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'Lost and Found' is a very "Lee" episode. In 'The Long Christmas Eve' and 'Remembrance of Things Past', Lee comes to realize that Amanda truly cares for him as a person. They're past the "Amanda's crush" phase and Lee is genuinely surprised at the truce Amanda manages to bring about in the cabin so she can save Lee. And then he is touched at Amanda's deep grief when he "dies". [I am a member of the "Lee spies on his own funeral" crowd—though that's been done very well elsewhere.

Now, in 'Lost and Found' Lee gets several gut shots—with Angelo Spinelli coming to the Agency for relocation—Angelo telling Lee Eva is dead—and then Eva coming back to life. Oh yeah—and also Lee discovering Eva is KGB and was the entire time she knew Lee. He is off-balance the whole time and he even says he'll ask to be taken off the case in the morning. This episode takes place over three days and two nights. That's all. That's a lot for one man to handle in a very short time.

In 'The ACM Kid' we learned that Lee's parents died when he was young. In this one we learn Lee is willing to commit to a relationship and marry. He just didn't get the opportunity. KGB politics aside, Lee probably realized he was too late and he didn't force the issue—he gallantly allowed Eva and Angelo their happiness. Angelo certainly figured that out—maybe Eva did—but Lee figured she preferred Angelo to him. So he bailed out. As he said "I almost married her—there's a subtle difference."

This story takes place before, during and after the episode 'Lost and Found', and builds on the episode itself. There are bits of dialogue from the episode, but mostly I tried to just "fill in the blanks" and left the episode itself alone.

Lost and Found Filler

By Ermintrude

'When Dorothy died, something inside me died too. Only I didn't know it until I met Eva. That's when it came back to life again. God I loved—love—Eva. I loved her so much I wanted to marry her. Only Angelo beat me to it. So I just let her go…'

It was 11:30pm, in the darkened house where Angelo and Eva Spinelli were spending their first night together since he had been arrested and imprisoned by the KGB over two years previously. Lee Stetson lay on the couch in the living room of the house where the Agency had relocated Angelo Spinelli, and tried to make sense of the previous 48 hours.

'Maybe Billy was right, I shouldn't be involved on a case with Angelo Spinelli. He's a good guy—brilliant, honest, good-looking. And his life was certainly more stable than mine was then. Or now. The lifestyle of a government agent doesn't lend itself to a stable married life. I wasn't surprised she chose him then—and I guess I'm still not surprised. But I'm still in love with Eva. Not that it will go anywhere. And I wouldn't do that to Angelo anyhow.' He sighed deeply. 'I guess it's not really over.'

He got up and checked outside, looking through the living room curtains. Things were quiet. He couldn't see Jenkins, parked around the corner, but he knew Jenkins was there nonetheless.

Lee sat back on the couch and contemplated playing solitaire. 'It would have been better if Amanda had stayed—we could have played cards and she'd talk about her kids or the PTA or really anything—it doesn't matter. Just so I don't have to be here alone and think about them—together—in there.'

He got up and went into the kitchen—he cast around for something to do. He finally settled on making himself a cup of coffee. It didn't take nearly long enough. While he drank his coffee, he checked the back door and looked into the darkened back yard from the dark kitchen. It was still and empty. But the KGB knew Angelo was in the US—so he had to be ready. They would probably strike during the night—and Lee's job was to keep Angelo—and Eva—safe. He wondered how he had gotten into this mess. Before this case, his life was much less complicated.


48 hours earlier Lee had been en route from Sri Lanka to DC. It had been an easy assignment: go in—pick up the information—get out. No trouble—no complications—no Amanda. He even had time to have coffee with Emily Farnsworth at Heathrow Airport between planes.

She bustled up to where Lee sat at a small table by a coffee stand. "Hello Lee! Glad to see you're back among the living." They embraced briefly.

"Hi Emily! I'm sorry about that—but it was a case…"

"Isn't it always? I presume you got your man?"

"Yeah. It was an inside job—which is why I had to die. Then I could investigate without people knowing I was on the case."

"How did you manage that if you were dead?"

"Amanda helped me—I stayed at her place."

"Amanda? Is she one of your lady friends?" Emily asked archly.

"Amanda! You've got to be kidding!" Lee was shocked anyone would even suggest something like that. "She's a civilian auxiliary and she helps out from time to time. It was Billy's idea. He keeps throwing her at me, and she does manage to sometimes come up with useful stuff but mostly she's an accident-prone amateur."

"Why would Billy Melrose partner you with an 'accident-prone amateur'?"

"We aren't partners, Emily! Not Amanda! Never!" Lee was frustrated that everyone seemed to misunderstand where Amanda fit into his work life.

