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Chapter 4

Malfoy tried to control his excitement at being back. For god's sake, this was only Potter. The holiday's at the mansion where boring as ever. He had to attend several party's, greet people he didn't know and make sinfully boring small talk. He told himself he was only so anxious because he had been forced to play ' the good dutiful son' for a whole month, and wanted to relax a little.

Harry was just as anxious, but he wasn't kidding himself. He nervous about seeing Malfoy again. The holiday's at Ron's were great. He played chess, opened presents, and ate more then humanly possible. He was glad to be back though. The Weasly's were great, but he still wasn't used to so many people in such a small place. That and he couldn't stop thinking about a certain blonde Slytherin.

When he walked into the Great Hall he could feel his palms sweating. He scanned the room, quickly, for any signs of blonde hair. He was rewarded when his eyes reached the end of the Slytherin table. And as if he could sense his gaze Malfoy looked up.

Their eyes meet sending a shock through both of them, before Harry was bumped from behind and their connection broke. Ron said something to get Harry's attention and he walked to the Gryffinder table. He sat down but couldn't concentrate. He kept fidgeting and playing with his food. He repeatedly looked over to Malfoy. Every once in a while their eyes would meet and Harry would look down quickly, feeling himself blush.

Near the end of dinner, Harry looked to see if he could figure out if Malfoy wanted to meet. He caught the Slytherin's eye , but Malfoy discreetly shook his head, and walked away with a group of Slytherins.

Harry tried to push down the feeling of disappointment that suddenly rose in him. He joined, half - heartedly in a conversation Ron and Ginny where having, trying to take his mind off things.

But again doubts filled his mind. Didn't Malfoy want to see him? Maybe Harry was reading more into this then Malfoy was. He decided to play it cool and wait for Malfoy to make a move.


That morning Harry missed breakfast. He'd grow used to sleeping in over the holidays and none of his dorm mates thought to wake him. At least Ron could have checked me, he thought disgruntled. He was grumpy and hungry, but he knew he wasn't going to make it the Great Hall before breakfast ended. It was on the other side of the castle. Harry let out a heavy sigh.

He was walking down a long corridor trying to ignore his stomach growls, when he felt him self being thrown against a wall and his hands held firmly at his side. He panicked a bit when he realized he couldn't move.

He was barley able to comprehend what was happening before a pair of lips crashed to his and a tongue was shoved into his mouth. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. Harry melted into the kiss and the warm body pressed against him.

"... too... long" Malfoy muttered between kisses.

He pushed their bodies together, leaving no space between them. His hands were still holding Harry's at his side, but now he had it so their fingers were intertwined. He pulled back slightly for air. Their lips were close enough that Harry could feel each of Malfoy's breaths as he exhaled. And when he spoke Harry could feel his lips brush against his own.

" God", Malfoy gasped " I missed you." Before either of them could think of the implications, Malfoy closed the distance between them and crushed their lips together once more.

Malfoy was angry he couldn't get away at dinner last night, but his friends wanted to hear all about his holiday and he didn't want them getting suspicious. He couldn't sleep that night and was looking for Potter as soon as he entered the Great Hall. And when he saw the Weasel come down without him, Malfoy decided to go look for him. To his luck he saw Potter walking down the hall. Seeing him so near for the first time in a month, Malfoy found he couldn't control himself. He lunched onto Harry before he knew what he was doing.

Not that Harry was complaining. Currently, he was pulling his hand out of Malfoy's and running it up his arm, sending shivers through Malfoy. He deepened the kiss. Harry moaned and reached his hand around to Malfoy's neck. Harry could get used to this.

They both broke the kiss, Harry with a sigh ,when they heard the sounds of students coming. Malfoy whispered in Harry's ear before he pulled away completely.

" Our room at ten". Harry felt a strange feeling go through him at the use of his words, 'our room' and could only nod. However, Malfoy hadn't waited long enough to see and was already walking away.

Harry took a few deep breathes and continued waking the way he had been before. He turned the corner and couldn't help scowling at the students who had interrupted them.


Harry gasped when Malfoy pulled him down to the couch, landing firmly on top of him. Malfoy smashed their lips together, plunging his tongue into Harry's mouth, tasting every bit of him. They moved together, in sync, pulling, biting and moaning It was intoxicating. Malfoy felt like he couldn't get enough of Harry. He was touching him every where he could.

