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What is this?

The rain came suddenly, surprising every one who was outside to enjoy the previously warm sunny day. People were enjoying there time outside, taking a break from classes. There were students doing all sorts of things; sitting by the lake, couples were walking around, and even studying. No one was expecting any sort of bad weather, especial since there wasn't even a cloud in the sky ten seconds a go. But, the sky quickly grew dark and before any one had a chance to realize what was happening they were being splattered with water.

People scattered and everyone made a run for the castle. The hufflepuffs who had grabbed their precious books and shoved them under their cloaks, were bumping into the girls who were trying not to get their hair ruined. A boy from one of the couples walking around had to chase after his girlfriend who ran away muttering something about a white shirt.

It was a great mob of people all rushing to get inside the castle before they got to wet. The only ones who weren't part of this, were three students who were still sitting by the lake. Two of them, a tall red-haired boy and a bushy haired girl, were so busy arguing with each other they hadn't even noticed the sudden down pour.

The third student, a dark- haired boy who never really minded the rain, was enjoying watching his clueless friends. Finally, when it looked as if Hermione was about to curse Ron, Harry decided to step in.

" Umm... guys? You think we should head back in now?", he said, not even bothering to hide his smile. These two needed to get together soon, before one of them ended up in the infirmary.

" Huh?" Ron said looking around, and finally noticing the rain, "Oh, yeah good idea, mate". Blushing furiously he began picking up his sopping wet bag. Mean while Hermione had already gathered her things and cast a drying spell on them. She glared at Ron one last time and then turned to Harry and said, " See you at dinner, Harry", before turning on her heel and marching away.

" What were you arguing about, anyway?", Harry asked, truly curios. There was only one thing Harry could think of. Hermione had be on his case because he waited until the last minute to do his charms essay, and he, not surprisingly, asked to copy hers. But, that's not something that would cause the type of fight Harry just witnessed. Maybe it was something serious. Harry became worried. What would happen if they got in a real fight? He didn't want to be in the middle or have to chose a side.

However, Ron's shrug along with the confused look on his face, caused Harry to sigh with relief. Harry's first thoughts were confirmed. They were just arguing because they couldn't admit how they felt. It wasn't anything important. Harry couldn't stop the laugh that escaped. His friends really had it bad. They were fighting instead of telling each other how they really felt. Ron's glare only made him laugh harder.

He kept laughing and soon he couldn't breath. It was becoming a problem because they were walking up the stairs outside the castle door. He only stopped when Ron pulled out his wand and pointed it at him. Harry didn't stop because of the fake threat, but because he suddenly realized his own wand wasn't in his pocket. He stopped walking and began checking in all his pockets. Nope, it wasn't anywhere. He turned to Ron who had put his own wand back in his pocket.

" I must have left it by the lake. You go on ahead, Ron", Harry said. The rain was slowing, but it was still cold and wet, and he didn't want his friend to have to be in it any longer then was necessary. Besides, it would be faster if he went alone. Harry turned and ran back towards the lake before Ron could protest. Not that he was going to. It was too close to dinner time.

Harry spotted his wand quickly, using his seeker's eye, and hurried back to the castle. He assumed Ron took his advice, because he wasn't waiting for him inside the door. The smell of food hit Harry hard, for the first time making him realize how hungry he was.

Harry was in such a hurry he almost slipped as he turned a corner. Apparently, the students who ran inside earlier decided to wring out all their cloaks in the same spot. As Harry flung his arms around wildly, trying to regain his balance he thought he heard a laugh A very familiar laugh, to be exact.

However, Harry couldn't think about that because his mind was busy trying to figure out why he wasn't on the floor. After Harry finally got his footing, it took him a moment to realize he had two arms around his waist. He looked behind him to see who it was, and was meet with the face of a tall, brown-haired, hazel eyed boy. The boy smiled at Harry and let go.

" You should be careful, we wouldn't want our hero's down fall to be a puddle of water and a cement ground", the boy said with a smile, to let Harry know he was only joking. Harry didn't catch on and instead a small frown formed on his face. Harry was also didn't catch on to how even though the other boy had let go of his waist, he was still standing rather close. Harry was upset at being called hero.

Harry got annoyed when people called him hero or savior. They couldn't understand it wasn't a choice. He would give it all up if he could. It was a hard life. It meant his parents were dead, he would probably die too, and any one close to him was in danger. It stopped him from ever being able to have a normal relationship. All he wanted was a normal life.

Ignoring, or not noticing, Harry's frown the boy smiled again and said, " Well, see you around". He then turned round and walked the few feet to the great hall, pulled the door open and went through.

Harry was startled out of his thoughts when the boy spoke, and looked up just as the doors were closing. His stomach growled to remind him that there was food in there and so he started to walk towards the great hall. Unfortunately, his stomach did not remind him there was still a puddle in front of him, and he almost slipped again.