"How did she get involved with you then?" Emily asked with quiet but frank curiosity.

"Ah, well…" Lee looked sheepish. "She was an emergency—an accident." At Emily's questioning look he continued. "Last fall, I was being chased, I couldn't get to my contact, I gave her the package and told her to get it to my contact. Only there were 25 guys with red hats on that train and it ended up being complicated. That's the story of my life with Amanda King. She seems to complicate everything. Either that or she's getting into trouble and I have to bail her out."

"I had heard some rumor about your being charged with treason because of some civilian. Was that your Amanda?"

"She's not my Amanda!" Lee ran his hand through his hair. "But yeah—she was kidnapped in my place—the suits wouldn't trade for her…" Lee became lost in thought.

Emily sized her friend up—obviously there was a lot going on here that he wasn't talking about. She wondered about the 'civilian auxiliary' that Lee had risked treason to save. She determined to meet this "Amanda King" and size her up for herself.

"Anyhow..." Lee continued, "I managed to arrange the trade to get Amanda back and then later, we got the guy I traded for her plus a few more—so it turned out OK and the charges were dropped."

"I see. By "we" do you mean you and Amanda?"

"Yeah. She was kidnapped so I needed her to help backtrack to the house where she was held. She did pretty well, too. She does have instincts. But she's a magnet for trouble." He shook his head. "She is a whiz at the paperwork—she's great at typing up my reports—makes the job lots easier, that's for sure." He smiled brightly.

"I hope you let her know how much you appreciate her help, Lee."

"Emily, that's not necessary. Amanda has endless enthusiasm for the work. I can't keep her away. I tried discouraging her—tried to tell her to get another job—a normal job—this life isn't right for a divorced housewife with two kids and a live-in mother. But she keeps coming back. Billy has a lot to do with it. And Amanda also keeps volunteering to help out in any way she can. So Billy keeps using her for whatever he can think up. And that often involves me…"

"Is she with you now?" Emily looked around.

"No. Thankfully my overseas assignments are still solo. The way I like it."

"Thank heaven for small mercies." Emily said dryly.

Lee totally missed the sarcasm.

They chatted another hour about their jobs and world politics in general. Then Lee's plane back to DC was announced.

"I've gotta go, Emily. But thanks for coming out—it seems we don't get to see each other as often as I'd like."

"Yes, we both keep busy. Don't be a stranger, Lee. A phone call now and again wouldn't go amiss." They embraced.

"Take care of yourself, Emily."

"You too, Lee."

He boarded his plane to DC.


After Lee got off the plane in DC he went straight to the Agency. He was anxious to write up his notes and then get away for some R&R. Except he had run right into Angelo Spinelli. Billy had tried to warn him off the case—tried to warn him about Eva—but Lee just barged in and greeted Angelo.

Then Angelo dropped his bombshell. He told Lee Eva was dead. Lee couldn't believe it, so Angelo explained: "Eva's visits gave me the courage to continue resisting. That is, I suppose why…" Angelo was lost momentarily. "She was arrested during one of her visits. The day after, they took her into a little room." He hung his head.

"Angelo, I…" Lee tried to say something…

Angelo gathered his thoughts. "They still never got what they wanted, since I just sort of, um…lost my mind. I was taken to a hospital and it was from there your people helped me to escape."

Lee was shaking his head, "No. No, I don't want to believe this…"

Angelo was swift to comfort the other man. "Of course you don't. I mean, you were after all as … as much in love with my wife as I was."

Shortly after that, Billy and Amanda entered the room. They talked about the relocation setup for Angelo. Lee wasn't listening. He excused himself and went to the nearest men's room. He went into a stall and locked the door after him. He leaned into the wall and tried to breathe deeply.

'Eva is dead. Killed by the KGB. Over a month ago, it seems. Poor Angelo. Poor Eva.'

He was gasping for breath. He couldn't get oxygen into his lungs. He felt like he had been punched in the gut. 'It shouldn't be like this. She chose Angelo. I left Italy over two years ago. It's over. I've had lots of girlfriends since Eva. So why does it hurt so much?' He relaxed, used his training, and got his breath under control.

'I owe it to Eva to see Angelo's settled and safe. She's dead—they're all dead—Eric, Dorothy, now Eva. Everyone around me dies—and I still go on.' He took a few more cleansing breaths. The he shook his head and unlocked the stall. He washed his hands and splashed water on his face. 'Gotta go on. Just keep going on. Everyone else is dead, and I keep going on. Story of my life.'


Later, at the hamburger stand where they had stopped for lunch, Lee and Amanda talked privately.

"Gee, you know, it's funny, in all the conversations we've had you never mentioned Eva," Amanda started in a somewhat coy manner.