When Malfoy finally collapsed, feeling sedated and relaxed , he let his sightly moist head fall in the crook of Harry's neck.

Malfoy wondered if that was more intense because of them kissing for the first time or because they had been away from each other for too long.Thinking about that, he remembered his words earlier and was glad Harry couldn't see his face,because he was pretty sure he was blushing. He cringed at the thought.

Had he really said he missed Harry? Did he? He knew he couldn't stop thinking about him, but would he go so far as to say he missed him? Either way he had to get better control of his emotions. He pulled back slightly to look at Harry. He was surprised to find him asleep.

Idiot. Malfoy snorted rolling his eyes. It was amazing how he survived life this far. He was far too trusting. He shouldn't feel relaxed enough around him to fall asleep. They were enemies not too long ago.

But he does. A little voice inside Malfoy's head said. He frowned. Well he shouldn't and Malfoy shouldn't want him to either. Harry should be afraid of him, or hate him, but he didn't. Did Malfoy hate him still? He tried to work out how he felt about Harry.

He looked at the his former enemy once more, hoping to find the answer in his face. Harry had his mouth open slightly, his glasses were askew, and his hair was as messy as ever. Malfoy couldn't help but think he looked adorable. He sighed. It was no use. He was a lost cause.

Maybe I shouldn't worry about it any more, his addled, sleep deprived supplied. Obviously Harry wasn't. He laid his head down once again. This time a bit lower, so it was resting on Harry's chest. He listened to Harry's heartbeat. He sighed sleepy, unaware of his own smile as Harry's hands tightened around him. He stopped fighting his exhaustion and let sleep take over.


Harry was suddenly thrown, a scenario he was becoming all to familiar with, against a wall. Once again he found his hands were pinned against the wall, only this time they were above his head. Harry could feel the cold stone on his wrist and his back, contradicting the warm body so close to his.

His assailant stuck his head into the crock of Harry's neck, inhaling deeply. He kissed it once then moved his lips to Harry's. He kissed Harry roughly never letting go of his grip on Harry's wrists. After what seemed like an eternity and barley enough time all at once, Malfoy pulled back and took several calming breaths before he walked away. Leaving Harry standing there, having to catch his own breath and adjust him self, before he too could walk away.

In spite of the thrill that went through him at touching Harry, Malfoy had a frown on his face.

He had been having a bad day. He had detention two nights in a row and had gotten into a fight with Blaise. His father had owled him, telling him his grade on his last exam was unacceptable. And to top it all off, he had missed lunch because a professor had made him stay late and clean up a mess that wasn't even his fault in the first place. However, he wasn't about to argue, with the way things were going he would end up receiving detention for a month.

And in spite of having all these things to choose from, the thing bothering him the most, was Potter. Of course it was Potter. Its always Potter. That's all he thought about lately. And that was the problem. He was becoming too reliant on him.

One touch from Harry and Malfoy felt loads better. He knew he was becoming addicted to Harry's touch, his laugh, his kisses. Even his company. The boy had a decent sense of humor and he actually listened when Malfoy talked. Something Malfoy wasn't used to. He never meet any one like Harry. He was shy and hesitant one moment and then cocky and confident the next. He drove Malfoy crazy in more ways then one.

Malfoy could barley stand to be away from Harry for too long. He craved him like a drug. He wondered daily what Harry was doing, thinking, and who he was with. He even cared about his opinion now. Malfoy remembered two weeks ago with a scowl on his face.

They had meet, like they had been more and more lately. And also like they had been more and more lately, they stayed to talk. He didn't how it happened, but they ended up talking about clothing. Harry had mentioned how Malfoy looked better in blue, something about how it brought out his eyes. And how he should wear it more often. From then on Malfoy made sure he was wearing blue on the nights they meet.

Another time Harry mentioned how his hair looked better loose then slicked back. He smiled at the memory of Harry running his hands through his hair. Again Malfoy found himself changing his look to please Harry. He was wearing it the way Harry preferred almost every day now. His smile turned into a frown as he tried to remember the last time he slicked it back.

He continued on to class coming to a decision. He would slick it back tonight before he meet Harry. He wasn't going to let any one, least of all Potter change him.

Malfoy never got a chance to, however. As it was he barley had enough time to get there before ten. He didn't dare be late like Potter was, only too often. He, unlike Potter, had some class.

