuck, Ennis..." Jack's strong legs were clamped firmly around his waist as he thrust hard into the brunett, Jack's erection rubbing between them, Ennis's hands on either side of his head. Shifting slightly, Jack grabbed his arm and pulling it to his hardened erection. With a grunt, Ennis gave it a long stroke, earning a pleasured moan from the man beneath him. With each thrust, he stroke the other man's hardened cock, until his thrusts became erratic, frantic until with a cry Ennis came, his seed pouring into Jack and sending the rodeo cowboy over the edge as well. Gasping for breath, he lowered himself onto the other man, kissing him softly.

"No, Alma," he said honestly as he kissed her again, "I swear I've never loved another woman."

Ok, so i'm pretty positive that this has probably been done a MILLION times, but the thought a mused me! Here i am watching bbm for the MILLIONTH time, and watching them get married... and it's all history from there. Actually i was watching about a million of Heath's movies at a remembrance party i went to for Heath and now that i've seen more of his work... OMG!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! WHY?!?! WHY DID HE HAVE TO GO?!?!

I was seriously upset when i heard that he died! There were tears!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it.