"Amanda, do you have any idea how many things I have never mentioned to you?"

"A couple million," she replied quickly.

Lee shook his head, "No."

"Close, though," she retorted.

"Yeah," he reluctantly agreed.

"Yeah, I just thought that maybe, you know, in one conversation or another, you would mention her. I mean—she did almost marry you."

Lee looked a bit chagrined, "Or I almost married her. There's probably a subtle difference."

Amanda was surprised. "She turned you down?"

"We never really got that far," he admitted looking somewhat insecure. "I wanted to talk to her about it, she came running into the café all excited—and she told me she was marrying Angelo. She'd been his research assistant. That's how I met her. And anyway I told her I was happy for her and…"

"And you never told her how you really felt?" Amanda was incredulous.

"She'd already made her decision," Lee replied dismissively.

"I'm sorry," Amanda apologized. "Its…its really none of my business."

Lee was quick to reassure her. "Oh, no, no, no, we … it probably wouldn't have worked out for both of us anyway."

Then Lee's burger came and they rejoined Angelo at their table. As they ate, Amanda and Angelo chatted while Lee brooded. 'It probably wouldn't have worked out—keep telling yourself that, Stetson. Makes it easier to justify letting her go. But be real. What woman would want me for the long haul? I'm lousy marriage material—three black books—a short attention span when it comes to romance—I'd never know what to do if there were kids in the picture. No way. So it's just better for all concerned that I stay a bachelor.' He finished his burger and crumpled the wrapper. 'Except Eva was … different. It was different with her.' He paused a moment to remember. 'But she's dead so I'll never know now. So I've just gotta go on … do the job … keep my head in the job—keep Angelo—and Amanda—safe. Keep them safe—that's my job.'

Somehow it was easier to concentrate on the job with Amanda around. Suddenly he was glad she was helping out on this one. 'Setting up housekeeping—that's Amanda's strong suit. So she'll just do her thing and I'll guard her—and Angelo.'


They spent the day making the house comfortable and stocking it for Angelo. Amanda took charge and Lee and Angelo just followed her directions. They went grocery shopping and Lee was amazed how Amanda was able to draw Angelo out—get him to tell her what he liked to eat—if he cooked—what he read—what he liked to do in his leisure time. 'She could befriend a rock and get it to talk.' Lee mused. 'She's no agent, but for this stuff Billy's right—she's perfect. All I have to do is worry about the security and watch out for hostiles. Amanda's taking care of everything else.'

They went to a nearby department store to get things the Agency had not provided, like extra sheets and towels, clothes for Angelo, shoes, and toiletries. All the little things that help make a house a home. Amanda helped Angelo in ways that made him feel comfortable.

Once all the purchases were put away, and the house was in order, Amanda cooked dinner for Lee and Angelo, and then left for her own home. She promised to be back early the next morning. Lee and Angelo spent a quiet evening. Angelo went to bed early. Lee slept on the couch in the living room.


The next morning Angelo was up early—and Lee was up too. After breakfast, Angelo was too keyed up to sit and wait for Amanda, so he went outside in the back yard to do some yard work.

After some sleep, Lee was coming to terms with Eva's death. It was sad—but life went on and he had a job to do. It helped that he liked Angelo—even if he found the academic painfully naïve and idealistic. Still, they both mourned Eva, which was something that allowed them to bond a bit. At least each man understood if the other lapsed into a preoccupied silence.

And Amanda helped too—primarily in that she and Angelo got along and she was managing the housekeeping part of the assignment. But she was also there to help fill in the silences—keep Lee's attention on whatever it was she rambled on about so he didn't have a chance to brood about Eva. And for some reason, she wasn't nearly as annoying as she could be. Maybe it was because most of her rambling wasn't directed at him, but at Angelo. Or could he actually be finding her rambling comforting? In that case, he must be in worse shape than he realized.

Lee was finally starting to feel somewhat normal when the doorbell rang. Jenkins was at the door with a visitor. Lee opened the door and saw Jenkins with another person—a woman—Eva.

"Eva. Here. Alive. Eva. Alive. Here.' Lee was stunned.

"May I come in?" Eva smiled at him.

"Sure, yeah." Lee was in shock. First Eva married Angelo. Then Eva was dead. Now she is alive?!? What had happened, was this real? Briefly he wondered if he had been drugged and was being softened up with nightmare scenarios. Then Eva was in his arms in an embrace. And he remembered—she chose Angelo over him. "Your, uh, husband's out there." He gestured to the back yard where Angelo was raking.