Later that night, as Harry was sticking his hands in Malfoy's hair, clinging to him and kissing him nearly to death, Malfoy decided he didn't really mind leaving his hair un-slicked. If it made Harry do that, it was worth it. As Harry pulled his head closer, Malfoy growled low in his throat. That was the last time he questioned anything he did because of Harry.


Harry was smiling. He felt better then he had in a long while. He was happy and had a noticeable bounce in his step. He never in million years would have guessed Malfoy would be the one to make him feel like this. He was enjoying his happy mood and would go as far as to say he was content, if it wasn't for one little thing.

He had no idea how Malfoy really felt and it was driving him insane. He would have felt confident saying Malfoy liked him or at least had some sort of affection for him. But this was only based on their time alone together. The rest of the time had Harry feeling hesitant.

The more time they spent together, the closer he felt to Malfoy, and the more time he wanted to spend with Malfoy. It took him many restless nights and countless detentions, due to lack of concentration, to come to terms with this. But now that he accepted it he didn't know what to do next.

Harry wanted to tell people about them. He wanted to be able to hold Malfoy's hand or kiss him when ever he wanted. He wanted to stop lying to his friends about where he disappeared to all the time. But he had no idea if Malfoy felt the same way. He knew how important Malfoy's reputation was to him and he didn't want to pressure him, but he wanted to know how Malfoy felt.

He tried to figure out what was going on in Malfoy's head, but the more he got to know the Slytherin the more confused he got. Malfoy gave his complete attention to Harry when they were together, he even attacked him in the corridor's, dragging him into an empty room or just kissing and groping him against a wall. He struck out suddenly always managing to surprise Harry. It seemed he felt as strongly about Harry as Harry did him.

But then the rest of the time he couldn't get the blonde's attention. He tried time and time again to catch his eye across the hall or in class. He would intentionally walk by the Slytherin's , hoping Malfoy would be among them. But even when he was, he never looked up or even acknowledged Harry's presence. Ever since they had kissed Malfoy seemed to make it his mission to avoid Harry. He soon realized he probably wasn't going to get his attention unless he set him self on fire and ran through the castle naked.

And this is what confused Harry. Was Malfoy ashamed of him? Was he some dirty little secret? Just a way for Malfoy to get off? He tried not to feel miserable at that thought, but he couldn't think of any other reason Malfoy would ignore him like that.

He couldn't help wondering if Malfoy was some how using him. He wondered if Malfoy saw him as anything more then some one he could use for his own pleasures. Some one he knew wouldn't tell the whole school and he could control with whispered promises. Harry blushed, suddenly embarrassed at the thought. Well, if it was true Harry couldn't deny it worked like a charm. A few muttered words between kisses and Harry gave in. Every single time. He wondered how much Malfoy was faking to for his benefit.

Harry had to push his thoughts away, as he reached his class. Well, there was no use in making himself miserable. What ever happens next, happens, he told himself sternly. There is no point in worrying about it now. Especially when he could be enjoying his happy feeling, instead.


They meet every night they could, and even then it wasn't enough. They couldn't get enough of each other. Harry would barley walk through the door before Malfoy was on him. Pressing him to the wall or bringing him to the couch. They ran their hands across each other desperately , kissing, groping, pressing into each other, caressing each other.

Slowly, they allowed themselves to drop their guards more and more, showing each other faces they'd never shown before. Doing things they'd never done before.

It soon developed into a pattern for them. They would come together in a tangle of limbs. Sometimes slow taking their time exploring each other. Other times quick and frantic. They rarely fought for control, always knowing when the other needed it more.

The only time they did battle was if that's what they both needed. That was most often when they both had a bad day or they hadn't been able to see each other for a while. They would fight, pushing, grabbing and pulling. It was quick and fast and more intense then any other time. Leaving them both gasping and sweaty, leaning on each other for support. Because it also was usually standing up.

But, no matter how it began or what happened in the middle, it always ended the same. They would stay together in an embrace, or sit lingering near one another other. Laying or sitting, they always found some way to touch while they talked.

Neither boy could say how it started. But it did, similar to the way it started out has it did the night before they went on holiday. They both were reluctant to leave, wanting it to last longer, and talking seemed the logical way to do it.

