Disclaimer: all things twilight belong to the brilliant Stephanie Meyer and all things related to Maximum Ride belong to the extremely gifted James Patterson.

Max's POV:

As I plummeted to the ground I battled to hold onto my fading consciousness. I clenched my teeth in pain and tried to slow down my rapid decent toward the ground. I snapped my wings out and gasped at the intense sharp pain rippling through my wings. Everything went black as I hit the ground.

Bella's POV:

I sighed, as I tasted another of the many wedding cakes Alice had lined up on the kitchen counter.

" This is a flowerless chocolate cake," she informed me, waiting expectantly for my verdict.

"It tastes great Alice, I have no idea which like better," I tried to sound enthusiastic but I could tell Alice knew I was faking.

"Bella, you are the only one of us who has a chance of liking what the cake tastes like," Alice said in a hurt voice, "if you loved me you would try harder. But I guess you don't love me enough."

"Alice I am now immune to that line you've used it so many times," I told her.

Before she had a chance to reply I saw something fall from the sky and hit the ground with a painful thud. I ran outside as fast as I could but Alice beat me easily.

"Bella have to go, there is to much blood," she yelled before I had even reach the mound she was standing next to.

'Wait," I tried to yell breathless from running and trying hard not to trip, "Alice I…"

The words died in my throat as I realised what the mound really was…a body…with wings.

Max's POV:

I screamed as I regained consciousness. The pain was unbearable. I opened my eyes slowly and tried to get up, but a cold arm pushed me back down gently. A female voice asked the man who owned the cold arm, if I was going to be all right. I tried to figure out who owned the voice but I couldn't move my head. I screamed in fear.

"It's okay, you are going to be okay," the female voice said in a claming tone. I whimpered in pain as someone extended my battered left wing. The female voice continued to soothe me by humming a melody I didn't recognise. Something sharp was thrust into my right forearm. It was an injection, I had been given them so many times I could recognise the feeling instantly.

Suddenly, my world was moving as someone picked me up and carried me towards a large white house. I felt better, the pain was fading and the arms carrying me were cold and hard. I was softly placed onto a leather sofa. It smelled wonderful.

"Could you tell us your name?" it was the same female voice that spoke. This time when I tried to sit up the man with the cold arms helped me. I clenched my teeth to keep from crying out in pain.

"My name is Maximum Ride."

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