As Eva left to greet Angelo—her husband—and it all hit Lee hard. Eva was not dead—she was alive—alive!! But she was still married to Angelo. They were in love. He saw the evidence of that before his eyes—they embraced—they kissed—Angelo was so happy—Eva seemed happy too. Lee realized he should be happy—but he was too off balance to feel much of anything. He talked to Jenkins but the words didn't register. He took the envelope with Eva's papers.

Then Amanda was there and she came back with—dry cleaning?!? 'What does that woman think about?' Jenkins just took it with a bemused look, and left.

"Amanda, what was all that about?" Lee asked in an exasperated tone.

"Well, the dry cleaning man was here—so I wanted to make sure Angelo's dry cleaning got done," she replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

Lee just shook his head—this was too much.

"Lee, what's wrong? Is Angelo OK?" She looked around to find him.

"Uh, Amanda—there's been a … uh … development … in … the case…" He was having trouble coming up with the words.

She stopped and looked closely at Lee. "What is it?" she asked quietly. She was focused totally on him.

"Ah," he took a deep breath, "Eva's alive. And here."


He gestured to the doors, "She's out there—with Angelo."

Amanda turned to where he indicated and saw the two of them sitting at the table—holding hands—embracing—kissing—talking. She turned back and looked at Lee, who was watching them with a sad wistful look on his face. 'Poor Lee. First he loses her to Angelo, then he thinks she's dead, and now she's alive—but she's still with Angelo. It's pretty obvious he's still in love with her, even after all this time.' She wanted to hold him and give him comfort, but he wouldn't accept that from her. So she went on to practical matters.

"How is it possible that she's alive?" Amanda asked.

Lee realized he was holding the envelope. "All her papers are in here—the documents—the explanation…" He stared at the envelope in his hand.

Amanda took the envelope, and she guided Lee to sit beside her on the couch. She opened the envelope and took out the papers. Lee sat quietly beside her—his attention on Amanda as she pulled out the papers inside and arranged them on the coffee table. She laid Eva's passport aside. She sorted through the papers until she found the Agency account of Eva's faked death and escape from prison. She realized Lee was reading over her shoulder, so she angled the paper so he could see it better.

They read through all the documents—and Amanda looked again at Eva's account of how her death was faked and how she had escaped.

"Well, it all seems to fit." She said finally.

After a pause, Lee replied, "Yeah."

Amanda regarded the man beside her. 'Lee is in shock. I've never seen him like this. He's so decisive—he's a man of action—he always has a plan—he always knows what to do. Now he's so … lost. Like a lost little boy.' Her heart went out to him. 'All I can do is be here and help him in any way I can. I'll be here if he wants to talk—but for now I think he just needs to come to terms with Eva's return. And for Lee that means keep going on with the assignment. Work is probably the best thing for him right now. So we'll work. I'm sure glad I'm here with him—he needs someone watching out for him. And I guess for today that's me. Good thing I'm here—I'll keep an eye on Lee—as well as Angelo—and now Eva, too. That's so weird—faked death—imprisoned and yet able to escape. The documents explain it all—but something just doesn't add up here…' Amanda gathered herself and determined to go on with the assignment. She turned, looked toward Lee and spoke decisively: "So what do we do now?"

He seemed to gather his thoughts. "We continue with the assignment. Only now we have two people to relocate and debrief."

"OK." Amanda looked at Lee, "Does she have anything she brought with her?"

"Huh? Yeah—there's luggage by the door."

"OK, I'll just bring it into their bedroom. I'll let Eva decide if she wants to unpack it herself or not."

Thus began a very long day for Lee Stetson.

After they had talked for over an hour, Angelo and Eva came back into the house. Amanda was introduced to Eva and the two women went to help Eva get settled.

They ate lunch and then they all went shopping—again. Amanda helped Eva get clothes and personal items, just as she had for Angelo the day before. Back at the house, everything was put away and Amanda cooked them all dinner.

After dinner Lee and Amanda had cleaned—everything. But shortly before 11pm, Amanda left for home. And Lee went to lie on the couch—pretending to sleep.


So that was how Lee ended up where he was now—standing in a dark kitchen staring out into a dark yard, thinking about the past—and present. Things he had done—and not done. 'Now what? Just keep going on. Just keep doing the job. She may not be dead—and that's good—but she's still married to Angelo. So all I can do is keep doing the job. And right now that means go back to the couch and sleep.' Lee set his coffee mug in the sink and went back into the darkened living room. He lay back down on the couch. Eva was alive—here—with Angelo. Her story checked out. Maybe he could call Billy in the morning and get another agent on the case. Of course that would mean Amanda would be working without him. And the KGB was aware Angelo was in the country. He drifted off to sleep wondering if Amanda needed his protection on this one or not.

End Part 1