Now, by the third month into their 'meetings' they never went a night without it. They craved it almost as much as they craved the touches. They talked about everything, from broomsticks to their child hoods. They told each other things they never told any one else before. It was freeing for both of them to have some one to telling there secretes to. Some one who wouldn't judge them. The only thing that seemed off topic was what they were doing.

They never discussed how they felt towards each other or what it meant to them. They were very careful not to bring it up, and to change the subject when a conversation was getting to close to the topic. They were content with what they had and didn't feel the need to talk about it, for fear they would ruin things.

At least that's what Malfoy thought. He learned different one night when Harry decided to break their unspoken rule. Harry was tiered of trying to guess how Malfoy felt and tiered of being ignored.

"What is this?" Harry asked, stopping Malfoy dead in his tracks. He knew something was up the moment Harry came through the door tonight. He was planning to ignore the look in Harry's eyes, and to distract him before he could speak. Maybe Harry would forget what ever he had on his mind. But he didn't get to Harry before the words were spoken. Malfoy had been trying to avoid that question from the beginning. He knew it was going to come up eventually, and was actually a little surprised it wasn't earlier.

Harry spoke quietly, looking at Malfoy with those bright green eyes and Malfoy couldn't shake the feeling that something big was about to happen.

" What do you mean?" he said slowly, trying to figure out exactly where Harry was going with this. Testing his reaction. Trying to see how far he really wanted to take with this.

" Don't play stupid, Malfoy. You know what I'm talking about. This." he said waving his hands between them between them " Us", he finished forcefully, looking up to Malfoy with hard eyes. Malfoy was taking back by his harsh tone, he couldn't help but feel slightly irritated.

" Why are you doing this?" he asked trying to plead with Harry, pushing his annoyance down,

" We have a good thing. It doesn't need to be anything else". Despite having expected this, he still didn't want to have this conversation.

"Does this mean anything to you? Or is it just a way for you to get your rocks off?", Harry asked in a rush, letting out a sigh, at least it was out there now. The ball was in Malfoy's court. Harry waited trying to look determined but inside he was nervous about the answer. He suddenly felt exposed standing their in front of Malfoy.

His instincts were screaming at him to run up to the tower and hide under his covers, anything to get away from here. If he was given the choice between facing a dragon and waiting for Malfoy's answer, he would have chosen the dragon in a heart beat. Maybe he shouldn't have brought this up. They did have a good thing. Harry mentally shook his head. No, he told himself. He wasn't going to give in. He needed to know. One way or the other.

Malfoy suddenly got angry. At himself, at Harry, and at this whole situation. He allowed his anger to talk for him, avoiding his real feelings.

" What do you want me to do? Follow you around like a member of your fan club, professing my love for you in the halls" , he said angrily. He said the next part in a high pitched voice " Oh Harry ,I need you. I can't live with out you. Marry me, Harry", Malfoy said, letting a smirk for on his lips.

Harry brought his head up sharply to glare at Malfoy. That's not what he meant. He got angry at Malfoy for mocking him.

" No" he ground out. " But you could look at me in the Great Hall or when I pass by. You could smile. Hell, even an insult would be welcome. But you don't even acknowledge I'm there. " Harry said, aware he was raising his voice with each word, but not really caring.

Malfoy tried to calm down. He could see Harry was angry, but Malfoy could tell he was also hurt. Without much warning Malfoy felt guilt well up inside him. He shouldn't have insulted Harry. He was ashamed for letting his anger get the best of him. Harry wasn't being un-reasonable, Malfoy was just averting his feelings. Harry didn't deserve to be yelled at because of his insecurities. Malfoy took a breath and tried to explain.

" I can't..." he stopped shutting his mouth, not expecting the sudden feeling that came with his words. It was fear. He was getting nervous. He wasn't used to sharing his feelings. He wasn't even used to having these feelings. Now he had to try and explain them. He had no idea what to say.

" It's too... I just... can't. Alright?", Malfoy said with a sigh, giving up. He was getting frustrated he couldn't explain his feelings better.

" No." Harry said getting angrier. " It's not alright. I don't understand. It's not like you've never done it before. We've know each other for six years. You look at me when we're alone. Why can't you do it when every one else is around?" he asked, starting to shake, but from his anger or fear of the answer, he didn't know.

Harry desperately wanted answers. He didn't want to end what they had, but he felt he needed to know. Harry couldn't keep doing this. Something needed to change. He knew they had to be together for real or it would have to end . If it wasn't going anywhere, it had to be done.