Now, there were two things that distinguished this slip from the first one. One, was this time he caught himself. The other was this time he was positive he heard a laugh. When he regained his balance he turned to look for the source of the laugh. Sure enough, Harry turned around to see Malfoy leaning on a wall, smirking at him.

"Aww, what's a matter, potter? You get caught in the rain without any of your fans near by to carry you into the castle?" Malfoy asked, spitting out the word Potter. Harry, who was tired from walking from the lake twice, and cold because the rain had soaked his clothes all the way through and hungry because he was so close to the dinning hall he could practically taste the smells, just sighed and turned his back on Malfoy to start walking away, this time making sure to avoid the puddle.

Malfoy, however had other ideas. He wasn't going to let Harry get off that easily. Any way, no body walks away from a Malfoy. He pushed off the wall and walked to stand in front of Harry, preventing him from moving further down the hall. Harry gritted his teeth, not wanting a fight right now, and said " move", as non-threateningly as he could.

" What's the hurry, Potter? Late for your guest appearance at an I-love-Potter meeting", Malfoy said trying to provoke the teenage savior, " or maybe you're going to meet up with your new boyfriend?".

Up until then Malfoy was having a n extemely bad day. His luck seemed to be changing however, when he saw is rival about to fall flat on his arse. But no, some one, some where was preventing him from have any fun today.

Potter was saved by some hufflepuff idiot. This seemed to put Malfoy in an even worse mood. The only high point in his day and this moron had ruined it. Malfoy decided to wait until the boy left, maybe potter would do something else entertaining. When the boy finally did leave, Malfoy thought he was going to be rewarded for his patience. Potter was actually going to walk back into that puddle! Malfoy couldn't help but laugh.

But again, fate intervened as Potter righted himself. Fine, Malfoy was just going to have to take matters into his own hands. He threw an insult out, but Potter just walked away. So he got even more annoyed and tried again. This time Potter responded.

" Shove off, Malfoy", Harry said trying to force his anger down. He took a calming breath, stepped closer, and looked at Malfoy, as if that would cause Malfoy to back down.

Whatever Harry was expecting to happen when he looked into Malfoy's eyes it certainly was not what he got. Something changed when their eyes meet, and shock passed though both of them. Suddenly, Harry began to notice how close Malfoy was. At the same time, Malfoy noticed how Harry's t- shirt stuck to his stomach, and how strangely alluring he looked standing there dripping wet.

Not ten seconds after these two began making these new and realizations about each other, a student leaving diner early threw the doors to the great hall open, causing Harry and Malfoy to panic. Even though anyone watching these two would not have seen anything worth panicking about, they both felt differently. They had crossed some sort of line, or where at least, taking the steps towards it. For this reason, they both came to the conclusion the should hide. Maybe out of shame or out of fear, but something made them both slide into the alcove.

With barely enough room to stand apart, they were even closer then they had been before, and logically the thoughts did not leave, they only grew stronger. Harry could feel the heat coming off Malfoy now, and leaned in unconsciously. He also noticed new things he had not had the opportunity to in the hallway. Like the way Malfoy smelled like coconuts or how he kept licking his lips.

Malfoy, also given a new opportunity to see his enemy a little closer, used it to study Harry's stomach. Harry's shirt had slide up a little when he slid his back against the wall. Malfoy, for some reason, couldn't stop staring at Harry's skin. It looked so smooth Out of now where, he had a strong desire to touch Harry. He pushed it down and tried to clear his head. Both the boys were breathing deeply, and Malfoy noticed Harry was leaning in closer then he should be. Because he shouldn't be leaning in at all. They were enemies. This was wrong. On some level they both knew that.

Malfoy looked up to search Harry's face. Maybe he was frowning and he would tell Malfoy to stop being a freak and quit staring at his stomach, maybe he would punch him, or yell, anything to snap them out of it. But when Malfoy looked up and saw Harry was staring at his lips , he felt a shock go straight through him. Malfoy quickly looked down to avoid Harry's eyes and was again greeted with the sight of Harry's skin. Malfoy licked his lips.

Before they could realize they had no reason to be standing in the tiny alcove, and should both just walk away, Malfoy decided he really wanted to feel Harry's skin. He reached his hand out and ran his fingers across Harry's stomach, causing Harry to gasp. He continued moving his fingers back and forth under Harry's shirt, across his stomach, around to his waist and then back again.

He knew this was wrong, but Malfoy couldn't help it. He wanted to feel more. He moved his hands up to Harry's chest, skimming the material of his wet shirt. He was memorized by Harry's breathing. When he reached the top and moved to Harry's neck, he could hear Harry's breath hitch. Malfoy decided he liked Potter breathless.

With more determination, he moved his fingers slowly back down Harry's chest to his stomach. He traced invisible patterns with feather light touches, all the while leaving Harry's skin tingling. Malfoy was amazed at how soft Harry's skin was.

Just knowing he was effecting Harry this way, was turning him on. He was getting hard, and Harry being so close and feeling so good wasn't helping. Malfoy wasn't able to get a clear thought in his head. All he knew was he wanted more. He moved his fingers down, pushing past Harry's belt.

