Drabble! First ever.

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It's a little thing I came up with when my mum told me to go make the rice

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You are my rice Sasuke!

You held up a cloth covered bowl.

Not another bowl of ramen, I sighed.

Nope, you grin.

Dobe, what is it then?

Rice! You cried, quite proud of yourself.

An ebony eye brow twitched.

Hehe you are my rice Sasuke!

I uncovered the bowl and picked up an off white grain.

This resembles me how?

Well we're Asian right?

Yes, I panned.

Well Asians eat rice everyday, we're not satisfied at a meal without it, and we can't live without it.

But it doesn't make sense for you because the only time you eat rice is when I force you to, every other time its ramen.

SASUKE! You sing

Yes dobe.

You shove another bowl in my face.

Ramen, I state by the smell and the hunger in your eyes.

Yes, now you are my ramen Sasuke, because it is my favourite food, I have you everyday. You chirp innocently.

I twitch again, or rather something else twitches.

Oh who has who to be technically correct Naru-chan? I drawl lazily.

You flush crimson.

I know another way I resemble ramen, you suck it, slurp it, and lick it. But I also know how I'm better. You love it. I said, advancing with each step.

You squeal. Letting out a shrill 'eep!'

Now this, I say pushing the bowl away and setting it on the table. Will do for later. But I'm sure you can satisfy your salt cravings some where else.


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