Harry wanted to laugh, and scream at the same time. They had been together over three months and he still had doubts. He was still expecting Malfoy tell him he was tired of him. That it all meant nothing to him. Harry was scared he was putting to much into this and didn't want to just sit around oblivious, waiting for Malfoy to decide he was done with him. He had huge doubts, and it was because Malfoy never talked to him about it. He knew it, and tonight he was going to change that.

" You want to know why? You really want to know?" Malfoy said getting tiered of the fight already. " Fine. I'll tell you. It's because I can't stand this". He said, letting out a breath.

Harry felt dizzy. Everything he feared was coming true. He wanted to run and hide again. Malfoy was going to tell him now. This was it. He wasn't ready. He didn't want to hear, but couldn't stop himself. He couldn't move. Paralyzed he stood there. Waiting.

" I can't stand seeing you in the corridors and not being able to touch you" .

Huh?, Harry thought, not sure if he heard right. He listened carefully to Malfoy's next words.

" Seeing you right there in front of me. I don't..." he hesitated, about to stop again, but he found the words coming out easier then before.

" I don't understand why I can't have you. I don't understand why I feel like this if we're not suppose to be together. I don't know why I lay awake at night thinking about you... I feel like I'm drowning, and I can't breath properly unless you're near me." Malfoy finished his rant and tried to catch his breath, but Harry caught his lips, blocking any air from coming through.

It put a time limit on their kiss, yes, but the passion behind it, more then made up for it. Harry finally pulled away, leaving Malfoy to gasping for air. Harry bit his lip sheepishly.

Malfoy's words had defiantly shocked him. It was not what Harry had been expecting. Even when Harry had allowed himself to imagine Malfoy telling him how he felt, it was nothing compared to Malfoy's actual confession. Harry's anger melted away and it was replaced with regret for his earlier words.

" Sorry... about before", he said, with his best puppy dog eyes. He felt relieved at Malfoy's admission, knowing Malfoy was in as deep as him. He didn't want to fight any more, instead he wanted to focus his attention on other things. He put his hand on Malfoy's chest.

"Don't worry. I know you can't help it. You are only a Gryffinder after all." He said with a smirk. Inside, he was secretly relived that Harry's acceptance of his feelings. Harry rubbed his hands over Malfoy's chest, but then he got serious. Despite not wanting to fight anymore he felt he had to ask.

" So, we are going to tell people about us right?" Harry didn't see what was stopping him now. With what Malfoy just said, he couldn't deny his feelings for Harry. It seemed logical to ask about the next step.

Malfoy stared for a moment, not sure if Harry really just said that. He blinked once then blinked again. When Harry was still there looking at him expectantly Malfoy spoke.

" No" he said slowly. At the look on Harry's face he tried to amend his statement.

" Not right now" He frowned not sure of how to make Harry understand. Harry removed his hands and stood back.

" But, you like me, right?" Harry asked, and Malfoy could only nod waiting for Harry to finish.

"And I like you. So... why can't we tell people?" Harry truly didn't understand.

" I'm not ready, yet", Malfoy said, exasperated. Harry felt annoyed at Malfoy's tone. Harry was just trying to understand, Malfoy didn't need to act like Harry was asking something huge from him..

" Ohh, You're not ready, yet? So it's just about what you want?" Harry was getting pissed off again. " What about what I want? Did you ever think about how I feel. I'm tired of lying to my friends, tired of having to make up excuses, tired of waiting when I want to see you", Harry said. He was getting upset that Malfoy still didn't get it.

"You know what I think, Malfoy ? I think you're scared. I think you're just making excuses. Stalling, so you don't have to face this. Well, sorry to burst you're bubble, but it's not just going to go away. You can't just hide me in the dark and hope I'll stay. Because I'm telling you right know I won't. You have to make a choice. I need to know this is important to you." Harry said, his anger starting to die down.

"Either you tell them about us... or there is no us. ". Harry finished. Then he waited. And waited... and waited. But Malfoy made no move. So Harry turned and left.


Harry felt miserable. He was tired and had a headache. He was up most of the night thinking about Malfoy. He thought maybe he had made a mistake. Harry had tried to look at it from Malfoy's point of view.

