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Chapter 14- Revelations

There was silence in the healers' room as the masters registered the initiate's embarrassed confession. Qui-Gon could not quite believe what he was hearing. He was positive in the gardens that he had heard Sony-Da ask the boy to be his padawan learner.

Mace shot a bewildered look at his friend, who had taken a step closer to the bed. Yoda wore a self-satisfied almost smug expression on his green face- if anyone had glanced down to see it. However, the other masters' undivided attention were now firmly focused on the initiate in the bed before them.

Qui-Gon was nonplussed. His brain could not work out what was happening. So much for his top diplomatic skills in being able to say something to calm even the most tense, violent atmospheres. All now stripped away by a twelve year old.

"Kenobi – what on earth happened then?" Mace was the one to find his voice first as he watched his oldest friend try to come to terms with a situation he had thought hopeless a few minutes ago before the dramatic revelation.

Obi-Wan's right hand fiddled with the bed sheets nervously as though he were the one in trouble. "Well…after the tournament, Master Sony-Da took me to the Gardens. He … he asked me to be his Padawan," he began to explain. "But…"

"But?" Mace pressed. He could see the rising hope in Qui-Gon's eyes. He'd be damned if that hope was all for nothing. Never in the last few years had Qui-Gon appeared remotely interested in anything to do with padawans. And now this…

"I said no," Obi-Wan whispered, hanging his head. "He was angry and…" he did not need to finish his sentence- the others had seen what had happened.

"So Master Sony-Da attacked you because you refused to be his Padawan Learner?" Depa summed up, trying to sweep aside the last cobwebs of confusion.

Obi-Wan nodded, not raising his eyes to look at the masters. Did they think he had done the wrong thing? Was he to blame for the whole mess? Worse than any of that would be Master Jinn's disapproval of his conduct. Obi-Wan desperately wanted to prove himself to the Master- show him that he could be a good Jedi- a good Padawan.

However- the Master had said nothing in the last few minutes- his expression so closed off the young initiate did not know what to make of it. Had he just ruined his chances…? Before, he had been able to sense something of what the Master was feeling- but he suddenly felt shut off- the magical, mysterious link between the two of them severed. It made Obi-Wan feel cold…lonely. More than that, he was confused. What was happening to him? What was this thing in his mind?

"Refuse Master Sony-Da you did. What reason had you?" Master Yoda said, levitating so he was at eye level and looking straight at the recovering initiate on the bed.

Obi-Wan looked up, directing his gaze straight at the old and wise master. "The Force told me to. It didn't feel…right. It just felt wrong…that I would be Master Sony-Da's padawan. I can't really explain it…" he trailed off, switching to look tentatively at Qui-Gon, eyes radiating honesty and sincerity and a little apprehension.

"So you are not tied to Master Sony-Da?" Mace questioned.

Obi-Wan shook his head. "I'm still an initiate Master Windu."

"So you refused him and the man attacked you?" Depa still was not sure. "That single event provoked him into such a rage that you required surgery?"

Obi-Wan nodded. "I tried to calm him down, but he would not listen to me master," he told the female master. "I didn't know what to do…"

"I think it is time we let my patient rest," Y'Chiryō spoke up at this point, noting the raised blood pressure and heart levels on the monitors surrounding Obi-Wan's bed. "As you said- he has just had surgery and been through a very strenuous series of events."

"Of course, I meant no ill will," Depa smiled, nodding at Obi-Wan.

"Much to learn in the ways of the Force Masters do. Take lessons from little children they should," Yoda said as he lowered himself to the floor. "An ally the Force is- not to be overlooked lightly."

Obi-Wan lay still as Y'Chiryō lowered the bed so he was lying flat. The other masters began to follow the diminutive form of Master Yoda out of the healers' room, when Qui-Gon stopped. The initiate watched him carefully, barely daring to breathe yet it not be happening.

"Obi-Wan…" Qui-Gon began, his deep timbre shaping the word carefully.

"Yes?" Slowly, the boy pushed himself up so he was resting on his elbows. Even that took a strain on his injured body so Y'Chiryo took pity on his patient and though muttering his own disapproval, raised the bed again, allowing Obi-Wan to lean back comfortably on the pillows.

"Can you…sense this?" The Jedi Master asked, slowly opening his side of the bond and carefully sending along it a wave of soothing and calm. Not through the Force as any other master could have done, but along their bond.

He needn't have even asked- the boy's face was enough of an answer. Instantly, he watched as the nervous, tense initiate began to relax as the emotions hit him, his eyes closing slightly as he basked in the feelings washing over him.

"Yes Master Jinn- I can sense that. What…what is it?"

"It is a…bond between us," Qui-Gon explained, taking a step closer to the bed. "The Force has linked us…and I know now it would be foolish to ignore it and the will of the Force." Behind him, Master Yoda nodded surreptitiously, allowing himself a small smile.

"A bond," Obi-Wan didn't know what else to say. Then his breath hitched. A Master-Padawan bond? It couldn't be…he could not be so fortunate as to already have a bond with the great Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Counting his lucky stars…

"Yes a Master-Padawan bond," Qui-Gon agreed gently, registering the awe that was clear to see in the boy's eyes as he stared at the older Jedi. "I believe there is only one course of action to take." The older Jedi took a deep breath, trying to centre himself before his emotions got the best of him.

"Obi-Wan Kenobi – would you do me the honor…by agreeing to be my Padawan?"