Malfoy almost jumped back when he felt a hand on his wrist. Up until then Harry was just standing there. He hadn't touched Malfoy. He looked up at Harry and noticed his eyes were bright and unfocused, and his breathing was irregular. He looked turned on, but also unsure. Malfoy slowly drew his hand out of Harry's pants.

But Harry did not let go of his wrist. He seemed to be considering something, because a small frown formed on his face. Malfoy's couldn't help but notice how cute it was. All the sudden he wanted to kick himself. What the hell was wrong with him? He needed to leave, to get some space so he could think straight, but he didn't pull away. So instead he tried to ignore how hot his skin felt where Harry's fingers were.

Malfoy thought Harry forget he was holding onto him, but then Harry moved his fingers. Malfoy's heart jumped in his chest. Harry moved his thumb over the back of Malfoy's hand. Then moved his whole hand, pressing their palms together, and interlacing their fingers. It was Malfoy's turn to gasp.

All the time he was touching Harry, it was only he him was doing the touching. This was different. Some how it was better. It was intimate. This felt like Harry was connecting with him. It was Harry saying that he was here with him too. That whatever was happening to Malfoy, was happening to Harry. He felt whatever it t is going on between them too.

A rush of desire hit Malfoy and grabbed Harry's waist with his free hand. He squeezed Harry's hand once before he pushed his own hips forward and ground them into Harry's.

As they both groaned out loud, Malfoy looked up to meet Harry's eyes. Bright green orbs stared back at him and he was hit with such strong wave of desire he lost any control he had left. Malfoy dropped Harry's hand and pushed him up against the wall behind him. He pressed his entire body into Harry's, causing them both to groan again as their erections made contact once more.

Harry reached around Malfoy and grabbed a fist full of his shirt, his other hand coming up to Malfoy's neck, pulling him closer. They rocked against each other faster now letting the pressure build, and Malfoy stuck both his hands in Harry's hair. He ran his hands over Harry's scalp, pulling his hair as their hips meet more sharply this time. Harry let out a deep moaned.

They began moving together faster , developing a rhythm. Harry moved his head and was breathing in Malfoy's ear, causing him to shiver. Harry wrapped his leg around Malfoy back creating more friction between them.

Harry felt so amazing. He'd never experienced anything like this before. This was fantastic, and the fact that it was Malfoy making him feel like this made the whole thing even more intense. It was wrong. He knew it. But the way Malfoy was moving against him desperately and making those delicious noises, or the way he was gripping his hips so tightly felt so right to Harry. He couldn't stop the words coming from his mouth , " Oh God... Malfoy".

Malfoy tried but failed to repress a shudder. They were both so lost in each other and completely wrapped up in what they were doing they almost didn't hear the great hall doors opening signaling the end of dinner. Almost.

When the doors opened, Harry froze with his leg around Malfoy and Malfoy with both hands in Harry's hair. When the sound of the students passing by was only a few feet from them, they broke apart. Both boys were breathing very heavily, and were feeling very annoyed and shocked by interruption. They had forgotten about the world and when it came back to them in the form of a few hundred teenagers heading up to bed, they weren't prepared . It hit them like a bucket of cold water.

They were now standing as far apart as the alcove would allow. Harry dared to look at Malfoy. He was staring out at the students passing by. He looked disheveled, well disheveled for Malfoy, anyway. His hair was messed up a bit, and his shirt rumpled. He was getting control of his breathing but his chest was still moving faster then normal. Harry watched his chest rise and fall, and wondered what it would be like to touch it. He imagined running his hands across it like Malfoy had done to him.

Harry suddenly wanted to reach out to him and finish want they started. Who cared about the mill of students passing by or the fact that it was Malfoy. But he didn't move. He knew it was just the adrenaline pumping through his body. He wasn't used to having these feelings before. It was new. And that was all. They distance between them was allowing him to get some perspective. Whatever this was it couldn't happen again.

Still, Harry felt uncomfortable about the silence. He wanted to say something but didn't know what. He certainly wasn't going to talk about what just happened. He decided he was going to repress it and he guessed Malfoy was going to do the same. So he wasn't going to bring it up. But, still the silence was becoming more awkward by the second. So he said the only other thing he could think of.

" ummm... sorry, about your shirt". He realized he had gotten it wet when they were...Harry shook his head to clear those thoughts. He wasn't doing a very good job of repressing. He could feel Malfoy pressing against him, moving grabbing... He felt him self blush. He shook his head again. He looked up when he realized Malfoy didn't answer and saw that he was no longer there, neither were the students. Malfoy must have left as soon as the last student passed by.

Harry sighed and headed up to the common room. He was going to have to think of an excuse to tell Hermione and Ron, when they ask him why he missed dinner. He was getting a head ache and was tired. This had been a very tiering day. He really wanted to sleep. He quickened his pace. At least he wasn't hungry any more. Harry sighed again, and tried not ro think about tomorrow.

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