Harry thought about how they both were used to the lime light. But how Malfoy was never really criticized. Where as Harry was used to both positive and negative attention. Having his fair share of it over his years at Hogwarts.

Harry shied away from attention, where as Malfoy craved it. He did everything he could to boast his reputation. He worked hard at it and maybe it wasn't fair of Harry to ask him to risk it all.

He though again , maybe he'd made a mistake with Malfoy last night, but he wasn't going to apologize first. If any one's going to it should be him. He has to at least realize this was important to Harry. And if he couldn't tell people about them then what was the point of continuing. Harry wasn't going to live like this for ever.

Harry could feel some one staring at him and he had a pretty good idea who it was. He willed himself not to look up. Let Malfoy see how it feels to be ignored, he thought bitterly. He turned his attention to Hermione and Ron. Big surprise they were having another fight.

Harry watched as Hermione stalked grabbed her things and moved down to the other end of the table.

" Oy, what's her problem?", Ron asked oblivious as always. Harry who usually found this amusing couldn't help but be completely annoyed today. Something in Harry snapped.

" Ron, will you just shut up! Go tell her you love her and end this torture you 've been putting us all through for the last few years!", Harry yelled at his friend, getting the whole hall's attention in the process. Harry sighed at the hurt and confused look on his friends face and said in a softer tone,

" Look mate, if you're lucky enough to have found that one person who makes you absolutely crazy but you couldn't bare to live with out, then you shouldn't let them get away." at this point Harry looked over to the Slytherin table and meet Malfoy's gaze " no matter how frightening it maybe." And with that Harry got up to leave the Great Hall.

" Wait!", a desperate voice called out.

Everyone's eyes left Harry and turned to the Slytherin table. To be more specific, to a certain blond at the Slytherin. Malfoy just there sat wide eyed, clearly surprised at what he just said. The thought of playing it off , maybe cracking a joke came to him, but he dismissed it.

For some reason he felt scared that if Harry walked away, they really would be over. He wouldn't get him back. And as much as he hated to admit it, he didn't want to lose the stupid git. Malfoy sighed. Well, if he was going to do this he would do it right.

The entire student body watched as Malfoy's terrified look was replaced with one of determination. He stood up gracefully, making sure to stand tall with his head held high and looked over to Harry. Who was watching with just as much curiosity as the rest of the students. Malfoy winked. Then he swept his robes behind him and walked briskly across the hall to stand right in front of Harry.

He took Harry in his arms and dipped him. He winked again and then captured Harry's lips. Malfoy was putting on a show for everyone. Harry smirked at how over dramatic Malfoy was acting, but he at the same time he knew this was a big step for Malfoy. He was letting everyone know about them, and Harry felt more then pleased. Malfoy was placing Harry before his reputation, before his pride.

Harry smiled as he kissed Malfoy back, accepting the silent apology. When Malfoy pulled him back up, he took his hand and led him to the Gryffinder table. He sat down across from a shocked Ron, who still had his fork in mid bite, and pulled Harry next to him. He grabbed some food, put it on his plate and then put a piece of bacon in his mouth. Harry laughed at how easily he was acting. He was behaving as if this was an every day occurrence.

Eventually everyone, stopped staring and went back to their breakfast's. Harry noted, with pleasure Trevor looked especially displeased. Good, now maybe he'll leave me alone. Harry smiled at the thought of what Malfoy would do to the boy.

Ron was still sitting with his mouth open and Harry suggested maybe if they leave him alone he would come around on his own. Hermione came back over and sat next to Ron. She began to talk to Malfoy about some class they had togther, and Harry laughed again. This time at how natural Hermione was acting.

Eventually Ron snapped out of it. He had a scowl on his face and looked as if he was going to say something fowl to Malfoy. Harry tensed up. He didn't want a fight between them. But to his luck, Hermione intervened. Apparently she was inspired by Malfoy, because she grabbed Ron and kissed him.

When they pulled apart, both blushing, Ron seemed a little more relaxed. He didn't talk to Malfoy directly but he also didn't insult him. Which was a start. Harry knew it would take time but he would eventually come around.

Harry smiled when he felt a hand slip into his. Malfoy leaned close to whisper in Harry's ear.

" I love You, Harry Potter". Harry felt his Heart flutter. He squeezed Malfoy's hand, but didn't say anything back. He was going to wait until tonight to show...tell Malfoy how he felt.

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