It was like all his dreams were coming true. Obi-Wan sat shell-shocked on his bed, hardly daring to believe what his ears were trying to tell him. He was dreaming- it was the only logical explanation. This was all some weird dream, he'd wake up in a minute in his bed, alone in the crèche. He blinked back the sudden tears that appeared. He didn't think he could bear it if this were only a dream…

"It's not a dream," a soothing voice assured him as Obi-Wan felt the bed dip slightly as additional weight was added to it. Looking up slightly he noticed the Jedi Master was now perched next to him on his bed, looking at him intently with his piercing gaze. "I promise you Obi-Wan, this is very real."

"You want me to be your padawan?" Obi-Wan managed to say- surprised his voice had not cracked with the emotion.

Qui-Gon nodded, "More than anything." Sincerity rang in every syllable.

Obi-Wan blinked rapidly, pushing back the tears as an overwhelming happiness began to blossom up inside of him, spreading through his chest and out even to his fingers and toes, warming him inside out. It was true! He could see the emotion sparkling in the older Jedi's eyes as he waited for the response. Right! The response!

The initiate cleared his throat, a little tentatively. "Master Jinn…I…I would be…more than honored…to be your…Padawan…my Master" he replied, his voice shaking with the final word. He watched as the Master's face broke out into a relieved smile and the bond inside his mind expanded rapidly, swelling with happiness and joy, solidifying to a permanent fixture.

"Padawan…" Qui-Gon could not help the smile that spread across his face as he heard those words. The boy smiled shyly back at him, blue eyes sparkling, his whole body glowing with the delight that shone from him, flushing with happiness.

Obi-Wan felt his heart leap in his chest at the sound of Qui-Gon calling him padawan, his whole being agreeing with it. He was Qui-Gon's padawan. The Qui-Gon Jinn's padawan.

"Master," Obi-Wan tried out the word timidly, finding it sat very well with him indeed.

He had a Master. A Master! The happiness inside him felt like it was going to explode from his chest, he was just so…happy. With that, the recovering padawan fell forwards and wrapped his arms around the Jedi Master's waist, hugging him.

For the briefest moment, Qui-Gon was stunned by the sudden display of spontaneous and open affection. With slight awkwardness at first, but never anger, just surprise and secret delight, Qui-Gon folded his arms around his new charge, smiling as Obi-Wan melted into them, content to find the warmth and safety offered.

"Knew this would happen, I did," a complacent voice, distinctly Yoda's gravelly tones, said smugly behind them. Obi-Wan jumped in surprise, for the last few minutes he had been totally unaware that there had been anyone else in the room with them. The padawan blushed in embarrassment, reluctantly though quite swiftly removing his arms from around his Master's waist. Had he angered his Master?

"Master Yoda." Qui-Gon acknowledged, eyebrows raised, feeling his padawan, jolt with surprise at the sound of the green master's voice, embarrassment flooding the bond. With practiced ease, he rubbed soothing circles on the boy's back, as he felt the slim arms unwind from his waist. "Thank you for startling my Padawan." Those last words would never grow old for him.

Master Yoda chuckled to himself as he took a step towards the new Master-Padawan pair. "Trust the Force you did. Find each other you did. Done now my work is- for now. Rest I should!"

Mace grinned as he watched the now relaxed Qui-Gon Jinn sitting beside his new padawan. The master never thought he would have seen the day when his friend took another, not after what had happened. Now he shared in friend's joy and wished them every success. "Well done Qui," he said, squeezing the master's shoulder. "The Council will definitely approve."

"Alright, alright, I think it's time my patient," Y'Chiryō stressed the word, "calmed down from all this excitement. He still has to recover you know."

"But I'm-" Obi-Wan began to protest.

"Padawan- I suggest you do what Master Healer Y'Chiryō says. He can get pretty grouchy when his patients don't comply with his wishes," Qui-Gon informed his new charge, a grin pulling at his lips.

"Grouchy?" Y'Chiryō demanded, hands on his hips as he surveyed his friend, watching his friend's padawan giggle at him. "Qui-Gon Jinn- I will have you know-"

"Save it for later," Qui-Gon advised as he stood up from his Padawan's bed. "But yes- Obi-Wan you need to rest. Then later- the real training begins." Behind him, Mace and Depa were already moving towards the door, Yoda following them to give the new Master time alone with his recovering Padawan.

Y'Chiryō quietly moved about the room, rechecking his patient's vitals and readouts as Obi-Wan obeyed his new Master's first order as he grudgingly laid down. He was too happy, too full of energy, too excited about what lay ahead to sleep. How could he sleep and miss more of the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Qui-Gon smiled as the boy began to settle down. He could feel the tiredness permeating the bond- whether his padawan admitted it or not. He needed rest and Qui-Gon was not going to deprive him of that. Sending a subtle Force suggestion of sleep down the bond, Qui-Gon gently pushed Obi-Wan further towards sleep.

His eyelids becoming increasingly heavy, Obi-Wan knew he was fighting a losing battle to keep them open, no matter how hard he tried.

"Ssh, Padawan. Sleep," Qui-Gon insisted softly, arranging the blankets more comfortably around his Padawan. "Rest now and when you wake up, everything will be fine."

Those were the last words Obi-Wan heard before he dropped off into a deep, painless sleep, lulled by the soft voice of his Master, the warmth of the Force and the comfort of the bond. How happy Obi-Wan was to hear them too.

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